How to get a Good night sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you want to know the possible reason behind it? Even if you do, do you want to fix it permanently? If the answers to all these questions are yes, then this blog will help you find the solutions. I just need your 5 mins or less.

How to get a good night sleep

Today I will make you fall asleep, that’s a promise. I will share certain tips and tricks which can enhance your sleeping experience. Even if you don’t find these methods effective, you can dislike this blog (as if there were an option to dislike it), But seriously, The tips and tricks I am about to share will help you get proper sleep, so read on.

Before we go any further with this blog, I need you to sit and contemplate the possible reasons that are hindering your sleep. Is it due to some reason which you cannot control? Or is it something due to your lifestyle? Well, these tips will surely help you identify those problems and also guide you on how to fix those ( 2 for 1 deal).


1. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day– This will help your body to set an internal clock & you will find such routine very useful for the rest of your life ( also do it on the weekends).

2. Avoid bright screens within 1-2 hours of your bedtime– Blue lights emitted by your phone, computer, TVs or other devices can disrupt your sleep. You may think Binge-watching will help you sleep faster but in reality, it is disturbing your cycle & using devices at night is keeping your mind on an alert mode, while it needs rest desperately.

3. Exercise daily– Exercising regularly can also help you sleep better. There are 2 reasons for that, first, if your body is tired, it may demand sleep & second, exercising will speed up your metabolism and stimulate hormones such as cortisol, that regulate many bodily functions (we shall discuss it in future). Exercise could be anything, you can even walk in the morning for 10 mins and that will revitalize you.

4. Smart food and drink choices

  • Avoid eating sugar, white bread, white rice etc. at night that will prevent you from having a deep sleep.
  • Avoid caffeine & nicotine at night.
  • Avoid big meals at night because big meals take time to digest.
  • Avoid alcohol before bed.
  • Avoid drinking too much liquids at night, this will save you from additional washroom trips.

5. Stop overthinking– Overthinking or worrying will not help you sleep at night. You might also be thinking at bed, why you are unable to sleep, well that’s also overthinking. Keep all your tension aside while one bed.

The day is over you've done your best
Now is the time for you to rest
You can't change the events of the day
You can't change the things others say

Tomorrow is an opportunity to begin
New opportunities to take in
A good night sleep will help you decide
The best opportunities to provide

Sleep well this night
Turn out the lights
Thank God for the day
And find sleep will be on the way.

A beautiful poem by Catherine Pulsifer

6. Mind your sleeping environment– Make sure you sleep in a dark, peaceful room on a comfortable bed. Also, make sure you are sleeping at the proper temperature. Any disturbance could impede your slumber.

Tricks for good night sleep:

1. Herbal tea for sleep– Herbal tea like Ashwagandha tea, Cinnamon tea, Lavender tea can help you sleep better.

Another great option is lemon balm tea, which has sedative effects and promotes calmness, here’s a link for direct purchase

You can also have Haldi wala Dudh (turmeric milk), add pepper, a pinch of cinnamon powder and jaiphal(nutmeg) powder. It removes tension from your muscles and relaxes you.

2. Use Aromatherapy– Research has shown that sweet fragrance relaxes the mind and treats insomnia, depression and lots more. You can use lavender oil, sandalwood oil, peppermint oil or chamomile oil, you can use it in a mist form or you can use an aromatic diffuser which will do the magic on its own. Here are useful links to those :

3. Oil massage– Massage of sarso ka tel(mustard oil) or Bhringaraj(false daisy) oil are other useful things you can do before bed for proper sleep.

4. Cool Eye pad– you can use a cool pad for eyes as it relaxes your eyes and removes the strain, also it relaxes your brain. I am using this Eye pad, you can also try it :

5. Go for heavy brain work– Although I said above to avoid overthinking, I haven’t said you cannot do mental work in bed. You can assign your brain some big calculations, like adding, multiplication or you can think about your day in the exact order. This will kill 2 birds with 1 stone, your brain is getting sharper, but it’s also getting tired.

6. Try stretching before bed– Stretching exercises like Bhujangasana (cobra pose), vrikshasana (tree pose), ustroasana (camel pose) and balasana( child pose) will help you sleep well. Other than vrikshasana you can do the rest of the 3 at bed itself (I will discuss this topic further in future).

7. Homoeopathy solutions– This safe solution can cure your restlessness, insomnia, anxiety without any side effects. I asked my sister for some medicines(she is a homoeopathic doctor) and if you take them regularly, you will see good results.

Medicines like Kali bromatum 30 , Coffea cruda 30, Aconite, Ignatia , treat mood swings, worrying, depression (which is one of the reasons for sleeplessness) etc.

Caution- Please consult a doctor before having these medicines in any form. Doctor generally give it while seeing several symptoms and it could be different for everyone.

So, I hope I have provided you with some valuable info today. Let me know in the comment section if you find any of these tips and tricks useful. Also, follow me on social media for more updates.

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Until next time, remember to smile.

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    • Thanks a lot for the response. I get lots of inspiration from your work and I read it everytime before creating new content. Its really helping me a lot to grow πŸ™‚

  1. Hey Devang, it is so well written😍😍.
    What I personally found so awesome was it felt like a conversation and you are actually sharing with me those tips.
    I felt really connected.
    Keep it up! πŸ˜ƒ

  2. Nowadays, almost everyone has a sleeping problem, but with the help of your tips, we can get sound sleep. Very well shared thank you 😊😊❀

  3. This is awesome, I agree with every single tip you have mentioned, another one I find very helpful is darkness, turning your room dark for a few minutes before you actually go to bed helps me fall asleep faster

    usually when my room is dark I either do some meditation or Breating exercises, then go to bed

    Devang I really enjoy your posts and I think we both can learn a lot from each other, please send me an email at, because I have a few ideas for collabs

  4. Thank you for the tips. These tips are really helpful and now i get to know the reason that i wasn’t able sleep at night properly before some days. But, now everything is alright. But, next if i get any problem. I will follow these tips. 😊

  5. Thanks so much for all these sleeping tips of yours, Devang. They’re very helpful and I’m going to try and put some of these into action when I go up to bed shortly. I’m definitely going to turn my TV off rather than leaving it on until I fall asleep (eventually). Hardly surprising I can’t sleep really! I’ll also put my phone face down so the blue light doesn’t affect me (I can’t turn it off or push it away from me in case I need help as I’m disabled and live alone). I’m also going to cut down on my soft drinks before I go to bed. I don’t touch alcohol at all. Yesterday, I bought one of those pillow mists to use before I lay down. It’s got lavender, sandalwood and chamomile in it so hoping that will help also. Thanks again, Devang. Here’s to a good night’s sleep. Ellie.

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