Tips for Monsoon!

Monsoon is already upon us (well, at least in India) and with the monsoon, come some unwanted diseases. Those can totally be avoided if you take some precautions and follow some smart tips.

Today, I will discuss some easy-to-follow tips for monsoon. These tips will guide you on what you should eat and what you should do in order to stay healthy this rainy season.

Let’s quickly discuss the health tips for this season:

1: Drink fluids

We generally drink a lot of fluids in summer, but completely neglect them in the rainy season. In the rainy season, we need better protection against bacteria and vector-borne diseases. In such cases, fluids are great options.

Include soups, herbal tea, fruit juice and masala chai in your diet. In masala tea, add some cinnamon, and ginger for added benefits.

Hot milk with turmeric could keep you away from cough and cold.

⇉ Drink warm or tepid water. People generally like to drink cold water in summers, but you need to stop doing that in the rainy season. You may get a sore throat or cough if you continue drinking cold water. Warm or tepid water will keep your throat fine. So that you can record a podcast easily.

2: Fruits

In fruits, try seasonal fruits. People generally overlook eating fruits during the rainy season. Monsoon has some great fruit options, that can give you all the necessary nutrients.

Try plums, pears, guava, peaches, apples, banana and Indian blackberries. Look out for options available in the market and see what suits you. Let me know in the comments what fruit you like in the rainy season.

3: Cumin and fenugreek

Monsoon can make your digestion slower. With slower digestion, you can have acidity. To avoid that, add cumin and fenugreek to your meal. You can also eat them after your meal or on an empty stomach in the morning.

⇉ Check out this blog Benign Indian spices to know more about cumin and fenugreek.

4: Protein

Eat protein to stay satiated. In the rainy season, it’s very common to get hungry fast. Protein will keep you full and charged with energy throughout the day.

Some great sources of protein are chickpeas, kidney beans, soya, chicken, mutton, eggs, nuts, seeds etc.

⇉ Flax seeds and chia seeds are great options. They are great energy boosters and also help in weight loss.

5: Probiotic for win

Curd/yoghurt, cheese, and buttermilk are great sources of good bacteria. Good bacteria actively support the immune system and fight off infections. It keeps the gut healthy and happy.

In monsoon, it’s very common to have an upset stomach, but probiotics got you.

Other additional things :

⇒Sprouts, corn, oats, and barley are another few great food options that you should try this season. These are loaded with nutrients and these are not heavy at all.

⇒Avoid fried food and street food. It’s very unsafe to eat street food during the rainy season. Although, if you are willing to pay extra bucks to the gastroenterologist, then enjoy street food.

⇒Avoid seafood during monsoon. Soda and cola should also be avoided during the rainy season.

That’s it for this week’s blog………..

Wait, I still have something more to share. These are FGW exclusives. Please tell me that you missed my exclusive images because it’s been a while since I made them last.

Avoid getting wet. If you get sick, you may not be able to write your next blog.

On the road, make sure you stay safe and vigilant

In the comments section, please let me know if you like monsoon season. What do you like best about the rain? Or, you can simply drop a Hi.

Wait until next week for another exciting blog from your favourite blogger.

You are allowed to smile in the rainy season, so SMILE please!!

73 responses to “Tips for Monsoon!”

  1. Love monsooons but hate humidity and the insects that rain brings with itself. 😭
    Great tips especially the street food one. I’m always shocked to see people eating street food in the rains.

    • Humidity and insects are terrible.
      Especially when it rain at the morning, then whole day it remains humid. Yesterday, after publishing this blog, when I was returning home. I saw hordes of people around pani-puri stall. I was thinking how can they even think of it.

  2. It’s quite cold here too but not very rainy. I heard it’s been raining like crazy in some places in India. These are wonderful tips, thanks for sharing them.

    • How’s the weather there?
      Like the temperature?
      Kenya is hot usually? Or moderate?
      I could learn a lot from you if you can share some details.
      Rains are crazy here. But the flood situation is due to lack of proper drainage.
      I’m from lake city – udaipur, so rain here is a good thing 🙂

      • It’s usually moderate whether. Never too hot or cold. There are still floods here even though it doesn’t rain as much as India since we don’t have proper drainage systems either.

        Oh that’s great, so you must be enjoying this weather!

      • I guess thats the perfect weather ☺️
        We had too hot summers this time. Winter were less cold this time. Last year, it rained less. This year rain is sufficient.
        People in my city like to go to the lakes when it rains. I’m the exception though. I like to stay at home. I like rain just for plants/trees. I get very happy to see them smiling and dancing in the rain.

      • Yeah I heard the summer was quite harsh especially in hotter cities.
        I love seeing the plants when it rains too. It’s beautiful.

