Seated workout 💺 #2

If you are following my blogs sincerely, you may remember that I’ve shared seated workout before (Hence #2 this time). Last time, I said there’s scope for part 2, so here we are.

This blog is for extremely busy people, who don’t have time to go to the gym or for any other activity. However, the exercises I am about to share cannot replace a good workout or any other physical activity. Still, it’s a fun routine.

Let’s learn and do these exercises>

Note-Before we start the workout. Make sure you have a steady chair. Your chair should be steady and strong, and its leg should not bend, otherwise, you may have the risk of falling. If you doubt your chair, a couch will do too.

\1/ Sit to stand/ chair squats

I am sure, you are familiar with the squats. Even if you aren’t, now is the right time to learn it. This exercise is beginner-friendly. This means, even if you’re doing a workout for the first time, you can start with it.

Chair squats

I am sure, this is how a couple getting married feel when they have to get up multiple times to greet the guests.

A few things you need to remember while doing this are :

Keep your back straight and don’t bend it (Like the kind lady in the GIF)

You need not to rush. We are supposed to enjoy it, and we are not in a hurry.

Aim for 10 repetitions and 3 sets in total.

\2/ Seated march

Are you ready to go for a walk? Don’t worry, you need not to go anywhere. We will be marching while sitting on the chair.

Seated- march

This gentleman is in hurry. I wonder where he has to go? As this exercise involves some movement, make sure your chair is stable. This exercise is your savior when you want to go for a walk, but due to some circumstances, you are unable to go. Also, this movement will help you reduce boredom at your office.

Don’t go too far while marching.

\3/ Seated- Toe taps

I have seen people who get bored, they start tapping their toes on the ground. Now I understand that they are actually exercising. This exercise is also good if you have stiffness or tired legs. It will act as a stretch.

Seated- toe taps

Although this exercise seems harmless, don’t overdo it.

You can also do it while standing. However, you can’t best daisy in this.

\4/ Seated pigeon pose

This exercise is very useful if you have to sit on a chair for an extended period (That reminds me that I have been sitting for too long, let me take a quick break). So, I was saying, if you have to sit for an extended period, you can try this exercise. It will stretch your back and will help you to relax.

Seated pigeon pose

Looks like she has been sitting for hours and needs a good stretch. Don’t forget to switch sides and keep your back straight.

Seated pigeon pose stretch

What a lovely smile.

\5/ Seated forward bend

Another great stretch for the back. Suppose you drop something on the floor, imagine it’s heavy, and you need both hands. This is a great style to pick it up. But, you are clumsy, you dropped it again and again and multiple times. Well, that’s the exercise for you in a nutshell.

Seated forward bend

People with back issues, kindly avoid it. Let me think, about how many reps you should do for this. Hmm, how about 12? Okay, as no one argues with 12, we will do 12 reps and 3 sets.

Bonus exercise ✨

Seated cat-cow

Have you seen cartoons in which if a robot gets charged suddenly, they do this. This exercise looks like it’s giving some energy. And, I swear this is surely very energy-giving.

I don’t do the chair version, but this version is super helpful for a stiff back. I assume you are reading this blog while sitting, so this stretch will help your back to open. It will remove the tightness, and you will feel relieved (That’s a guarantee).

Stretch- cat cow

That’s it for this blog, I hope you can get some help from this blog.

⇾ Check out part 1 of this blog Seated workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog based on workouts. Interestingly, when I made this site, I thought I will be sharing a lot of workout-based blogs. But, well I found interest elsewhere and workout-based blogs become rare here.

Let me know if you need part 3 for this blog. There are tons of more exercises we can do while sitting. Or, if you have any ideas, feel free to share them.

I will see you soon, till then remember to smile.

69 responses to “Seated workout 💺 #2”

    • Part 3 कुछ समय पश्चात आएगा।
      उससे पहले आप ब्लॉग प्रदान करें।।

    • Whatever you are doing is sufficient. The best part is, you are enjoying it. Right now, you need not to worry about doing extra workout. You are very young and you have your whole life to look out for this stuff.
      It’s best that you are focussing on a single goal 🔆
      Keep smiling and stay healthy.

  1. Hey Devang!!! Thanx for sharing this. It is really helpful. Since my college started I haven’t had time to do any kind of exercise. This might solve a little bit of that problem.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information and exercises, Devang. I love the motion graphics – they’re really effective. While I can’t do many of these exercises because my legs don’t work as well as most people’s, I can do the seated cat-cow and also toe-tapping. I will try and do them a bit more often as I spend most of my time sitting in my armchair or wheelchair. I also love your humour that comes across so well in your blogs. I’m really looking forward to reading your next post – they are always interesting and beneficial. Ellie

    • I will try to include more exercises that are lower body friendly in my future blogs.
      About the humour, I tried to keep things as if I’m talking in this blog.
      I want to do it more often. I’m trying to make my blogs more relaxed and fun. As, I read a lot of blogs as research purpose, most of the blogs are in similar tone. I’m trying to keep things fun and enjoyable. If people can enjoy, they will remember.

  3. These are great little exercises for those of us seated for most of the day at a desk! I try to keep the legs, knees, and feet wiggling to help prevent thrombosis from lack of movement for long periods of time. My brother tels me he tries to go up and down the stairs a couple of times a day to keep his blood moving, but for those of us without stairs, or the ability to climb them, these are great exercises for us!

  4. That’s such a wonderful exercise Devang nd your posts are awesome you share such a nice and informative posts. It seems that you have so much experience Here so, If you get some time. Please do visit my blogs and give your reviews so that I can also improve myself. 😊👍

  5. I do what works for me. Nothing set in stone, so it can vary. I just like to make sure I get in regular exercise. Love the outdoors for hiking and walking. Gym? Not so much. My routine varies with weather also.

  6. I enjoyed the set of exercise in this article and plan on doing them. They seem to be easy and very useful. Nice work, keep it up.

  7. Beautiful tips, Devang, especially for those who have sedentary jobs. Touching feet of elders is also in itself is a good exercise. Thank you for sharing valuable tips.

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