3 Mistakes that Beginners are doing at the gym

I got the idea of this blog very randomly. Actually, through this, I want to share my views about the things I observe at the gym.

These things are done by beginners or novices at the gym. And sadly, this is a reoccurring thing because the people at the gym don’t get proper guidance. They do similar mistakes which I once did.

My major intention is to make people aware of their mistakes so that they can improve them before any accident.

Let’s look at these things:

Mistake #1 – No plan

I have silently observed all the beginners with this problem, that they have no Plan. This means they try to do everything at once.

They come to the gym, and immediately start lifting weights because some random trainer told them so. I feel being clueless at the gym is very obvious, because I was once there, and I wanted to do all the stuff at once. Like there’s a guy at my gym, at one point he is doing an exercise with a dumbbell, then suddenly after that set, he starts cycling, then back to dumbbells. He thinks that he will get more results that way.

Another, interesting thing I’ve seen is, trainers at the gym recommend such people the same exercise, as they did to 10 other members. In my gym, newbies get a card in which some exercises are written, but I feel none of those exercises are for beginners. I feel ChatGPT is much better at making workout plans for beginners than these trainers.

First, trainers should educate beginners about warm-up, then some basic exercises, which I call level zero. People should also be guided about how to structure their workout routine. Then they should be educated about the diet. In “diet”, instead of making potato and rice the villain, more focus should be on how to enjoy your favorite food and still stay fit.

Mistake #2- Doing what they shouldn’t do

Beginner mistake at gym

Many a time, beginners started doing things that they shouldn’t do immediately. Like lifting weights, before understanding how the exercise works, or doing too many exercises in a single day. In this case, I won’t blame people at all. This is all trainer’s fault because trainers give people half the information and with that people get confused. People do this because they see others and feel that they should be doing more rather than the beginner stuff.

As mentioned how a card is given to newbies, and newbies are not at fault for following that, but trainers don’t tell people about how to execute that exercise safely. The main reason is (and trainers will hate me for saying this out loud) they want to sell their training to the member. They will tell little stuff, and that leaves members with less info. Then when members try to get more info, trainers indirectly sell their training.

This is not bad, because trainers are also trying to earn some money. But, this is bad when it jeopardizes someone. I gladly help people if they ask for my help. In fact, recently a girl asked me about an exercise, and seeing that she’s a beginner, I explained to her the most basic version of the exercise, something I haven’t seen trainers telling anyone. But, then she trusted the trainer most, who told her to do an exercise that is not meant for a beginner.

I guess due to such instances I prefer to write a blog about it, rather than wasting my time on such people.

Mistake #3- Not doing what they should do

Warm-up and Cool-down are the most important thing that everyone should do before and after a workout. I think it’s the trainer’s responsibility to tell beginners about it. But, again we have one reason and one reason only why trainers don’t tell such stuff.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you need to invest proper time in stretching. People at the gym consider stretching against their “pride”. This is due to trainers never stress about the stretch. People at the gym aren’t taught how and why stretching is important. Make sure to invest 15 mins before and after every session, no matter how big or small that session is.

Learn to respect your body and know its limits. Give it proper time for rest and recovery.

Do this

People should understand the importance of these little things and not rush. This is a marathon rather than a sprint, and it can be enjoyed at a normal pace rather than rushing.

Don’t attempt anything with which you are not comfortable. Ask 1000 times and if the trainer is not telling you properly, then ask someone else. Don’t follow things blindly, it’s better to learn more about them and the Internet provides great content with credible information.

To identify credibility, it’s better to look for multiple sources and consult with a certified professional.

Use this blog just for encouragement purposes and make sure to stay aware.

Until next time Keep smiling

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  1. 😨 This makes so much sense! Also, I appreciate you so much for adding the workout links for warm up and cool down because I needed those!

    I don’t have a trainer (can’t afford one) so I struggle knowing what to do and how to appropriately work out. Do you have (and mind sharing) any links for that on your blog?