  3. An informative blog yet again, you shared some great tips and loved the images.
    I don’t really like this season😅 but the food cravings become more and more atleast for me during this monsoon time😂
    Keep writing!

      • Our climate is quite variable. We have temperatures between 10 at night in the spring to 20C by day. In the summer 20 at night with 25 to 32C during the day. In winter it is most often 0 to -10C. We get regular snow in the winter 6-20 cm a month. We can have rain in any season, although precipitation is usually snow in winter.

      • Our city doesn’t get snow. My state is one of the hottest state in India. This year Max temp was 48°c for my city. Even nights were hot. Thankfully due to rain it’s better now. Last year winters weren’t much cold. Let’s see about this year. People like udaipur as tourist spots as we have 7 lakes. So overall people care about lakes.

  4. Helpful post, Devang. We have monsoons where I live, but they have been rather disappointing for the last few years. When they are active, they can be dangerous. We did have a storm last night, so that is good! Stay safe.

  5. 🙋🏻‍♀️ from USA . . .
    Excellent article filled with tips to utilize during Monsoon season.
    I have a friend I correspond with from Aligarh. This week in one of his Instagram stories he posted the weather 🌧🌧🌧 flooded streets ~ definite need for umbrella☔.
    Where I live there’s no monsoons; sometimes thunder showers with downpours.
    From June 1st thru November 30th is hurricane season. This year’s prediction = 65% increase in storms from Atlantic Ocean.
    I enjoyed the exclusive images at the end of your post.
    You put lots of effort into your writing and research.
    Keep up the good work.
    Smiling 😊😊

    • 🙋🏾‍♂️ from India….
      Yes, some parts of India are seeing terrible flooding. It’s due to negligence and poor drainage system. Hurricane sounds scary, kindly take care and stay vigilant. I hear a lot of scary things about these hurricanes. These completely disturb the lives. You better, keep extra stuff at home for safety purposes.
      Thank you so much. My only intention is to make reading easy and fun. Images are used to make reading enjoyable. 🙂
      Keep shining 🌟

  6. Hey…this is surely something helpful…and here it’s been raining so heavily from past few days…but tbh I’m not a big fan of monsoon..and I know that it’s unhealthy to eat street foods during monsoon but it’s so hard for me to control myself..but I’ll try.
    And the exclusive images were lovely..great post. Totally enjoyed reading it!

  7. These are great tips! I’m in southwest USA and we’re in monsoon season now and saw some heavy rain last night after a long dry spell. it’s so interesting how the seasons can impact our bodies. I want to try fenugreek now too. Thanks for sharing!

    • You know I was thinking that I’m writing this blog. But monsoon might not in usa or other countries. I’m glad that you have monsoon season there as well.
      Season definitely bring a lot of changes.
      If you like milk, try hot milk with turmeric at night. Will help you sleep better. Remove inflammation. Treat infection and improves immunity.
      Fenugreek/cumin/carom soaked overnight in water and first thing in morning can do wonders for you.

  8. Very interesting post and information, Devang. As I’m in the UK, we don’t have a monsoon season, so it was good to learn more about it. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to read your blog earlier. It is 41C here today, and tomorrow will be even hotter! We’re not used to those temperatures here, so it’s feeling quite unbearable, and I’m not getting much done apart from trying to keep cool, which is nearly impossible. I enjoyed knowing more about your monsoon time and what to do and what not to do then. We haven’t had any rain for weeks, although I know that’s not unusual where you are. I like the personal graphics that you’ve added to this post. I always find them so helpful in making your posts even clearer and even more appealing. I hope you are keeping well. Ellie 🌞

    • I’m happy to know that you are fine.
      I was wondering, how are you. There’s no way to contact you, so I was thinking if things are fine around you.
      In summers we have 48°C, so monsoon are bit relief. Now, we don’t have sun for days.
      I would like to know more about your climate condition. And ideally when monsoon starts for you. Here it starts in july.
      I make images to save people’s time. Images are fun and gives more info in less time. Although, yes it does take time to make them. Sometimes, I don’t get ideas how to make them.
      Keep shining 🌧️✨

  9. Great tips Devang.. Here where I live we have a dry sunny climate in summer.. No rain.. No wind.. Only hot sun.. We should care most for putting a good sunblock on our skin for protection..
    Keep giving dear friend 🌷

  10. I do not live in a place that has monsoon. This was very interesting to me. I have been to the Philippines during rainy season, but not Monsoon. I think the eating tips are healthy for most any culture, and could see this as beneficial for USA summer, although climate varies throughout the country. Thank you for the tips.

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