Diwali is here

As Diwali is here I thought I should share a quick post to wish everyone a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali

Don’t worry if you put some extra weight during Diwali. Enjoy this beautiful festival of lights with love and joy.

Take care, keep shining like the lights.

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      • They’re (BHU admission committee) taking much time. I’m (still) in the 2nd stage of PG admission process. So I was not able to go home, and meet my family.
        Dhar district (in the Western MP) has a closer boundary with Rajasthan. As you know the damage done by Lumpy Virus (LSDV). We’re also badly affected. People are less excited about Diwali at my home town.
        It’ll take time for accurate and effective vaccine.
        However, I enjoyed the festival in Varanasi. Felt like, β€œreleasing all pain, sufferings and bad memories, and starting a new life”. I want to thank my room partner and neighbour friends.
        I badly needed this energy and clarity of thoughts. My only goal (of leading the Civil Services in India as an officer) seems more closer and achievable, now. Thanks for your encouragement.
        How was yours?

      • Lumpy virus has indeed shaken things a lot.
        I’ve read other animals like deers are getting affected with something similar.
        Admission process should be online and hassle free. Tell me more about Varanasi ‘s diwali? πŸ™‚

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