Some facts on World Water Day

Today is World Water Day ( March 22) and I have brought some interesting facts associated with the water. But, these are not just some random facts, these are in fact a message that I wanted to share with everyone.

Let’s have a look at these Interesting and important facts:

You may think that it’s just a single drop, let it leak, but now you know how much water gets wasted on a single day. I am just talking about 1 tap, imagine 100 such leaking taps and that’s drinking water by the way.

Women in African countries, India and many other countries have to travel great distances daily to collect water. For collecting water many women has to stop their education because they have to take these responsibilities given by their families. While we waste more than half of the water available at home in the bathroom itself, more than 1.8 billion people around the world live in scarcity.

More than 99% of water available on earth is unusable for drinking, and the remaining water is drinkable. We use that drinking water for bathing, making buildings, washing, cooking and more.

Did you know that? It may sound rubbish, but just imagine, how much water is needed for the whole field, many crops that require more water than others (some requires less), but still, now you know how precious is water.

Our bodies surely contain a lot of water and it is needed for many crucial functions. Even though we have that much water in our body, we should still drink 4-5 litres of water daily

So that’s it for this week’s blog, I hope you got a little idea of the importance of the water. The best we can do is, close/repair all the leaking taps, use water smartly and respect the importance of it.

Feel free to drop comments down below, also let me know if you like these images, it took me a significant amount of time to make these, so I will really appreciate your feedback. You can save these and share it further.

Until next time, Shine and Smile.

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  1. Beautiful article l really didn’t know today is World water day. Yes you are very right there are so many places in the world with scarcity of water and if we can save a little drop by using water properly maybe we can do something good for future. Well shared thanks. 👍😊😊❤

  2. I love this blog post and also the philosophy behind the first point- one drop seems harmless but in can become a huge thing if not handled. I love the pics too, it helps read the article very easily

  3. These facts gave me chills.. A week ago i had to visit a slum with my college for some survey work and we had to leave early because water tanker arrived. It was like swarm of bees attracted to bee hive. They had all sizes of containers to store water and they were actually fighting for it. That scene was heartbreaking

  4. Oh yes, I grew up in a place that always had a shortage of water. We had to limit what we used and we would put bricks in the tanks of the toilets so that less water would be used when flushing. We also had special spouts on our showers so that very little water would come out. And my dad rigged up a way to recycle our used water so that we could water the plants outside. I live in a desert now and so it’s even more important to conserve water here. I try to take short showers and limit running water when I do my dishes. Great post!

  5. Water is life. We take it for granted far too often. You reminded me to check my outdoor faucets for leaks with this post!🤣Thank you for sharing.🙏

    • Situation is very worse everywhere. But our little efforts can surely make difference. I put extra effort to save water. Like with reverse osmosis, to fill a bottle of 20 lts, it waste 80 lts. I collect that water and it can be use everywhere, like to wash utensils, for plants, for washing clothes etc.

      • That’s great! I have well water because I live along a river and I try to be mindful of conserving water so I don’t have any issues with my well. Every drop counts.💧

      • I like this style. 👍 It is outlined well and the graphics break the info up into digestible sections. I can’t wait to read the Earth Day blog!

      • Thanks , actually Earth day blog will be 5th blog this month. This week I will publish 4th blog (still working on it)
        Then I have to write 6th blog anyhow as it’s 50th blog and gap will be longer 😅.
        I’m occupied with it 😵

      • My target is to write only 4 blogs per month, 1 blog each week, but it some special occasion collide or if time between 2 blogs is longer, I have to write. Meanwhile, Interact and learn.

      • That’s a great plan. I was in the habit of writing everyday at one point. I’ve had a goal of writing a novel for a very long time and coming back to my blog was the first step of my process.

      • That’s cool!!
        I like your writing idea, I get very ecstatic to read 4-5 blogs from you together, your blogs make my morning. I cannot do this much hardwork as you, you are able to take great mental pressure to write these blogs and that’s commendable. I want to learn that ☺️

      • Most of them were written a long time ago and just reposted. Trying to grow an audience. I’m slowly trying to get myself back into the writing. You’re doing amazing! Lots of research and effort go into your blogs, don’t sell yourself short!!✨

      • My dog is begging for his walk, so I’ll have to end the convo here. I enjoyed reading through your blog. Can’t wait to read what you’re working on, soon. ❤️✨

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