Few things men need to understand about Periods

Today I will talk about Periods and this blog is not just limited to female readers. As the name suggests this blog is actually for men. I won’t exactly teach what are periods or menstruation or bleeding or monthlies; but, just a few things that men should understand and know about the periods.

Women can still read this blog and please let me know in the comment section if you disagree with anything that I mention.

So, here are those few things men should know

1: Know about the Periods

Men will wonder, why they should know about the periods or what this has to do with them? Well, it’s something every man should know about. They have so many uneducated assumptions and perception about it, but they know nothing about periods.

It’s normal vaginal bleeding that occurs monthly in women during 12-50 years (can also start before that) of age (except during pregnancy). According to my friend Erica, periods are not just 3-4 days a month, but hormonal fluctuation can go throughout the month.

2: Don’t joke about it

One thing I don’t understand is why men joke about it? It’s no laughing matter. Women go through excruciating pain during periods and according to a study by the University of London, periods are or even more painful than a heart attack.

Men who laugh about it or make fun of women on periods, can you take monthly heart attacks? You don’t know what women go through during 7 days, so kindly be more respectful.

3: It’s not a disease

Another important thing men should understand is that periods are not a disease. I don’t know from where this perception started that periods are a disease and it’s spreadable but in reality, menstruation is a natural monthly cycle and it’s a sign of good health.

4: Women doesn’t become impure during periods

This perception is very common in my country. Some old folks are carrying this idea and passing this to the next generation and it’s going on and on. I wonder how women become impure or unholy during periods. Women are stopped to enter the kitchen and food will become unholy if they cook during menstruation is another such misconception.

I don’t know where this idea started, but it needs to be changed. Try to pass on proper information about periods rather than following some old belief.

5: It should not be a taboo subject

Many people are afraid to talk about it, they consider it a taboo subject, but should it be a taboo? People are comfortable abusing in public, but they don’t want to talk about something like menstruation?

No offence but the older generation made it a taboo and we are still following it. Men don’t want to be a part of this conversation and this is why women don’t want to talk about it with them. People call menstruation “those days” because they refrain to call it with a proper name and they don’t want to talk about it. This mentality needs to change.

6: It’s okay to talk about periods

I think that it’s okay to talk about periods, especially with women. This is one of the ways to know more about it. My bestie was very comfortable talking about menstruation with me rather than her brothers. One of the reasons was; I made her comfortable sharing with me. I never thought I should know more about it, but such conversation made me more respectful towards women and menstruation.

But, by talking about it doesn’t mean, you go on straight and ask about periods from women. Many women are introvert about such conversations, but if they trust you, you can talk with them. I have talked to 4-5 women for this blog and they helped me unhesitatingly.

7: Periods it’s not the same for everyone

According to the fellow blogger Preetverse, she experiences terrible pain for 2-3 days, she still manages to do her regular work during this and try to ignore the cramp, and that’s what most women do. Some women may experience heavy flow while some may get normal flow. Many women have mood swings, while others tolerate the pain silently. What I am trying to say is, different women may feel it differently, so men have to understand that there is no fixed pattern to this. Periods can be very unpredictable. Pain can be worse than the last time and can occur at any time.

Also, you will find that there is various food that provides some relief during a period of cramps, but it’s not necessary that it will work with everyone. Erica told me about how a complete plant-based diet stops the pain, but she also mentioned that it’s not necessarily the same for everyone.

Men need to understand that what they are seeing with one person, could be completely opposite for others.

8: A little more support would be better

This is the most important thing needed from men. Women around you could be having agonizing pain, so don’t make things more difficult for them by being an ignoramus. If you can manage things on your own, then it’s good, if not be polite about it. Also, you may see sudden emotional shifts in women, so learn to handle it decently.

Cooking food is not a bad option, it won’t hurt your manliness. Remember, your mother/sister/wife or your friend do it for you daily, you can at least help them 3-4 days a month. If you can’t cook, then get it from outside.

I hope these 8 things were easy to understand, if not then read again or ask in the comment section.

Special thanks to Erica (IG- @eridoesgreen), Preetverse, and few other friends for providing all the valuable information.

Before I end this blog, I have a special message to share, as its 8th march off-course:

Instead of wishing happy women’s day, it would be much better if you could make things around women happy.

Until next time, don’t forget to smile.

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  1. You chose the perfect day to post this! I know you recommended me to do a post like this but I’m just not comfortable yet πŸ˜….
    You did an amazing job though! I hope more people read this and take a few tips from it, loved it!!

  2. Its a very important topic that u share today.. thanks 😊 on behalf of every women
    Very beautifully written by perfect words selection as u always do ❣️
    Please keep writing…

  3. At first, I know the amount of courage it took for you to post this, hats off for that!!
    Great post, bhaiya! I hope this just influences as many people as possible.

  4. This is such an important topic and being a girl I really wanna thank you for writing on this… great post …thank you for showing so much courage and writing this!

  5. This is a nice post Devang…as you have said periods shouldn’t be a subject of taboo..hope this reaches more ppl..both girls and boys read it… thankyou for writing this.keep penning πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. I really like this post! I have many many comments but I’ll keep it brief. In my religion it’s similar, women also can’t be touched during that time. I think men lack empathy as well as they are afraid of women. Women do go through so much pain but they keep going to work or do things normal because lack of empathy of men and society men lead. Also if men admit women endure more pain than ear injury, for example, then men admit they are not the strongest, and society is based on this assumption. The minority always keep the majority in chains and so men and women are the same unfortunately

  7. Our hormones are something that influences us all through the month, before and during the days it’s hard to control the moods and emotions but we have to try, just like men have to control their hormonal urges. In this aspect both sexes should be more empathetic to each other

  8. Hey Devang! Sorry for suddenly going off the whole blogging thing! Was packed with exams
    Yes! I waited for this post of yours and when I read it today … must say it’s very wonderfully written and glad you wrote about it!! It’s something that needs to be talked about and is important to gather knowledge about irrespective of gender!

    Great post.

    • Hey,
      You need not to be sorry. I remember about your exams and I’m glad that you are back. Hopefully your exams are now over and we can read more from you.
      Also, I could have added those lines from you in this posts itself. But well, I can still use it somewhere in the future, thank you so much for sharing.
      Also, I would like to work with you for my next blog (if your exams are over), the topic of my next blog will surely interest you and I would love to add something written by you in that blog.

  9. How wonderful is this ❀ so much compassion. And you rightly said instead of wishing happy women’s day let’s make it a better world for them.❀❀❀

    • This blog was possible because I got helped from several women and now I’m really thankful to receive feedback from women. My intention with this blog is men read and understand the importance of all this.

  10. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a post like this, and I loved it! There are even some women who have two uteruses and they have even more complicated issues because of being born that way. I am one of those people! Lol… I don’t tell many people about that, but it’s an interesting subject.

      • Well, if you ever need more info. on the subject, feel free to contact me. It’s something that can be a difficult to discuss, but important at the same time.

      • Even this topic ” Periods” was difficult to discuss. Not many women are willing to talk about openly.
        As you’ve mentioned to contact you, please tell me how to do that? I would like to discuss about blogging with you. And hey, I remember about your quotes in an image format

      • Well, never be afraid to reach out to anyone on here. It’s better to try than to never know. πŸ™‚

      • Oh and just so you don’t have to search too hard. My contact page is located under the Copyright menu. πŸ™‚

  11. It was such a detailed blog.
    Letting man aware of periods is much needed.. Thank you for taking a step ahead.
    I loved the concluding words the most😊

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