Your feelings matter #6- The campfire edition

Hi, welcome to the 6th edition of Your feelings matter, a post about you and your feelings.

This is my last blog and I won’t be blogging any further after this one, so I thought maybe I should give something special to the readers.

A blogger friend, commented on the last edition of Your feelings matter, that this is like a campfire, where people sit around a fire and share their feelings. I thought, hey that’s a great idea, let’s do that.

Here I present you the campfire edition………

You can cook your marshmallow in this fire or just sit and feel the warmth, but while you do that, I need to hear from you.

How are you feeling?

How was your year?

Are you satisfied with 2022?

What are some of your plans for 2023?

Feel free to answer this. Or, if you don’t want to answer these, then that’s fine, you can talk about anything you like. Like how are the holidays? Or anything you want to talk about.

I will wait for your comments, see you then for the one last time before my blogging journey comes to an end.

Blogger recommendation→

This month I want to talk about a very special and generous person. An ultra-talented writer+poet, a dear friend+ sister (because that’s what I call her), a super mom, and the hurricane slayer


Other than Kirsten’s work, I love the name of her site- Ghost Human Bones, it’s Savage AF.

Hey, I know another cool name for the site LifesfineWhine, and don’t ask the name of the owner, you should already know that.

Coming back to Ghost Human Bones, check out Kirsten’s work and experience something that you have never experienced before. Just tap her name or the name of her site.

That’s it for this blog, will wait for your response one last time. SHINE

73 responses to “Your feelings matter #6- The campfire edition”

  1. Thanks for these prompts. I have enjoyed commenting on your articles in 2022. I have had a challenging year as summarised in my happy Christmas post, but am looking forward to hopefully fairly smoothly getting a job in the industry I want early next year. I wish you luck with your 2023 endeavours.

  2. Aww Devang, thank you for the shoutout/recommendation. You’re very kind, my friend. Much appreciated. πŸ₯°

    How are you feeling?
    I’m happy to be here.

    How was your year?
    It was eye-opening. But I accomplished more than I thought I would.

    Are you satisfied with 2022?
    It’s not over yet, and I don’t want to jinx myself.

    What are some of your plans for 2023?
    It’s not here yet, and I don’t want to jinx myself.


    I read you’re done with blogging. You will definitely be missed around here and hope you stay in touch. Keep shining. πŸ’«

    • The coolest name of the site 🀩
      I actually got intrigued about your site due to name. But, loved whatever I read.
      I’m happy that you are happy .
      I wish you accomplish more.
      I’m done with blogging in 2022. I have talked how I have some cool new ideas in 2023 🀩.
      Also, I will not stop until I convince you to work for a blog 😝

  3. Hi Devang,

    I’m not feeling well. Because I got two times sick with a minimal gap in this December. Though, I’m trying to not let my studies get affected by this.

    I have significantly loosen my weight. Checked my BMI, it’s below NORMAL.

    Varanasi is comparatively colder to the Central India. Regular traffic and high population density are the major reasons of pollution in the city.

    BHU has a large open and green environment. I’m enjoying participating in regular classes, especially when I see exciting and curious friends of similar age.

    Civil services are my targets this year. UPSC CSE is my personal choice since 11th standard. And I have gained more confidence and required motivation with the time.

    Writing UPSC CSE will be a stress-free, enjoyable, interesting and self-explorative task, I believe. Opposite of what generally happens. Because I love my dream.❀️

    Getting overconfident is easy. I would take a closer look of my reality whenever it happens. β€œI’m not targeting or planning for an year, it’s usually a day, a week, or max. a month.”

    I think it’s my achievement to be able to communicate and share with you, what EXACTLY I’m going through right now. You win my trust.


    Anywhere, you’re free to take your decision. I appreciate and encourage your choices.

    Thank you so much!❀️

    Your Friend
    Lokesh Sastya

    • You take care buddy!
      Drink tons of water and focus on improving your immunity.
      Best wishes for your dream. I’m sure you will reach there.
      Share pics of your college πŸ˜€
      I will be more serious next year, with more focused blogs and some good topics.
      I’m just done with blogging in 2022

  4. I am not falling for this!!!
    This is the last blog for the year, not the last blog of your life… Right?
    I am tired right now, good anyway
    My year was good enough, could’ve been better but I am sure 2023 will make that up for me.
    About my plans, still figuring out (other than this routine stuff of working and studying)
    How about you?

