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Hi, this is a blog that will tell you about my other blog that recently got published.

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If you remember that in my last blog, I talked about my longest blog will be the next, well I was talking about this blog. Not this blog, but the one I am about to share. I submitted that blog on 17th December, and it took me days to write it because 1: I am not used to writing longer blogs, and 2: Longer blogs require more research and ideas.

But, there’s a thrill in writing longer blogs, and it gives me immense happiness to see them published. They published the blog on 18th December. On the same date when I shared another blog.

Check out my blog on β‡Ύ Superfood Amla

Then come back here to drop your valuable comments. It’s a bit longer than my usual blogs, but I will appreciate your valuable time.


I want to thank Kirsten, a blogger, writer, friend, super mom, and hurricane slayer.


Clickatripafrica for helping me out with this blog (not this blog, the Amla one). For those who don’t know yet, ClickatripAfrica is a business venture by Pooja G alongside her sister. They are your best travel organizers for your next trip (or first trip to Africa). Can you imagine I asked questions related to Amla from them? I am sure they must be shocked, haha, but they were super helpful.

Don’t forget to drop comments after reading my blog (not this one, the Amla one).

Until next time, keep smiling.

62 responses to “My Blog about Amla got published”

  1. That’s cool, I didn’t know there were amla trees. I could really take it for my vision. It is not great at all. There’s a lot of benefits with amla, and you laid the pros and side effects out in great detail here. Thank you for sharing, Devang and Healthieyoo. Also, thank you for the name drop. πŸ˜‡

  2. Such a detailed blog!!!
    I surely am out of energy, so I must grab some amlasπŸ˜› (enough to write this comment though).
    I eat one amla daily although don’t like them muchπŸ˜…
    Cheers to your lengthiest blog, D😊

  3. Congratulations 😊, super food amla is really very nice blog and it contains lots of useful information. Amazing blog, glad to know that much about amla😊

  4. Very interesting article. My sister was the one you asked and she was happy to help once I told her you write about such stuff. She was definitely a bit surprised first lol. I rarely use amla but it’s interesting to learn more about it.

  5. I read it! It’s nice. Thanks for sharing all the information!

    In fact, i don’t eat amla much but my mom always tells me how it’s so beneficial. I eat it as murabba sometimes and that also tasted nice. Amla definitely does act like a superfood, what with all the never ending benefits you mentioned! Great postm

  6. Well done on your longer post. I think you’ve been successful in your post. It’s well structured and flows well. The evidence is clearly presented.

    I love gooseberries … grew up with them as my gran always bought them, but not sure if it is/was the same variety. I do like them and tend to buy them when I see them but I think they have a limited/short season. I thought they grow on a bush, so I was surprised to learn that they are actually from trees

      • Yes Indian gooseberry grows on tree. I’ve Planted some plants of amla in a park, but as mentioned in my blog it requires care and I planted them before pandemic, so they didn’t received much care.
        I need to search about European gooseberry, I’m curious now.

  7. Hi Devang,

    Amla sounds like a fantastic fruit! Thanks for informing us about its health benefits. Too bad I live in such a cold climate and cannot find the fruit. It looks like it is available dried as a supplement. Congratulations on your article!

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