World suicide prevention day

Today (10 September) is World Suicide prevention day. I haven’t written anything for this day, but I have a beautiful poem to share. This poem is written by a highly talented poet AhiriCreates.

Read this poem titled It’s never easy here :

You never win by running away… 
You won’t ever win by running away… rather you’ll be leaving the victories waiting at your doorway
It’s tough! Yes it’s terribly tough to stay alive
It’s tough to always have a broad smile, it’s tough to always keep rising high .

It’s tough to be good to all ,
It’s very tough to survive alone.
But, losing yourself is way more tough than all this? Isn’t it?

The one who always stood up for the right, one who welcomes other’s victory with delight,
Who weaves dreams with open eyes
Who never takes a foot back when it’s ‘bout helping various lives.
If we lose that person now… it’s gonna be huge loss right?

You might get away from the trouble giving up your life.
But, giving up the whole life just to run away from issues…?
Is THIS a solution? Where do you find such views?

Ya it’s not easy… it’s not easy to deal the war of life.
You need to fight with it…
Fight with yourself… every point… every day
Losing shouldn’t even be an option.
Losing in life… shouldn’t even be an option dear!
Giving up on life just to be tagged an escapist. Dude that’s not right!

The moment you began breathing…
New dreams started living life.
That moment changed the lives of your people…
And today you wanna snatch away their that new life?!

Life’s not easy.
But it’s worth living!
Life’s not at all easy,
But it’s worth living!!
Ever if you think of leaving it…
Try to hold on a bit.
When this shall pass
Who knows a new urge to live will hug you tight?

I got the idea of this randomly. I contacted Ahiri, and she was very ecstatic to write a poem. I am thankful to her for writing this poem on such short notice.

She also wrote a Hindi version of this poem. You can read it by clicking here.

Mental/emotional health imbalance could be perilous. It’s better to address it on time. Luckily, my favourite blogger (tap the links below to know more) wrote many blogs about it. You can always learn something from them and help your near and dear ones in time. Check out these blogs:



That’s it for this blog. I have 2 blogs coming soon, so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to drop comments, because I love when I am able to talk to you guys.


55 responses to “World suicide prevention day”

  1. Thank you for tackling this important issue, Devang and enlisting the talents of Ahiri and Pooja to expand your approach. If even one person’s life is saved, you all will have done a good deed. Every person is unique in all the world and we need everyone’s talents to help our planet and humanity.

  2. An amazing poem indeed.
    Both Ahiri and Pooja have done a great job.

    Yes, mental health is needed to be addressed too, which you made me realize… So thank you for that, Devang.

    Waiting for your upcoming blogs, too.

  3. Wonderful poem! And such a positive ending, I just loved it, Ahiri! ❤❤
    I’m so glad you guys talked on this because mental health is such a taboo in our society but today, this needs to be changed and taken up more often.
    Keep it up!! 🦋

  4. Really great poem, she did a wonderful job with it. And thanks so much for linking to my posts. I truly help they are helpful to anyone in need. I wrote a post for World Suicide Prevention Day too and I’m so happy that you and other bloggers have done the same. The more we talk about mental health, the less stigma there will be around it and that will help encourage people to get help.

    • Yes, I read your blog.
      And I loved the way it was written. Your posts are very calming and satisfying to read. It’s definitely changes the mood.
      People consider it a taboo subject, as people relate mental health with insanity.
      They don’t seek help, because they think others will mock them and call them crazy.
      People who are facing mental/emotional imbalance endures a lot, just because of this uneducated stigma.

    • ThankYou so muchh!! I’m so glad you liked the work! And I’ve been your follower for long now and love reading you too!
      And absolutely! These things needs to be talked ! Unless individuals starts talking the stigma would never erase! It’s nothing to be ashamed or to be scared of! Just how sometimes our body doesn’t feel well and we seek treatment it’s the same for our mental health too! Talk to never know how whose words help you in what way!

      ThankYou again

  5. Hi Devang. This is a really good post and an excellent poem from your friend, Ahiri. Mental health is a topic that needs talking about often – so many people have these feelings and issues, and so much of the time, it’s brushed under the carpet and not spoken about. I’ve struggled with my mental health, as you know, and many years ago, I was in a position where I not only contemplated suicide but attempted it (not something I’ve shared here before). Luckily, I was found in time, and my life was saved. Now, of course, I am eternally grateful for that, and although I am struggling with depression right now, I know that I’m not so low that I would ever attempt that again. I’m very thankful for the people in my life who love and care about me. Thank you to you, Devang, to your friend, Ahiri (and your other friend, Pooja, for providing the link on depression at the bottom of your post) … Ellie 🦢🌷

  6. A very thought-provoking poem! Suicide prevention is a topic that highly needs to be discussed among the youth today, and I’m so glad I found so many beautiful posts related to it because all of them are very informative, as well as inspiring…

  7. That is a very inspiring motivating poem.. It gives me hope to go on.. People all over the world need such works Cause life has become more difficult than before.
    Beautifully written Ahiri… Keep giving dear and thank you Devang for sharing 🌷

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