  5. It is like a campfire!
    How are you feeling?
    Tired but in a good way πŸ˜‚

    How was your year?
    Had it’s ups and downs but mostly great.

    Are you satisfied with 2022?
    I’m not dissatisfied with it.

    What are some of your plans for 2023?
    To travel a lot 😊

  6. β€œI’m just done with blogging in 2022.” Whew! You had me there for a minute! Good joke! I was seriously thinking you might have been thinking about stopping to blog, and then I got to wondering what wonderful or terrible thing would keep you from blogging! Happy you aren’t stopping entirely!

    My Christmas time has been a time of visiting with my daughter and her family, decompressing from my normal hustle and bustle. I see big changes coming for me in 2023, career-wise and regarding my apartment. Won’t speak of it until it happens! *wink*

    I hope you found refreshment and joy this holiday time!

    • I don’t answer to the questions in “Your feelings matter” haha
      People answer to my question. You need to tell me first, how is your health? Are you feeling better?

      • Currently I’m free of any Acute or Chronic sickness.

        Health is a key factor and issue in my present life. It’ll remain important throughout the life.

        1. I’m regaining weight. Or should I use a better term? It’s about β€œoverall health” in β€œlongtime”.

        Fit Tuber has helpful, informative and applicable content on YouTube in the health niche. I’m his subscriber (not paid).

        2. I have stopped doing exercise since when I was in the 12th class. No exercises for 5 years, only regular activities.

        Also, living on room is not same as living at your house with the family.

        I have choosen β€œoffline classes” because β€œonline classes” makes me (mentally) sick. I dislike them.

        Luckily, my room and university, both have green, peaceful and clean environment with favourable living conditions.

        I had made a list of 5 Do’s and Don’ts in December. And worked on 5 don’ts. They connected together. Some Do’s on which I’m working right now are:

        βœ“ Be productively consistent in my prep.
        βœ“ Active participation in regular college classes.
        βœ“ Defining and improving my writing skills as a blogger.
        βœ“ 15 Mins. Self-talks: Mornings and Evenings
        βœ“ Staying connected with my family. I don’t hide anything.
        βœ“ Initiating and maintaining proper conversations with all the friends.
        βœ“ Improving and extending my cooking skills.
        βœ“ I love listening music a lot. And wish to develop my interests & skills in several arts: 1. Illustrations, 2. Music: Lyrics writing, Innovating new tunes, and singing (for myself), and 3. Animation Video: I wish to create and run a youtube channel in a correct manner.
        βœ“ Early Sleep, Early Rise.

        Enjoy the life fullest.
        And shake the world (with your words, leadership, art and, research work).πŸ’ͺ

  7. Mine 2022 was about learning in terms of spirituality. My focus will be to practice gratitude practice happiness and spread positivity. Plz continue blogging and follow my page if u like .

  8. Thanks for letting me send my feelings on the topics. Yes, this is the time to evaluate ourselves.
    This year is full of ups and downs.
    But the best part is that I stick to my health plan and enjoy blogging with you all.

  9. I am feeling well and I’m looking forward to 2023.

    I’m glad we are in 2023 which is a blessing. I thank God for it and I want to do better and be better in 2023 when it comes to spiritual as well as physical well-being.

    Physically, I want to get more rest, eat better, manage my time and resources better. I am busy but organization and prioritization helps.
    Thank you for all of your valuable information on nutrition, lifestyle and exercise.

    Spiritually, I just want to get closer and closer to God and walk in my God-given purpose. I want to maintain a positive mindset no matter what in 2023.

    How are you?
    Why are you not blogging anymore, if you don’t mind me asking? I have really enjoyed your posts. I hope you are doing well. Happy New Year!

  10. Ok … caught up … I see your sense of humour is still alive and kicking 😁🀭

    So what we’re those questions again?

    Overall its been an ok year. As the Covid restrictions lifted in Scotland we were able to travel more and I made it down to Sheffield to visit my brother. At about the same time I started this blog. I consider my previous attempt as a false start, so I really started blogging in the summer of 2022. I also changed my focus and perspective on CFS/ME – I’m in charge and I’m going to have an improved quality of life

    • Sorry didn’t mean to hit send

      2023 – more of the same? I’m exploring my creativity more, pushing boundaries. I am really exploring who I am … who I want to be, not who others think I should be … not living within the confines of others’ expectations … so the holidays have resulted in a lot of introspection and reflection … and I’m curious (and a bit nervous) as to where I’ll end up, but looking forward to the journey

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