Importance of Blood donation

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing fine. This is a quick blog to share a blog written by me.

Recently, it was World Blood donor day and for that, I wrote a blog and it was featured by SplendourLives

So, basically, this blog is to tell you about that blog. Please find some time to read and review it. I have also shared an exclusive image there.

Check it out here -> World Blood donor day

I’m open to collaboration and guest posts (I hope my favourite blogger checks her mailbox).

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  1. Very informative and sensible post, Devang. You always offer such good advice. I have to say, I didn’t know much about blood donations, so have learned a lot from what you have written. Sadly, I’m not able to give blood because of some of the medication I have to take. Otherwise, I would be very keen to do so. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Ellie 😊

      • Missed your work a lot!!
        I would like to know more about you, through a blog of yours(if you are comfortable).
        Also, willing to work together for a blog.

      • Thank you so much, I really appreciate the support you’ve shown me right from the beginning. I’ll work harder to increase the quality of my work. That’s great 😁, I’m also willing to work on a blog together. Is there a particular topic that you have in mind?

      • Hmm, anything health related is fine with me ofcourse. Just checked and world hepatitis day is this month, would you be okay doing a blog on that?

      • Yeah okay. I will do proper research on that and we can do something for it. What you want to do?
        Guest post or collaboration? πŸ˜€

      • Guest post is were you write a blog for someone. For example if I do a guest post for you. I will write a blog for your site. Share it with you and you can publish it.
        Collaboration is, where we both work together on a single blog. For instance, if you want to write on hepatitis, then I can provide you some things, or maybe images and then we can create a blog together.
        You see my last blog about avocado, that’s a guest post.
        My post about nature, that’s collaboration.

  2. Donating blood is so vital especially since you can only use blood for a while before you need fresh blood. Great topic to write on!

  3. Very informative and interesting Devang! This sentence stuck out to me: “If you can donate blood, it will save the lives of 3 people.”

    This is news to me. I never donated blood before but this made me rethink that. Thank you for sharing, I’m enjoying your health tips. 😊 Hope you’re doing well!

    • πŸ˜€
      If you can donate, then maybe you should.
      As it was guest post, I didn’t give much efforts and my blog was badly edited ( different from what I’ve written). But, there’s so many good things associated with blood donation. You can definitely save someone’s life. Many times children needs blood and getting blood is very hard. So imagine,how much we can help. I mean, if we are able, we should.
      I’m doing well.

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