Your feelings matter #3

Hi, this is Your feelings matter #3. Here, I will be asking some of the questions from you, and you are free to share anything you like.

Generally, when we blog, it is important to get in touch with the readers. This also gives us an opportunity to know more about the readers.

Your feelings matter is a blog about you, for you. Here you can talk about anything you like.

I got this idea from my favourite blogger LIFESFINEWHINE.

So here are a few of the questions (You can answer all or any one of them)

How are you feeling?

How is life?

Are you happy/satisfied?

How is your health?

Do you have any blogger recommendations? (I would love to read their work).

Let me tell you about a blogger. Her name is TAMARA KULISH. She is a blogger, just like you and me. In fact, she is a terrific writer and has written several books. I suggest you guys to follow her.

I will wait for your comments. If you are a new reader, don’t be shy to comment. If you are already a reader and prefer to drop likes on my blogs, then I would really appreciate a comment from you.

Until next time, remember to smile

70 responses to “Your feelings matter #3”

  1. Hi Devang, good to read from you again. First of, to answer your questions it goes thus: am fine, my health is Okay, am happy and life is good but could be a lot better with more goodies. This kind of writing is a very good innovation well done my friend.

  2. I love Tamara she’s one of my favourite bloggers!
    Thanks for the shoutout and I always enjoy these sort of interactive posts. I’m okay although I am currently in a bit of a stressful situation in life where I have to make some major decisions. I’m happy-ish and healthy-ish lol πŸ˜‚

  3. So, my favorite blog is here!
    I have had a fever since last two days but i am feeling better now.
    Every thing else is good.
    How about you?

  4. 1. I am feeling tired and groggy and more tired than usual. Slept in late and feel like the day is now wasted.
    2. I’ve been fighting a stomach bug this week along with migraines so health hasn’t been the greatest. Jaw is starting to heal from the surgery and the post-op is more bearable these days so at least there’s that (post op-week 4)
    3. Always striving to improve my life. Never really satisfied with the way things are.

    P.S. Earlier this week my dog was put down. She was 13 years old and I’m sad that I couldn’t be there. She lived with my parents halfway across the country. I’ve been grieving….

    Hope you’re doing well!!

  5. How are you feeling?
    I feel great. I’m relaxing at the moment.

    How is life?
    Things are well. Lots to be thankful for.

    Are you happy/satisfied?
    I am right now.

    How is your health?

    I hope you’re well too, Devang! πŸ€—β˜€οΈ

  6. Heyyy… I am happy to visit your blog after so long.
    My exams are over and went pretty good.

    But I’m not still felling really good as I’m also preparing for JEE so, I have a lot of work to do.

    My health is pretty good.. I hope you are better as well.

    I’m definitely happy but not satisfied whatever I’m doing I really need to work very hard to achieve my dreams.

  7. Thank you for asking, Devang. How am I? I’m a bit all over the place at the moment, especially emotionally. My general health is pretty good as I have a good diet and look after myself. Am I happy? Sometimes, although things, as you know, are tough at the moment. Yesterday, I was spoken to very unkindly, which upset me. I’ll get over it, though, but I’m still rather hurt right now. Thanks for the recommendation to take a look at Tamara’s blog. I have read some of her excellent work, and she is a lovely person. I’m glad to have been introduced to her. Take care, my friend, and how kind it is of you to ask how all your readers are. How are you doing?

  8. Hi Devang,

    I saw this post on my feed. And did not feel to read immediately.

    So I was focusing mainly headlines of the blogs (of other followers) to read them for later.

    I did not feel to read always. It’s a hint that I needed β€˜a break from blogs’. Even if I try to read in such cases, it’ll hurt my comments.

    Your questions seem interesting. Let’s talk,

    How are you feeling?

    I’m good. Subah-subah kuchh achhe blogs padhke achha lagta hai.😊

    How is life?

    Life is simple. When it gets tougher, I struggle for right things, with an equal force.

    People in our lives are interesting.

    Are you happy/satisfied?

    I’m happy and satisfied.😊

    My dreams encourage me, to expand my vision, and increase the impact of every effort.

    I love bigger challenges.

    How is your health?

    My health is good. I’m thinking of losing overloaded thoughts and tensions, and gain some weight (or strong muscles) instead.

    Do you have any blogger recommendations? (I would love to read their work).

    Niharika at β€œYoursBookfully”

    Thank you for this kind of post. I like Pooja’s initiative.
    Have a nice day, brother.

    • I’m happy that things are smooth for you.
      I wonder if the heading isn’t catchy enough?
      I call it this as I thought it’s appropriate to focus on the readers and their feelings. This is third such blog and getting good response.
      I’m glad to read all this about you.
      I shall definitely read her blogs, thanks for recommending.
      Keep shining and all the best for college selection

      • Headlines are okay, bro. I was tired at that time.

        Let’s agree, we do nee our personal space to relaxation, self-talks and calming our mind.

  9. I’m doing absolutely well. The festival spirit really brings in all the positivity, but I’ve also been exhausted from the sudden socializing this Navratri. Either way it has a been a surreal experience. How have you been?

  10. Sooo, I’ve been very busy, hence just being able to go through my emails and reply to different blog postings!

    Imagine my surprise to see you mentioning me! My job as an assistant has me doing a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, so it’ feels really good to be seen!

    I thank you deeply and profoundly. I know you are following through with a promise you made to me when I gathered my courage and asked people for the enormous favor of following me so that I could break the 400-person milestone. I appreciate offers of help, but when someone follows through I’m deeply appreciative, for that isn’t a trait too many have these days!

    I hope you are well too Devang! Thank you again!

  11. Greetings, Devang! Glad you are doing so well with your blogging and continuing sharing with the world your insights and wisdoms! keep it up!

  12. Saw this post just now. It’s so nice to see so many people interested in sharing their views.
    I’m doing good, what about you?
    Also thanks for that blogger recommendation!

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