Your feelings matter #8

Welcome to the 8th edition of Your feelings matter, a blog about you-the fantastic readers.

Like always, in this blog, you will tell about yourself and your feelings.

So, tell me

How are you feeling?

How is your health?

How was your February?


What are your plans for march?

Please feel free to answer these.

I have something else thing to share.

If you are a regular here, you may remember that I recently gave you guys a prompt. In that, I asked about your 5 healthy things.

To my surprise, some people participated in that, and I am thankful to them.

Here are the blogs by the participants:

5 Healthy Things I Do – A blog by Panda Mom Life

What’s So Healthful about Art? – A blog by Fake Flamenco

What I’m doing to be more healthy – A blog by Curiosities, Castles and Coffee Shops

My serious Rantings about life along with 5 healthy things I practice – A blog by Aliferous soul

Healthy things– A blog by Magical world

5 Healthy Habits -A blog by soft ‘n loved

I think that’s it, few more people participated, but they choose my comment section to share those blogs, and I am thankful to them as well.

Now, my job is done with this blog. I will wait for your response.

Until then, remember to smile.

49 responses to “Your feelings matter #8”

  1. I have just one answer for the first three questions, “Good”.😅😂
    I have my exams in March, so no plans🤷‍♀️

    As for these posts, all of them were nice. Felt great reading them.

    Thank you for the mention😊

  2. Thanks for sharing my blog post 😊 February was good! It was very ordinary, which I enjoy. Plans for March is to study more Korean. I didn’t study much in February. How about you? How was February? How are you feeling?

    • Thanks for writing that blog. I’m thankful. You were the first one to write it 😃.
      Oh you are studying Korean?😯
      Is there any specific reason? 🙂
      I’m watching a lot of Korean shows, those are sooo good, I swear 😅.

      Sorry to disappoint you, you cannot ask about me on my own blog. This blog is about you and your feelings. That’s main focus right now. 😂
      You write your yari’s version of your feelings matter, I’ll answer there. 😆

      • I love Korean shows and music, so I decided to learn Korean to understand better 😊 Yes, the shows are great! Oh, haha I didn’t know that was the rule. Maybe I’ll do a post ✍️ It’s always nice to know how everyone reading is doing!

      • I’m obsessing about Korean shows tbh 😃
        I also love Japanese stuff, mainly anime.
        I love watching in original language, Netflix has option for English and Hindi, but I love Korean, Japanese language. I wonder if I can learn them 🤔.
        I can speed read, thanks to anime viewing.
        Should I recommend some good shows?
        You can try a monthly post, to know more about your readers. Like where they are from, what are they liking about your content. 🐼

  3. ★How are you feeling?
    ★How is your health?
    ~Health is surprisingly OKAI. I’m doing exercise very rarely, nearly quit them😶✨.
    ★How was your February?
    ~Ask February. Because this month WENT being a law unto itself.
    Reason:- EXAMS
    ~ It was great anyway.
    Reason:- We went to Kidzania on weekends. And had lotta fun.
    ★What are your plans for march?
    ~ To get better in my WRITINGS (yes I know I’m good at it but I still want to SHOCK MY PAPER)
    ~Also to get better at dancing. (I dance like a dead zombie tho.)
    ~See EXAMS dying (finishing) in front of ME. And my soul will get relief.
    ~Do some ADVENTURES stuff again like something special. (Going out for a trip during this summer vacations.)
    ~Make new friends I HOPE THAT’S POSSIBLE… PLEASE… (Not that weird girl evur) awewoawa
    ~GO TO MARS (yes, like that’s going to happen-)
    • I mean I do want to try going on MARS so let’s go.
    ~ Now… This last one needs to be really special. AND THAT IS…. Going to MEET MARRY (My BFF) again, I really miss her. 🐻✨

    • Well you have so much to share!!!
      I hope to see you properly after your exams.
      It was always fun with your relentless energy and enthusiasm.
      Take care
      Wishing you more weird girls in youd life .

  4. It was my pleasure participating in your prompt~ If you ever post another one in the future, I’d love to do it again! Thank you for including me in this post. ☺️

    I can’t believe March is almost here already… spring is coming soon!! 🌷🌹🌼🌸🐰

    As for me, I’m doing pretty well. I need to sit down and plan my goals in my journal/planner. My dad’s birthday is in March, so that’s one of the main things I’m excited for 🥰💗

    • Thanks for participating!!
      I’m happy to read your blog.
      Just in time, I read it today and after that I published that blog. 😅
      Yeah feb ended soon.
      I am afraid of spring and summer, it brings allergy.. 🤮
      Happy to know you are doing well. 😁

      • Hahah perfect timing 😅 That’s true, I don’t like the pollen and allergies either. Luckily, it doesn’t affect me that badly anymore. Not looking forward to the itchy eyes, sore throats and sneezing, but at least the weather is nice & the flowers will be pretty! ☺️

      • Oh no 😭 I hope this year it won’t be too bad for you. Please be sure to be careful and drink nice hot teas or medicine when that time comes 🍵 Take good care of yourself!! ❤️☀️

  5. Hey Devang, I am feeling well because every day in every way I am getting better and better. What I mean is February was a great month for writing and doing business. New prospects and new friends – how could it get any better? My plans for March are to celebrate, it so happened that every March is a party month for a number of reasons. I love that we’ll have a chance to get together and have fun in this absolutely amazing state of Oregon where cherry blossoms are about to show up.

  6. These posts of yours are always fun.
    How are you feeling?
    Sleepy, lol.

    How is your health?

    How was your February?
    Pretty great.

    What are your plans for march?
    No solid plans. I just want to go with the flow and see what happens.

  7. I’m a bit late leaving a comment/reply to this post (again). It’s so kind that you ask all your readers how they feel.

    1) How am I feeling? I’m pretty tired but otherwise in good spirits.

    2) How is my health? My health is good now, besides the tiredness, but I think I need to get some more sleep (and drink more water, of course!)

    3) How was my February? It was good but hectic – not enough time to keep up with everything, especially reading other people’s blogs.

    4) What are my plans for March? I need to get some early nights and continue to eat healthily. I ‘still’ need to drink more water, so I will be consistent at making that effort. I want to make more time to write, and I want to continue reading my new book, ‘Room’ by Emma Donoghue.

    Do you have any particular plans for March, Devang? Take care 😊.

  8. I’m at peace, finally!
    I’m on my chums and dying of these cramps so can’t say I’m good.
    This February has been the worst and will always be remembered by me cause it was literally a horrible experience…… and while writing this I got an idea for my next blog, thanks!!
    Plans for March are, studying, studying really hard, studying the whole day and keep studying, lol!

    • I need to search what chums means.
      So well, take care.
      Eat your favorite and comfort food and I hope those cramps go away soon.
      Happy period.
      What idea you got?
      I would like to copyright that as you got it here 😆, jk
      Study well sis

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