This allergy is killin me!!

Yes, you read that right. This allergy is definitely killing me right now. I am so annoyed with these non-stop sneezing and cough and itchy eyes and red eyes and itching in the body and lack of energy and fucking fever to make it worse.

But what allergy is this? And why have I never mentioned it before in my 1.6 years of blogging?

This allergy is known by different names like seasonal allergy or pollen allergy or hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis ( that sounds like a dinosaur, but sadly it’s not extinct).

Basically, plants and trees conspire together that-Hey, let’s fertilize each other and they start spreading pollen everywhere. This is their way of reproduction and due to this powdery stuff, innocent (and handsome) bystanders like me have to endure.

Well, this is an idiotic pollen allergy that I have right now. All the trees and plants are against me, and I’m their wanted man, and they want me dead.

Fucking season is changing, and I never cared about it, until it started affecting me. For some people trees shedding their leaves is lovely and romantic…. They are like aww look at the leaves falling and it’s so cute (Cheesy AF). Even kids and animals like it, as they just want to play with the tower of fallen leaves.

Only 2 categories of people hate this. The first is me, who’s suffering from this shitty allergy and the second is everyone who has to clean all those damn fallen leaves.

I never considered mentioning this allergy here before as it was manageable. I mean 50–100 sneezes are nothing in front of what I’m experiencing this time. This time it’s affecting my blogging life because I don’t feel like writing anything due to exasperation. I had a blog planned for women’s day, but that ain’t happening.

Also, I feel less efficient. I am getting tired very easily at the gym and this reduced my overall output. I couldn’t even go to the ground for running (which I absolutely miss).

I’ve seen and read many videos and blogs, that say do this, do that. But trust me those are some lies and those never work. I mean, in one blog I read, to avoid trees and plants and stay indoors all the time. But, how the fuck is that even realistic? I mean, if this last for a whole year, does that mean that I stay indoors forever? Even during the pandemic, we used to go outside.

And funny thing is, I have a whole army of plants and trees around me, and I cannot avoid that.

What I personally do

is wearing a mask and using eye drops for red eyes. I have no solution for the headaches because I don’t want to take unwanted medicines.

The mask helped me a bit outdoors, but masks have limits and they cannot protect forever. I am also using nasal drops this time. That helped me a bit. Homeopathy treatment is a bit helpful as well. My sister is a doctor and her treatment is helping me to survive. My father suggested me Pranayama, but that’s like inviting sneezing, so I am avoiding that for now.

I’ve seen some people get some respite when they leave a certain food. But, I don’t want to stop eating anything, so no thanks.

That’s it for now!!

I’ll be back with a proper health blog next time (When? That I don’t know). If you want to read a health blog right now, then check out FGW and there you will find tons of high-quality blogs, written by your next favorite blogger.

And until then Keep shining

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  1. It even sounds irritating and you are surviving with this, hats off👏

    Your hatred towards fallen leaves is justified here😅

    I hope nature stop irritating you and get well super soon.

  2. Devang, I was worried about you when your regular blog did not appear on the fourth day as it usually does. Sounds really miserable to have such strong allergies. This is a health blog too, about allergies. Hope the trees and plants decide they’re done for the season so you can get a break!! Does using a netti pot help?

    • I didn’t have sneezing today.
      Maybe because of nasal drops
      Or maybe it’s subsiding 🤷🏻‍♂️.
      I never tried jal neti( neti pot) (jal means water in hindi). I need to learn it properly, as its need to be done properly.
      This year I also avoided steam, pranayama.
      Hey btw, I didn’t know my blogs come on 4th day 🤔. I never thought that way.
      I usually post within 7 days. I target for 5-6 blogs a month. I wish I was as good as you.

      • No sneezing today? Yay, improvement! Neti pot is worth learning. It does take a special kind of salt and correct temperature water. I have terrible tree pollen allergies. In three months I will be red nosed (Rudolph?) I publish posts Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Then add extras as I have time. Some of mine are photo posts, however, which take less time. I liked the photo you added to the blog; added a lot to the description.

      • The guy in the pic is me 😷
        I never noticed your posting schedule 😅
        I receive notification of your latest blogs, and I come as soon as possible 😁
        I need to explore and learn more about jal neti. I know this will help me in long term.

      • Ohhh I was just thinking about you.
        I mentioned about your poetry challenge to someone 🙂.
        You know her( I think)
        Maybe she’ll participate.

  3. Hey, I feel your pain although I don’t have this problem. Here in Oregon everyone gets hit by a virus, I absolutely hate it. Anywhere you go people keep coughing and sneezing as if there is no tomorrow. Some of them think that wearing masks is for wussies, morons. I get so angry I wanna yell at them… Sorry, I had to let the steam off. Also after the bday party, the big centennial one, a few people reported they brought covid home, it annoys the hell out of me. I hate being sick!

