How to take care of your Kidneys

Yesterday was World kidney day (WKD) and I totally missed that! That’s what happens when you don’t read a newspaper at a pertinent time. Anyway, I decided to make a quick blog on things you should know about “How to take care of your kidneys”

  • Drink adequate water– drink at least 4-5 litres of water throughout the day. This will also prevent kidney stones.
  • Do not hold the pee– Well, if you are drinking 4-5 litres of water, that means additional washroom trips, but don’t ignore that and visit your nearest washroom on time.
  • Maintain good personal hygiene– This is especially for women, good personal hygiene is important to prevent urinary tract infection.
  • Keep diabetes and blood pressure in check.
  • Avoid using excessive salt– Salt should be taken in moderation. Excessive salt will also result in high blood pressure and can reduce the functioning of the kidneys.
  • Avoid processed food– Processed food are no good for you and your kidneys. Processed food contains excessive salt and phosphorous, which are bad for your kidneys (and overall health).
  • Say No to smoking and drinking– I have mentioned how smoking & drinking are bad for your lungs, liver and stomach. Add kidneys to that list as well.
  • Eat Meat in moderation– Animal protein generates a high amount of acid in the blood and that can be harmful to kidneys and can lead to acidosis (a condition in which kidneys cannot eliminate acid fast enough).
  • Take a balanced diet– A balanced diet includes a proper quantity of fruit, vegetables, dry-dried food and other edibles.
  • Do not take unnecessary painkillers– Painkillers put unwanted pressure on the kidneys, it’s better to go for safer alternatives and consult a doctor for this.
  • Keep fit, be active– One thing you should understand is that being active and exercising regularly is very important for you. Find 30 minutes daily for exercise.

Kindey functioning should be checked yearly, but it’s better to get it tested if you have diabetes, unhealthy weight, high blood pressure, family history of kidney diseases or you notice blood in the urine.

That’s it for this week’s blog, don’t forget to drop your valuable feedback in the comment section below. Also, if anyone is interested in making a health blog together, let’s do that sometime.

Until next time, stay healthy and remember to smile.

27 responses to “How to take care of your Kidneys”

  1. This post is an important one. I’ve known several people with kidney diseases. It’s fairly common, and mostly preventable with the lifestyle choices you outlined. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.🙏

    • This post took me 1 hour to research and write it.
      Usually I research my posts well, but I got to know about Kidney day on that day, so I have to write it quickly. I missed health day last month and that made me upset.

      • Well, keep writing when you can. Years ago, I went to school for naturopathy. I still remember much of what I learned, but learning about health is something that is ever changing.

      • My intention is to share stuff that’s easy to understand and people can relate to it
        My blogs work on the knowledge of the people. I get ideas from people on wp 🙂

      • It’s wonderful what you’re doing. I don’t think health topics will ever get old.

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