What is dehydration and how to get hydrated properly


The human body contains 60% water but can get dehydrated if water is not drunk on time. If it isn’t clear what today’s topic is about then maybe you need a glass of water for the proper functioning of the brain.

Today we will try to understand what is dehydration? Why it occurs? And how to get properly hydrated? So stay tuned, because in the next 10 minutes or less, you will get some valuable information.

WHAT is Dehydration and WHAT it can do to you?

In simple language, Dehydration is a lack of water in the body, it occurs when you don’t drink water for an extended period of time. There are some other reasons for dehydration, but we will discuss them later on. For now, understand this, Dehydration is perilous and it could even kill you.

Basically, Dehydration is of 3 types:

  1. Isotonic dehydration- In this, water and sodium (salt) are lost together.
  2. Hypertonic dehydration- It occurs when too much water is lost and salt is in excess in the body.
  3. Hypotonic dehydration- In this, sodium loss is greater than water loss.

Let me show you what dehydration can do to you:

Symptoms of dehydration
FGW recommends you drink water after viewing this

Not only that, but dehydration also affects mood, at least that is what research suggests.

WHY Dehydration occurs?

The main reason is not drinking sufficient water, but there are other reasons like:

  • Sweating, mainly due to intense workouts
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Diabetes, blood pressure
  • Burns, as water seeps out of damaged skin
  • The inability to drink adequately
  • Fever
  • Heatstroke and summers

HOW to identify it and get hydrated again?

There are ways to identify if you are dehydrated or not. One of them is urine color. I’ve made a chart that can guide you :

Understating dehydration through urine color

But other than that, you should frequently drink water even if you are not thirsty. In summer, keeping a water bottle with you is a good idea. If you are out for long, make sure you drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration.

Nowadays, there are also some apps that can remind you to drink water after a specified time period. Other than water you can also have coconut water, soup, watermelon (especially in summer), juices, and chaaz-lassi (buttermilk) to stay hydrated.

There’s another effective way to get hydrated and regain the lost salts: Electrolytes. Electrolytes not only hydrate you, but also helps in many bodily functions. The good news for you is I have a blog on Internal Guardian-Electrolytes!!, it will guide you properly. That was my 4th blog (the current blog is 54th πŸ˜‰ ).

You can also get the similar electrolyte that I take from here :


Dehydration is not only associated with loss of water, but also loss of salt. Thus, treatment of dehydration also requires replenishing salts

I forgot to mention, that you need to avoid alcohol, caffeine, soda or other beverages when you are dehydrated. Don’t ask why, just do what FGW suggests.

A study on 102 men found that drinking additional 1.5 liters of water per day resulted in significant improvement in headaches.

Congratulation!!! You have successfully reached the end of this blog. You have won a glass of water. Grab your gift from the nearest water source and don’t forget to drink it.

Until next time, remember to smile & stay hydrated (I think I’ve said it somewhere before).

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  1. Yes, summer is here and staying hydrated is key! Thanks for the information on losing salts as well. I wasn’t as familiar with that. One key point is to sip water frequently rather than to gulp it infrequently. Sipping water will rehydrate you but gulping will only make you run for the loo.

    • Yes!
      A lot of people drink very little water, or only when they think they are thirsty, but we should drink as much as water we can. Other than water, sugarcane juice, coconut water is great option.

      • Yes, when I went on a outdoor camping and canoeing trip, the leader said if you feel thirsty it’s too late, you’re already dehydrated. I feel that viewpoint is a bit extreme, but it is a good indicator of how often we must drink water. Yes, coconut water is great. Sugar(cane) I need to avoid. : )

      • Sugarcane juice is very common in india!!
        Then there’s aam panna ( a drink made of green mangoes), buttermilk. It’s advisable to hydrate max

  2. Excellent! You gave us more than one reason to go that glass of water❀. Also, we can keep drinking and still calmly drive coz it’s just water πŸ˜…. Thank you for sharing

  3. This is so informative and I drink water every day as much as I can. I am always leaving for work with my thermus of water and drinking water as many positive factors

  4. Ok so I have grabbed my gift (glass of water) and I WON’T FORGET TO DRINK IT.
    By the way the post was very informative….great share and stay hydrated 😁 *now please don’t say that I copied your line again😁*

  5. Very informative article actually most of us suffer from it in Summer and yes drinking enough water can protect us. Well shared thanks πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  6. Water is my favorite drink, in addition to coffee. Usually, I have a large coffee in the morning after my first glass of water and normally for the rest of the day, I drink water.
    Dehydration seems to give me headaches as well. Thank you for this!! I’m really big on nutrition and how it significantly is related to our overall well-being. I like your articles. 😊

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