World Environment day

Today is World Environment day(5th June) and I was thinking what should I do for this day. I wanted to write something, while Devang wanted to create something. Somehow we met at a common point and we present you this :

In the comment section, tell me how you will contribute to the environment? Like do you do anything which is environmental friendly? Or are you willing to adopt some good changes?

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Until next time; Smile because it’s definitely Environmental friendly.

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  1. Thanks, Devang, this is such an important issue. We compost our vegetable scraps so that are not trash creating methane in the dump. When we need clothes we buy second hand clothes. I like to walk and cycle to do errands. Our car is EV.

    • You are really doing great. I read about second hand clothes, but it’s not applicable here in India. People here thinks that it’s against their pride. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
      Also, as vehicles are affordable, so everyone have their own vehicles. Which is bad as well. The concept of EV is new here, but for cars TATA is doing a great job. We also have electric scooters in india, but the sales went down due to certain fire incidents. So, things will take time here.

      • I agree with all your points, Devang. As a developing country I think we are trying to do our best in introducing such reforms but then everyone has to proactively participate, especially the ignorant people in the society. Thank you for bringing this matter on your blog!

  2. We only have one car for our whole family, and so that’s an easy way to conserve. We also recycle. And we try to use a very small amount of water, especially because we live in a desert.

  3. I always carry cloth bags in my purse, so that I can refuse polythene carry bags, though they are still in surfeit all around. I segregate bio degradable and non biodegradable trash. When outside always mindful not to spread any littre, keep them s

  4. Sorry the previous one was sent by mistake before it’s complete πŸ˜….
    If we all try to do our bit to save the environment, the positive changes are bound to occur.
    Let’s all make a pledge in the World Environment Day.

  5. So Fat Guy Workout and Devang together did a great jobπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
    And I love cycling so I just use my cycle to go wherever I can.. specially school you know!
    And I loved your post… especially the image.. it’s easy to read and share! I’ll definitely share it!

  6. I follow all of them (actually try my best to do things which are environment friendly)… I have so many plants at my home and i love having them, they refresh my mood everytime i see them😊
    The slide was very beautiful, Devang.
    Keep writing!

    • I would love to see your plants.
      I have a blog coming up in future, that’s about plants 😁.
      Thanks for your precious comment Vidah, I hope you are doing well. Keep shining 🌟

      • Would let you see them soon!
        A blog about plants sounds nice.
        You’re welcome, Devang.
        I am good.. Hope the same for you.

      • Yes I wanted to do a blog based on plants. But then certain specific days came so I had to change my plans.
        I have completed another blog, so yeah.
        Also Ocean’s day is coming (8th june), if you are interested you can write something on that. Then father’s day.
        Basically, plant blog has to wait. πŸ˜…

      • So, a lot of content is lined up by your side, interesting.
        Yeah, thank you for the suggestions.

  7. I absolutely hate leaking taps and appliances running unnecessarily. So yes, I try to switch of fans and lights if nobody is sitting in the room because electricity is one of the crucial gifts we get from the environment. Also, I remember the day when I ‘accidentally’ turned off a running tap in a public park and you can imagine the reaction of the gardener when he saw what had transpired. Of course i was just a kid then and didn’t know that it had been turned on on purpose, but that little step shaped the ladder of many such steps in the future.
    Good day!
    And Happy World Environmental Day!

  8. Whatever we can do…the most important thing is to teach our young ones….thankfully my ones have developed the habit of looking for a dustbin.
    Another thing that I am trying to make them aware is that ability afford 10mins does not mean that you should waste worlds resources

    • Yes, younger generation needs a proper education about resources and nature. You are doing marvelous job as a parent. Schools should also start campaign where they can teach children about importance of resources and nature. If children are taught at proper age, they will love and respect it forever. 😁
      Thanks for commenting

  9. An excellent and very apt post for World Environment Day, Devang. There is lots of helpful information here. I can’t agree enough with all the points and suggestions you make. As you know, I’m very conscious of our planet and the environment. I’ll try and be brief; otherwise, my comment could go on and on! I recycle everything possible. Here, in the UK, it’s relatively easy for us to do that as we have collections for plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, non-compostable food waste etc., not that everyone actually does it. I compost my food waste and give the compost to neighbours as I can’t garden due to my disability. I don’t leave water running or electricity running unnecessarily; I try not to use the big oven, just an air fryer which uses a fraction of the electricity; I use recycled and recyclable bags, water bottles (mine is metal), lunchboxes (rather than plastic bags); I don’t have a car but use my electric wheelchair to go everywhere (it’s cheap to charge up at night). There are other things too, but probably too many to mention. It’s all because I feel so passionate about caring for our planet – we only have one planet; there is no number two for us to live on. We need to start looking after it as you’ve detailed. Thanks for sharing this important post, Devang. 😊

    • Ahhh, thanks for this wonderful comment. I’m so glad to read it.
      You are doing an excellent job and I think you are contributing well enough.
      These little things are needed and with collective efforts, we can save our planet.
      Also, if you are interested to write on such topic then World oceans day is coming on 8th june, so you can write something for that.
      Best wishes and remember to smile

  10. Such al good alrticle..and yes everyone have to contribute save our environmemt…I watched a video which said to make paper napkins hundreds of trees are cut..since then I stopped using paper napkins and replaced them with cloths..


  11. Very important tips Devang.. I think we are all responsible for keeping our planet healthy.. Every tiny action of awareness can make a Difference..
    Keep giving dear friend 🌹

  12. Love the graphic, informative and straight to the point. I need to print that out and stick it on my fridge or corkboard so everyone in my house knows too. πŸ™‚ I swear one day I went around my house and turned off six different lights in places no one was at, and it was daytime! Just open the blinds or something, you know? Haha.

    For me, my kids walk to school, we’re 5 minutes away (walking time), I wouldn’t imagine driving them. I’m also within walking distance to a grocery store which makes it convenient to walk to for small trips. We’re conscious about water use too, especially here in the southwest since we don’t see a lot of rain.

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