International Men’s Day

Warning: This is Brother blog (because brother can’t be a guest). If you were excepting to read a blog from your favorite blogger, then stay calm and stay tuned. I’ll be back.

I had an idea about Men’s day. I discussed it with Sanket (the writer of this blog), and he said he will write a poem for me. I said I need more than a poem, so I convinced him, or he convinced himself about writing this blog (I am not sure exactly, but something happened)

Let’s read it and discuss it further in the comments section.

Let’s start with a story today. I was passing by a street and I heard a cry(Dude, that could be spooky at night), Someone was crying. I looked for the source of the voice. When I finally traced the voice, I could not believe it. I felt I was seeing something unusual. It was a man. He was having tears in his eyes. Out of concern, I went near him and slapped him hard on his face. Obviously, he deserved a slap. After all, he is a man and man cannot cry. Right?

The above story is a work of fiction and bear cent percent resemblance with our society that MAN CANNOT CRY.

Hello and welcome to this new and a bit unique blog from your favorite, FAT GUY WORKOUT (Not me I swear).

Today, on this International Men’s Day, I am going to speak about the STIGMA, surrounding men and I assure you that by the end of this blog, if you are a man, you will relate with it and if you are a female, you will realize that, be it by coincidences, you have mistreated someone, a male, as per those societal notions.

This blog is a bit poetic as the writer is a bit poetic by nature

He too gets tired of all the burden he has
But he cannot cry
He undergoes all the hardships
But he cannot cry
He has pain to share
But hardly anyone cares
He feels lost many a times
But crying is like a horrendous crime

He has to keep everything within himself
He has to keep his tears on the shelf
His tears get him a tag of a weak man
He is considered a black spot on his whole clan
If he has a heart break
He is asked to move on
If he suffers an ache
He is asked to be strong

I just wanna say man also undergoes pain
He also have all the stresses and strain
He tries to keep a smile on his face in all situations
He has to fulfill his responsibilities amidst all the tensions
Sometimes he is tagged as a chauvinist
Sometimes he is caught in a web of mist
But still he has to put up a smile
With pain in heart he has to go many a miles

I just plead you all that if you ever see a man cry, don’t tag him as weak or laugh at him. He too has a heart. He to has feelings. He too wants someone to understand him. He too wants someone to make him feel secured. If you see someone cry, don’t quote the lines like, “Man are strong”, “man cannot cry”. The one who cries is not weak. In fact, the one who cries is a real human. Men are humans too. Men also deserve the right to cry.

At the end I just want to say that we men also are just the way females are. We are also brought up by the same set of parents. Our upbringing has been in the similar environment just like those of females. We man also want to have someone’s shoulder to cry (and that’s totally cool btw). We also want someone to hear us out (I suggest you start writing blogs), Just think it this way. Two individuals, who are brought up in the same environment, are expected to work differently? If they are working differently, it’s okay but if they are working in the same manner, then there is a problem.

I just request that if you see a man cry, please do not tag that man as weak or immature, but hear him out. Listen to him, empathize him and remember, it’s not about woman can cry and man cannot cry, it’s just that humans can cry.

I will end this blog with just one line, YES MAN CAN CRY and MAN SHOULD CRY.


Who’s cutting onions?

This is completely opposite to what I say in the end. The writer is telling you to keep crying. While I say keep smiling. I wonder how both will work.

If you want to get connected with the writer of this blog Sanket Goyal, who is also a poet, writer, content creator & #1 supporter of FGW, just tap his name.

You can also buy & read his book A kiss of death by clicking here ⇾

Btw, I know the reason why men are crying. In our state, women get a free bus ride to anywhere within the state on women’s day, while men get nothing. This is so unfair.

I think that’s pretty much it for this blog. Happy International Men’s day (19th November).

Until next time Men can keep crying, but women remember to smile.

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  1. Exactly ✨Emotions are same for Everyone . No matter which gender is expressing it …✨ bro post is amazing poetry is amazing.😌Happy international men’s Day 🌹this is for you strongest man Devang 🤗.

  2. Happy international men’s day to you and to all the men.
    Not just men but the humans who cry are the strongest!!
    Great poetry, i loved the rhythm.
    Cry whenever there is a need and smile even it’s not needed.

  3. It’s really unique piece on IMD. Crying is not a sign of weakness, but just an expression of uncontrolled feelings. A good job by you and Sanket 👍👍

  4. Anyone who feels the need to cry, should. It’s healthy. As for celebrating men, they deserve it too. Men have put themselves in the front line of life many times and have helped us women. Good post.

  5. Happy International Men’s Day! Not only do I believe it’s okay for a man to shed tears, I gave both my husbands the space to do so without any judgment or negativity. I speak about these things with my grandson and encourage him to live and express his range of emotions.

    If people have difficulty accepting that a man can be sad, forget their responses, just be yourself. Be true to you! (Usually the same people who criticize a man for weeping when sad, also criticize women for being strong. Let’s just be ourselves!

  6. Sorry, this is a bit late for International Men’s Day on the 19th. I’ve always believed that both men and women should be able to cry if they need to. I’ve never thought that men should keep their painful thoughts and feelings to themselves if they need to share these emotions. Any good man or woman would, I like to think, feel the same about this topic. I am aware, however, that many men think it is shameful to cry when, in actual fact, it shows that the man is very true to himself and those around him and sensitive, which is a good thing in a man, in my opinion. I feel it is hard and not good for you to keep your feelings bottled up inside whether you are a man or a woman. Hope you are well, my friend X

    • I great!! Even better after seeing your wonderful comment. Please don’t be sorry, You may not know, but I am running behind 2 posts of yours. I feel bad, I want to read them peacefully with undivided attention.

      • Don’t worry, Devang. I appreciate how busy you are. Please, take your time and visit when you are able. It’s always good to hear from you. Take care x

      • No no Not busy!!
        Atleast Never busy for Ellie Thompson’s World. I have notification on for your latest blogs. Interestingly, I followed some new sites recently, and they flooded my readers, But I always keep both eyes on my favorites.
        Wishing you some explosive power. The light will be yours.

  7. Told to me by someone else in relation to men crying. I’ve never forgotten it.

    “Crying is not a sign of weakness
    but a sign of strength to have the
    courage to show deep emotion”

  8. Such a wonderful poem!
    I swear when I read that you slapped him bc he was crying and how can a man cry I was so angry like seriously why you did this but then I continue reading and loved this blog.

  9. Oh I love this Devang and the poem is awesome too. You set the stage for some amazing insights and important info for men and woman too.!
    Happy I.M.D. my friend and to your brother too!!

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