  2. Great Post Devang. I couldn’t agree more about what you’ve written. I feel fortunate that when I joined my local council gym (the one I shared in my park blog) the gym staff were appropriately trained, but also weren’t selling any Training services so they are there to help and support. My husband and I were given tailored programmes, and although we were inducted together, we were given different programmes. They asked lots of questions and took time to answer ours. We were also able to go back and ask for help or guidance as and when necessary.
    I then found, when I started working with a personal trainer for the gym we worked closely on my technique so I was working out safely. Because of those good foundations, I was able to identify when another trainer was trying to.interfere and pressure me to do things which weren’t appropriate.

    My advice for others, beyond what you’ve said, is not to be afraid to ask questions or question what you’re being told. A good trainer/gym instructor should be able to provide answers and explain what they’re asking you to do and why.

      • Health is improving. Trying to focus on healthy eating so I planned out the meals for the week and now, thanks to home delivery of groceries, my fridge is now stocked. I’m hoping that will give me the energy to cope with the increased activity and exercise starting tomorrow.

        I woke up with a migraine yesterday, still have the remnants today, but it is getting better.

        Maybe by next weekend I can start reporting my own weight loss/progress with my fitness journey 😁

    • True

      A good trainer is supposed to answer properly.

      Good thing that you received proper guidance with everything.

      It’s good that you were given different programs because your needs are different

      • Yes and because I have a problem with my knees, I knew there were certain things I cant/am not allowed to do … I cant do anything that puts impact through my knees … so I’ve never been allowed to ski, for example

      • I am. I dont go to the gym any more. I have an online personal trainer and free weights and resistance bands at home. That said, I’m planning to return to use the pool πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

      • Ohhh that’s great

        I would like to try the pool as well.

        But no proper pools near me.


        I enjoy HIIT, cycling and workout that I can enjoy alone

      • I find HIIT is too intense for the chronic fatigue, but perhaps in the future I can try.
        Re the pool … its great … I can stroll through the park to get to the sports centre, and back again, rather than walking on a busy main road

      • I won’t suggest HIIT for your knees

        You enjoy things your way

        And stay safe.

        Enjoy what you love the most.

        Best wishes.

        I go in early morning for cycling, only dogs on roads to bother πŸ˜‚πŸ«£

      • If only the cfs gave me the energy for morning activities. And while hit might work for my knees, it would cause a CFS crash which is definitely not worth the risk.

      • Cfs??πŸ€”


        You enjoy and do whatever you like.

        That’s my suggestion to everyone. To enjoy what we do.

        Take care, SHINE πŸ”†πŸŒΊ

      • Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME … I cant remember what that stands for without looking it up … but it falls under the cfs umbrella

  3. Couldn’t agree more!
    I made some of these mistakes when I started working out (at my home only, though), gradually i came to know about the whole process.
    Much needed post for the beginners😊

  4. You are absolutely correct, Devang, that trainers should tell beginners how to enjoy their favourite food and at the same time prioritise fitness. Doing warm-up and cool down are often underestimated but a professional, experienced, and responsible trainer should properly mentor beginners. Great post. πŸ‘

    • Hey thanks for adding value to my blog.
      I tapped your name and still couldn’t go to your site
      However searching “Ranjana” shows me your site
      When I find strong fitness moves, I still cannot find anything
      I thought I need to tell you all this again.
      Also, would love to read and interact with you 😁.
      We have a very similar niche and would love to learn from you.

  5. I did checked with the WordPress support team and they have confirmed that theirs no problem when clicking my blogs link and name. They said that there could be a problem if a user is trying to visit my website from another platform.

      • Still as a friend

        I suggest you to invest some time in workout(just a little)

        Maybe you will like yoga πŸ€”

        Or dance. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

        We don’t have a goal for weight loss or achieving a certain physique, but adding a bit of activity.

        You enjoy your break buddy. I hope things are well for you ☺️

      • Then you do workout yeah 🫣😝

        That’s sufficient!!!

        Now you enjoy your break and please be back soon

        Meanwhile I’ll spam on you on your older blogs.

