Your feelings matter #12- My favorite blogger

I can’t believe this is the 12th edition of Your feelings matter. That means I am doing this for the last 12 months.

Honestly, I won’t be shy to admit that I got the idea from my favorite blogger. I saw how decently people interact on her posts and I wanted to try something like that. So, here we are after 12 months.

In such posts I ask people about them and their feelings, but this time I want to do something entirely different.

As the heading suggests, I want to talk specifically about my favorite blogger A.K.A Lifesfinewhine A.K.A The very best.

She’s facing a lot of issues with wp, and sadly not getting satisfactory response from the support team.

For instance, people aren’t recieving her posts in mail box (newsletter), even it’s not possible to subscribe to her site. She raised the issue and even after weeks hasn’t received solution. Wp told her that she bought followers and this is why it’s happening. WTF

Error for Lifesfinewhine, my favorite blogger

Seriously, what a crap. I know how hard she works for all of this and it took her years to be where she’s right now.

Adding more pain, she’s not able to like properly on others’ posts and this all thing is taking a toll on her mental health.

I am writing this all because she’s not only my favorite blogger, but also a dear friend.

Well, I call her my favorite because, she taught me the meaning of blogging. Ever since I started she has been a great help, and always guided me.

She even helped me shape my work and with her direct-indirect help, I even found my style. Because, previously I admit that I tried to copy her style.

I’ve shared countless emails with her and despite being super busy, she always helped me and guided me. This is the reason why I have written 3 blog posts for her site.

Now, I am not fanboying (or maybe I am), but her recent post shocked me. She said she’s fed up with this wp thing and not getting any help, she might take an indefinite break or may never return.

This decision broke my heart because I still feel I need to learn a lot from her. Her blog posts were the first thing I used to read and have got countless ideas through them (like this series and many others).

But, I don’t want this whole situation to ruin my dear friend’s mental health and I want the best for her.

Trust me this could happen to anyone, but I feel if the community show their support then maybe we can get a solution.

People may wonder, why there’s a need to do such a thing. So, Let me tell you, you don’t wanna lose a blogger like Pooja. She’s a true gem. She may or may not need WordPress, But WordPress needs her.

For this community losing the brightest star is not a good thing. She has helped countless people and you need lifesfinewhine here.

Also, let her know personally through her social media and mail that “you cannot give up yet”.

She never told me to do this, I mean why would she? She doesn’t even need a shoutout, but as a reader and a follower, we should do our part to help our favorite (my favorite).

Hey, btw have you ever searched lifesfinewhine on reader?

Fat guy workout can be find through search my favorite blogger

Ahem!!! So you can find me…. How cool is that. But you cannot find me by Fatguyworkout, WTF!!

How are you feeling

Also, I would love to hear (or rather read) from you guys. Let me know how are you doing and how’s your mental health?

Some people told me that they are unable to like my posts on my site. Which an issue I am facing. I am trying to find the solution.

Until then, you can use this like option. It works only on the site, and not on readers.

Wp tried to screw me, but I can always find ways.

Until next time, remember to smile

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  1. I saw Pooja’s post, too, and I just hate it for her. So frustrating, but I hope she doesn’t leave WordPress forever, because I really enjoy her blog, as well.

  2. Hi Devang,
    “Your Feelings Matter” is an interesting concept. Because it allows us to speak.
    I might miss reading a general blog post, but I replied to “Your Feelings Matter” during my break also.
    1) The FatGuyWorkout has helped its readers a lot; both i) through ‘the content’ and you playing the role of ii) our ‘personal health counselor’ (or Fitness Master).
    The FGW has to go a long way. And I’m curious about knowing your new initiatives in the upcoming days.
    2) The consistency and sincerity Pooja maintains – she can be appreciated and encouraged for that.
    I stand with her (I wrote a detailed comment). And I hope her blog issue resolves quickly and effectively.
    The issue is technical. It can be solved by ‘the concerned people’ (technical experts) inside the Wp. Afterall they’re being paid for this!
    3) Does my feelings matter?
    i) I’m feelings are little unorganised, right now. Talking to a friend or a family member, watching a youtube video, and listening a song on Spotify — they’re involved on so many places.
    ii) I’m currently going through ‘a large flow of emotions’— I want to use it constructively in somehow (or give proper direction).
    So I’m expressing them on my blog through writing, drawing them into ‘the art form’, and shaping some future ‘dreams’ etc.
    iii) I definitely need to not ignore — maintaining a regular sleeping and eating routine (I’m gaining weight slowly).
    The rainy season has some pros and cons; and I’m interested in adjusting accordingly (and enjoy).
    iv) Friends share their problems with me. I try to help wherever I can. This is a critical moment – “self-motivation” and determination might be some effective tools.
    Our regular classes have also started. I have scored good in the three papers and average in the rest two (total five).
    V) I’m grateful to you, Pooja, and almost everyone in my life.
    Don’t worry, I’m not overflowing with the emotions. My upcoming blog posts would be on some important learnings & issues.

    • Keep enjoying what you enjoy

      And I hope you get the solution to the things you are seeking.