    • Getting sick is bad yes!!
      Mask helps a lot.
      Here in udaipur, influenza is spreading a lot. It’s covid like symptoms, but not covid. So things are messy 😷.
      I can just hope to be good and efficient again.
      Usually this symptoms stays around Holi 🤧
      Let’s see

  4. Hi Devang,

    It feels really bad to see yourself completely disturbed in this allergic condition.
    Last month, I was sick and your continuous tips and suggestions were very helpful.

    I’m not a doctor neither a biology student, so can’t suggest a proper solution.
    However, please avoid the primary cause of your allergy.
    Wearing a mask – I want to suggest this, but you’re already doing this.

    Anyways, be patient. Take enough rest.
    The changing season might help you, in the long term.

    Your friend

  5. Gosh I hope this issue clears up for you very soon. What I noticed is that peppermint tea is very helpful for me.

    I find that in the winter months and during particular seasons if I drink it several times a week for maintenance it helps keep me from getting sick.

    Or if I catch a cold or something it helps chase it away very soon. I have been doing it for years.

    Years ago, I suggested my roommate at the time do it and she never caught a cold for the entire year and she felt certain it was because she was drinking peppermint tea regularly.

  6. I wonder if I may have allergies. I’ve never had them before but my nose is constantly running and I have a chronic cough that won’t go away. It’s still winter here.

    My dad has bad allergies so I’m wondering, maybe it’s possible. Im missing work because I’m not well enough to function today. I hope that your allergies subside and nature stops giving you a hard time! 😷🍃

    • If your nose is always running and you have cough, maybe you need to get it check.
      As it can effect your lungs and bone in nose 👃🏻🙂.
      You please take good care. Wishing you a speedy recovery . ✨

  7. I feel your pain. And I got taken off my antihistamines as they were impacting on my sleep. I hope you don’t have to suffer too long

  8. Oh, now i know how you really feel about this season 😅 I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well! I hope you feel better soon and that remedies work for you ❤️ Those allergies sound horrible. How are you feeling today? 🥺 Get well soon!

    • Today, I’m feeling better. For a Change I had no sneezing. So let’s see. I went to my garden, and I was fine.
      You have a latest blog, sorry haven’t read it yet. Will read it post haste. 🙂
      You please take good care of yourself Buddy

      • Aww, well im glad you didn’t have much sneezing today. ❤️ Oh, you have a garden? That’s nice! & it’s okay, there’s no pressure or hurry to read. i always enjoy your visit, no matter when it is lol. ☺️

        And thank you, I will make sure I do! You take care of yourself too, buddy 🫂

  9. Hope you get well soon. Allergies are a mysterious thing – some people will suddenly become allergic to something for just wo weeks in their entire lives. I have a dust allergy, so it can affect me at any time of the year. When I clean dusty surfaces, I need to wear a mask.

  10. Wow, that really sucks. Allergies are kind of complicated and it’s crazy that so many of them don’t really have any actual cures. I really hope you feel better soon.

  11. Sorry to hear you’re suffering from this allergy, Devang. I can totally relate as I have something called Perennial Rhinitis, which means I get these symptoms all year round. I have to take antihistamines, a nasal spray, and eye drops. and two asthma inhalers to deal with it. It does get you down sometimes, doesn’t it? Hopefully, the season will change for you very soon, and you will get some relief for the rest of the year. It must be so annoying not being able to do your usual activities, writing what you want to write and exercising etc.

    Please, don’t be too angry about the tree leaves falling onto the ground – they provide homes for tiny creatures who make their homes under the leaves, which is how they survive the winter. Most people don’t know this and are too quick to sweep all the leaves up, destroying these poor little creatures’ homes. I don’t think my comment is a lot of help to you, my friend, but I just wanted to wish you my best and hope you feel better and return to your usual self again very soon. Take good care of yourself.

    • Just the comment I waited for.
      Well this was my first ever unfiltered blog. I wonder what people feel about it.
      You please take care and do the needful.
      Please consider pranayama, it will benefit you.
      That’s an interesting take, and I swear I didn’t know about it before. I’ll be more considerate about such things.
      Your comment is lovely and helpful, just like you. Thanks a lot.
      After reading this, Don’t forget to drink a glass of water, or juice or whatever you like.☺️

  12. It’s so heartbreaking to know that my favorite season is hated by a lot of people 🥺, I wish you get well soon and stay alive so that we can read more blogs from our favorite blogger, lol!
    Your hay fever and pollen allergy reminded me of my biology books and my NEET syllabus 🙂….. not fair!

  13. I hope that you are feeling better Devang. I can understand the frustration that comes with constant sneezing, blowing the nose until it’s sore, then stuffiness and not able to breath, and then back to sneezing again. I moved to the East Coast of Florida two years ago and ever since then I have dealt with a lot of allergy symptoms. It’s very frustrating. But anyway I hope that things turn around for you soon. Take care.

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