        I need daily dose of LFW now 😡πŸ₯Ή

  6. Well I’ll make it clear that I’ve never pressured anyone to follow back , and even if I do (which I don’t), the individual has the right to reason and make a rational decision about whether or not to follow.
    Posting a comment is not an “unnecessary “piece of text. It is offered on this platform in order to increase communication among bloggers, learn from criticism and praise, identify areas for improvements, etc.
    Sorry, I didn’t realize that you find{certain or all) compliments and criticism unnecessary rather annoying , despite the fact that I thought your site was savvy and cool. So maybe you could let your readers know clearly.😊
    Dropping any sort of comment won’t get an individual anywhere unless they don’t put any effort into things. And just so you know, posting rude comments too won’t get you/anyone anywhere. so let’s embrace kindness. 😊
    Have a nice day
    (A friendly tone )

    • I don’t remember mentioning your name anywhere in the post! πŸ€”

      I get 100 spam comments a day. Do you think I was talking about you?

      Let’s keep the conversation related to this blog.

      • Definately not in the post but In the comment message pertaining to this conversation – Yes you’ve mentioned directly (and even) indirectly. It wasn’t spam
        But Ive made the points clear already , so ,peace ✌🏻

      • All I meant to say was it was a really nice post , highlighting importance of exercises etc.
        Lets just not create more misunderstandings
        Have a nice day😊

  7. Hey just want to give some encouragement. Now I’m not a gym person however I think it’s amazing that you are writing these types of posts. They are so needed. What got me to look over your blog posts was your tag line. Fat guy workout. It made me chuckle. Because of your posts, I have a better understanding of what to do or not do, if perchance I ever go to a gym. Have a great day.

  8. I love the advice on how β€œthis is a marathon and not a sprint”! I’m guilty as charged and keep injuring myself as a result. Great advice! πŸ¦‹πŸŒΈπŸ˜Š

  9. πŸ€” Hmm. First-timers are usually monitored closely by gym instructors.

    However, catastrophe can take place whenever any of the gym instructors are not looking.

    The onus is on everyone in the gym to make sure that they do their exercises correctly.

    Thank you for bringing up that very important issue.

  10. Fantastic advice, Devang. I was a member at a gym a few years ago, and even did some work 1 on 1 with a trainer. I was always questioning my form to make sure I was doing things ‘right’ so I didn’t hurt my body instead of helping it. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I stopped going, but what I wish I knew (and what would have been nice to get from the trainer) is more of the mechanics behind the different moves. If I can understand that, then the moves/form will stick in my brain better and I am more likely to restart doing them again.

    • I once had a trainer ( in 2016), he was certified and he taught me many exercises. I’m still following his teaching.

      Beginners should always focus on basic exercises.
      Basic exercises and body weight exercises builds a foundation.

      I see newbies doing complex exercises and trainers don’t stop them.

  11. Helpful and encouraging advice, Devang. πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I tried a new gym a few months back and chose not to go back because too many people were spending more time on their phones than working out. No thanks!

    • Yes
      I hate when people spend time on phone at gym.
      This shows their laxity.

      This is why I never take phone at gym.
      This made my session more productive.

      Other than dance, what kind of workout do you enjoy?πŸ™‚

      • It also shows their rudeness, as they were taking up space on equipment I wanted to use. Made me wonder… why are they there?
        I enjoy a variety of activities – things that keep me moving and balanced. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

      • True!
        I feel if you are in gym, you should focus on workout.

        At gym people consider me rude, because I speak very less. Because, i am more engrossed with my workout. I despise little chit chats and conversation in the gym.
        I believe in doing more with the time I have

        Great, stay amazing πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

  12. These are great tips for working out at the gym as a beginner, I always thought personal trainers developed personal workout plans for each person individually. I made the mistakes you mention when I first started working out at the gym as well, if I only had your information back then I would have been so much better

  13. This is a meaningful post, especially in view of recent sad events at different gyms. Quick or hasty results should not be our motto.

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