Tips for a Happy Diwali

Diwali is almost here and I thought I should share a few tips that everyone should follow for a better and safer Diwali experience.

These tips are :

1: Eat nutritional food comprising fruits and vegetables, and remember to stay hydrated.

2: Do not over indulge and over eat

Diwali definitely comes once a year, but if you are over eating or not keeping restrain, then it could be harmful to your health. Keep control of what you eat to avoid an unplanned Doctor visit.

3: Keep your food covered to avoid smoke

We may not notice it, but that smoke is very harmful to our health. So, if you keeping a snacks tray outside for guests, make sure to cover it properly.

4: Avoid usage of sanitisers before or during lighting Diyas or firecrackers

Sanitisers contain alcohol, they can catch fire.

5: Keep babies and pets away from Diyas and firecrackers.

6: Speaking of pets, pets are sensitive to sounds

Don’t bother your pets during Diwali, don’t chain them outside and use ear plugs for them if possible.

7: Wear comfortable cotton clothes

Avoid wearing chiffon, silk or any other fabrics as these are more susceptible to fire. Also, avoid going near to fire if you have decided to wear loose clothes with the extra hanging cloth.

8: Keep buckets of water and fire extinguisher ready

To avoid any hazard, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You also need to be very careful with kids during lighting firecrackers. A bucket or two of water will always come in handy.

9: Say no to firecrackers

I understand people wait for Diwali every year so that they can blow the crackers, But think of all the pollution it will cause. You need to understand, Diwali is not only about the crackers, there are plenty of ways to spread happiness. You might be thinking if others are blowing crackers, so can you, But, you need to take an initiative to contribute to a healthy and green Diwali. Kindly, avoid blowing firecrackers this year.

10: Save electricity

You might consider this as the most outlandish tip, but you need to use electricity wisely. Diwali is a festival where everyone flaunts the shiny lights they have. But, you need to be responsible and not put stress on already burdened power plants. You might be aware of the power crises India was in just a few weeks ago, that could happen again. We as citizens needs to be a little more responsible. But, this is Diwali, that doesn’t mean we have to sit in the dark. Use traditional methods like light more Diyas instead of lights or use more energy-efficient LEDs to save more electricity.

Diwali is delight, Diwali is delight
No dark night , Everywhere light
Things are bright , Diwalli is delight
Have sweet bite , Fireworks at height
Joyful sight , Diwali is delight
Bliss and peace we should invite
On this lit diwali night
Let the glow be bright and bright
Nothing dark should be inside
Let not crackers show their might
Nor should smoke reach new height
Let not pollution sharply brite
Do what you can in this fight
Let's enjoy the tasty diet
But for display it's only light
Diwali is delight , Diwali is delight.

So, these were 10 tips you should consider this year for a safer and better Diwali experience.

I wish all the readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Stay safe and keep shining bright.

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