Easy ways to keep your heart healthy-World Heart day

29th September is celebrated as World Heart Day. This day is celebrated to ensure good heart health and to spread awareness about the diseases related to it.

At first, I had no plan of writing this blog and thought to share something else. But, then I thought, maybe this blog could be an opportunity to let people know that I’m back with my own blogs.

I will share information in my favourite style. You can call me lazy or genius, but sharing information through images is much more convenient and unique (and extremely time-consuming).

I have made 2 infographics for you, as a gift. You can save and share them.

Let’s first learn some ways that can keep our heart healthy.

That was easy, right? I am sure you can manage these things. These choices may look hard at once. But, trust me, it’s for your own good.

I know your heart is excited about another image. This one will tell you about some of the food options that are good for our heart.

If you follow these things, you can effectively keep your heart healthy. How about you tell me in the comments, how you keep your heart healthy? Are you following any of these? Do you have any favourite activities?

Let’s talk in the comment section, by the way, don’t forget to smile 😀

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  1. Exercise. I tried exercising after a long time and now my legs hurt. I still need to sleep more, but I do everything else. I like the infographics, it’s not lazy, it’s creativity. Lovely post ❤️

    • In the beginning your whole body with ache. This is my honest response to you. Consider your body being locked, and it will take some time to unlock it. You be consistent with the exercising, and you will enjoy it after 1 point.
      What kind of exercise do you engage yourself in?

    • Qonyike, I’m 60, so I find there are periods of time when I don’t get to exercise. The first day back is a very gentle day, just to get the blood moving and say hello to the muscles. The second day is a regular day, but with no intensity. On the third day, I’ll try to push myself a bit at times, then after that, I feel I’m more in the flow.

      BTW, I don’t always get to walk or exercise daily, and with taking evening classes, I walk after work on my non-class days. On days when I don’t feel in top shape but still have an opportunity to walk, I’ll go for a stroll just to get the blood moving. I use those times to do walking meditations, which help my mind and spirit!

      Try to eat or drink a bit of protein after exercising to nourish the muscles, and do keep well hydrated! I walk in parks where there are public restrooms so I don’t feel I need to limit my fluid intake if there aren’t restrooms!

      If I’ve overdone my exercises and my legs hurt, I will take 1 or 2 Ibuprophen because it’s an anti-inflammatory, and helps. I also take CBD which helps my muscles to relax and to process the exercise chemicals my body has produced.

      Keep going! You’ve got this!

  2. I like your infographic, and that little heart hugging itself is so cute. haha. These are excellent tips for keeping our hearts healthy, especially when it comes to food.

  3. Hi Devang,

    I’m following 30 blogs, in the present. Out of which only you have available good health content.

    It helps me to understand my body and stay healthy.

    Thanks for making efforts to prepare above detailed infographics.

    Happy Heart Day ❤️

  4. I love your infographics, Devang. They make everything so accessible and clear, as well as being attractive to look at. I found this post very interesting, as all your posts are. I think I’m on the right track for good heart health, apart from not doing much exercise. I don’t eat unhealthy fats and hardly any fried foods. I eat all the foods you mention in your healthy foods ‘wheel’. I clean my teeth twice a day, although I was very surprised that bad oral health could cause heart disease. I’ll definitely bear that in mind. However, I probably don’t drink enough water and my sleep is often disturbed. All in all, I think I’m doing fairly well in looking after my heart. Thanks for your advice 😊.

      • I’m really not great at drinking water for some reason. Sometimes, I drink diluted fruit squash, so I guess that counts as drinking water, just not water on its own. I always take a bottle of water to bed with me at night, so I drink some then. I ought to try harder, I know. Does water count if I have it in coffee or tea? I only have two cups of coffee daily (I don’t like tea much, although sometimes I drink herbal tea, which is nice), so that’s water in a way.

      • If you have any issue with the water itself. Then, add some electrolyte (unflavoured). Fruit juices are another great option. Coffee won’t exactly count in drinking water, although it’s keeping you satiated for a while. Avoid water at bed. You can keep reminders instead. Aim for 8 glasses of water. Proper hydration will also solve your sleeping problems.

  5. Thank you as always for this valuable health information. Although I like to get my outdoors exercise and I don’t smoke, drink lots of water, I could do better with eating fewer baked goods and fit in more veggies and fruits!

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