      I’m waiting for you blog.

      Sleeping on time and healthy weight is a good thing. Make sure you have tons of energy.
      Self motivation is indeed a great tool .

      Good to know that you scored great overall.

  3. Hey! Thank you for your kind post and all the support you have shown me and Lifesfinewhine. I may have helped you but you seriously supported me too. Seriously, this is very kind of you although please don’t reach out to WordPress on my behalf as I don’t want to anger them. I feel like if we keep bugging them they’ll take away more of my features. Still, thank you. Your kind words really mean a lot to me during this difficult time. And like all difficulties, this too shall pass.

  4. I am heartbroken reading Pooja’s post. Pooja worked really hard on her blog and even after everything she has to face such ridiculous attitude by WP engineers.I think these are some early signs of bloggers decline in WordPress. Customer support is a big factor when it comes to building a brand. Till now, I have seen 3 bloggers who were forced to leave WP blogging because of such pathetic customer support. Experiences like this have stopped me from upgrading my plan. I hope this thing gets sorted and Pooja comes back stronger.

  5. I feel for what happened to Pooja. I can’t really reach out to WP on her behalf anyways because I’m sure WP has a target on me due to a recent complaint from me. They said the solution to my issue was to unfollow my followers. (What??!!) I didn’t comply and didn’t get any more help.

    • They do give strange responses.
      Like they told me things I already know for my case.

      I edited the post and removed the part where people can reach out to wp on PG’s behalf. That would actually worsen things.

      What issues are you having?

  6. I was shocked too when I read her post!! It’d be a terrible loss for the WP community if she stopped blogging. I enjoy her witty humor and honest writing.
    Devang, this post was really supportive of your dear friend, Pooja!

      • She is! I was totally shocked when I read her post too. I hope she doesn’t stop and this WP thing gets resolved. I haven’t had any issues with WP, but it seems that when a problem occurs, it becomes a total headache issue. Ack!
        I thought I followed you in the past! I don’t know what happened. Weird.

      • Managing Wp isses is an headache.
        I don’t want anyone to have it.

        May 3-4 issues are unresolved.
        They are telling me things that I know and hasn’t provided anything.

        Maybe you are not liking my work, I need to improve I guess.

      • I feel the same way about WP. I thought the happiness engineers were supposed to resolve issues in a timely and satisfactory manner.
        Hope your issues get sorted out too! Blogging itself is time consuming and no fun dealing with site issues.

      • I don’t think my issues are solving.

        According to them there are no issues😂

        They are telling me same thing again and again. So I lost hope

        Are you a teacher by profession

      • That’s disheartening to hear about wp! Geesh, that’s no happiness engineer help. I think they just assume the account holder will get tired of waiting and move on.
        I’m a homeschooling mom now and have been for seven years. I studied education in grad school, along with Religious education and psychology for my master’s degrees. More like, professional student.

  7. Congratulations on your 12th post in this series … that is a great milestone. I’m sorry Pooja is having such horrible problems. I suspect she’s not alone but WP will never change what they’re doing or fix the problems if people don’t challenge and fight. But I can understand her frustration, but she shouldn’t walk away from all the blood, sweat, tears and love she has poured into her blog

    • Such posts brings great interaction.
      Plus give people a chance to speak.

      The problem is, we cannot challenge as they will find others.
      I have 3 issues, those are still kept unresolved. I haven’t received any satisfactory or fresh response.

      She has given 7+ years to it. 😊

  8. If she operates through an app, tell her to reinstall it and then restart her device. Apps are more vulnerable to hacking activity than are devices, but can carry viruses into the device, so even when there’s no malfunction it’s good to turn that device off for at least five minutes every 24 hours. Hope this helps, good luck…

    • I think she uses web version.
      I also use web version for writing and posting.
      App and web both works very differently and sometimes the thing you see here, is different on web version.
      Like I am seeing some glitches on web version, but here it’s fine 🤷🏻‍♂️

      Thanks for your valuable advice and support

      • This is that time when we have laid all our cards on the table, told the whole truth, put our foot down firmly, said “no!”

        Now we are holding our breath, waiting to see what will happen. Any evaluation would be premature, and perhaps counterproductive.

        Thank you for asking, my friend. It always feels good to be able to share, even when we ourselves are not exactly sure of what is going on!

  9. It’s really really sad to listen About Lifeswhine and Pooja’s struggle with her site. But you are really doing a very great and amazing work bro! I really really salute the way you just take care of others also! It’s actually Inspiring and there is a lot of determination and admiration needed to do such things. Just keep going and never think that you are alone because we all are always there with you guys 🤗👍👍

  10. Great blog post Devang bro. I know exactly who that favorite Blogger of yours is. Here name is Pooja and she has been facing issues with WordPress lately which are problematic but as her friends we will support and be with her in this troubled times, her blog will be fine. WordPress does have glitches now and again💯🙏

  11. Congrats on your milestone, and hoping to see you continue to hit more! I’m sorry to hear of the struggles Pooja is having, I certainly hope WP gets their heads out of their backsides and fixes this!

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