Remember these things while doing Yoga

21st June is celebrated as International Yoga day. Most people are aware of Yoga and its asanas and they do it on a regular basis. But there are certain rules that need to be followed while doing it. If these rules are not followed then, not only the Yoga asanas will be of no use to you but could also hurt you.

Let’s have a look at a few of these rules.

Do thisNot this
1Dawn is the best time for Yoga practice.Don’t do Yoga in the evening if you have eaten something. Yoga should be avoided at night.
2Yoga should be done on an empty stomach.Don’t drink cold water during Yoga practice. It could give you a cold & fever.
3Yoga practice should be done in an open environment. A terrace or garden are great options. Don’t do Yoga practice in a closed room with AC.
4Wear loose and comfortable clothesRefrain wearing Belt, necktie, tight pants and watch.
5Yoga should always be done in a peaceful environment.Watching Tv or phone while doing Yoga is not advisable.
6Breathing is very important in Yoga. Make sure you are breathing properly.Avoid doing Yoga if you are sick or have any body ache.
7After doing Yoga, going for Urination is a good thing to do.Don’t hold urine, sneeze, cough, burp or fart. Yoga helps in removing toxins, so holding any of these is not good.
8If you have difficulty in any asana, then ask someone who has proper knowledge.Don’t follow influencers. Don’t do or follow anything you learn online (including this). ALWAYS QUESTION
9Yoga should always be done patiently. Remember it’s not a race.Avoid following the speed yoga of some Baba. Speed yoga is foolish and it will hurt you.

If you are new to this, then practice Yoga under proper guidance. You may not get the instant results but you will notice some good changes in you soon.

In the comments let me know if you practice any form of Yoga. Also, let me know your favourite Asana.

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52 responses to “Remember these things while doing Yoga”

  1. Happy yoga day!
    I am not a yoga person, actually.
    But all these points would be really helpful, if i’ll do it in futureπŸ™‚, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for another very useful post, Devang. Before I had my disability, I used to practice yoga regularly. I think my favourite asana was the Plank. I used to be really fit back then. I’d love to be able to take up yoga (or Pilates) again, but I have to be super careful because of the damage to my spine. All the tips you mentioned would be really helpful, too. Hope you’re having a good day, my friend 😊.

      • I will do my best, Devang, although I would be worried about giving people advice when their condition or disability is very different from mine. If you want to email me with any suggestions about this, I will certainly read them and consider them carefully. I’m very touched that you have asked me. You have my email address, I think, don’t you? Looking forward to hearing from you again. Take good care of yourself 😊

      • Hi Devang. I’ve just seen your comment two hours ago and checked my mailbox, but I don’t seem to have an email from you. It’s not in Spam either πŸ€”. Did you email me today, or were you referring to the last time you got in touch? If you are having problems reaching me, please email me at Many thanks. Ellie

  3. Great post about yoga.. I think it is So difficult for mothers to do yoga.. I can make meditation for only 5 minutes.. It helps to make our mind clear..
    Keep giving Devang dear friend.. 🌹

  4. I just started doing yoga earlier this year and I like it so much better a traditional face paced workout. Good info here, although, I am guilty of doing yoga at night sometimes.

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