Your feelings matter #9

This is the 9th edition of Your feelings matter, where I learn more about you and your feelings. But before that, I wanted to ask you something else,

Are you facing a glitch with WP? Like, Can you upload a cover pic? Because I can’t. This has happened with 2 of my blogs and I wonder why I am unable to upload a cover pic. Super annoying. I was somehow able to put a cover pic for this one (after 100 tries).

Anyway, let’s talk about you and your feelings :

How are you feeling?

How was your month?

How is your health?

What are some of your plans for April?

I would appreciate your participation. Feel free to answer all of them or at least 1.

Blogger’s recommendation

This month, I would like you to check out the work of a dear friend Brenda. I am still not sure what to expect from her, because she writes about so many things. If you like to read about new places, stories, and adventures her site is a perfect place for all that.

Check out her site Curiosities, Castles and Coffee Shops, and give your curiosity some rest.


That’s it for this blog. I will wait for your response and see you next month.

Until then, Keep shining!!

44 responses to “Your feelings matter #9”

  1. LOL yesterday, While uploading a gif in my post, there was some errors showing me…
    How are you feeling?
    ~✨🥳VELY happy, cause my BIRTHDAY is almost there.
    How was your month?
    ~✨not really Good
    How is your health?
    ~SUPER HEALTHY, THAT (I can even fight with a lizard 🦎)
    What are some of your plans for April?
    ~ • To get 200 subs On YOUTUBE
    • WANT to have a BLAST on my birthday (LIKE A BOMB BLASTING on ma house)
    • Improve animation skills (I AM TRYING TO)
    • Make new friends in my class I WILL miss my old friends now :<
    • AND ANNOY THE NEW teachers like I used to in my previous class
    • IMPROVE my handwriting. Cause whenever I go to the next class, I ALWAYS write ✍️ IN A CURSIVE handwriting (only for just 2-3 months) Then I feel like THIS CLASS is not a new class anymore.
    • Want to plan a FUN TRIP
    • Continue HATING Math (for the next 7 births) BECAUSE of Math, I got a BIT LESS percentage in my report card. EH most of the people don't like sharing their marks BUT I WILL NOT SHY, I'd share it to da ENTIRE organisms … SO I GOT ALMOST A1, A2, AND B1 in all of my subjects EXCEPT MATH, i got B2 in Math EH. and MY TOTAL %= 85% (NOT BAD, not bad?)
    ★I wanna add more but I won't, because YOU WILL get tired reading my plans for this MONTH ★ eheheo
    Good Maonin Btw!

  2. Hey Devang. Glad you got your cover pic issue sorted out. My month has been productive. I’ve gotten better at keeping a firm grip on my schedule. Sometimes I used to get distracted and it would take me longer to get things done. That I’m more focused, I’m getting more done and FASTER, which means I have more time to spare. In April I hope to use that extra time to get out more because the weather is getting nicer.

  3. I am fine dear doing well. And more about me you know better 😊😊.
    Thanks for motivating through your blogs.keep writing..
    Jay shree Ram.

  4. I don’t know about the glitch, as I haven’t posted anything in a while.

    I am feeling good, my health has been fine and no special plans for April till now.

    What about you?

  5. WordPress gives me a delay in uploading photos sometimes.

    I’m feeling productive and optimistic. Have been feeling more well-rested too. Thanks for asking.

    How are you? 🙂

  6. WP was a bit slow yesterday I noticed. It’s annoying but not unusual. I am feeling well, yet I have to say I need to see the dentist asap, because my tooth chipped this morning. This is the plan for today. How are you feeling about life?

  7. Hi Devang!! ☺️ Looking nice in your new profile picture , love it! ⭐️ & I’m doing good! I’m excited for April 🙂 planning to go to a church play for Easter, a worship night for young adults, and a conference. Lots of fun events to go to next month ☺️ I have to go do my taxes tomorrow though lol.

    Have a wonderful day, happy Friday! 💗

    • Good to see your around.

      Depends, which pic are you seeing 🤔

      I’m glad that you are doing good.

      Yes Easter 🐇 next month and good Friday too.

      I wonder How old are you? 🤔

      • Always good to see you, too!

        And for me, I’m seeing the pic of you in a dark shirt with a nice green plant in the background and a blue-ish building 🌿

        Yup I’m excited to celebrate ❤️ and my age is in the beginning of my about me lol !

      • Hahaha wow you really did look at it! 😂 Thank you so much , it’s fun having different hairstyles and wigs ❤️🖤

        Yes, anime is awesome 🥰

  8. I was facing another glitch with WP. Just another day on this platform lol.
    How are you feeling?
    I’m okay.

    How was your month?
    Pretty good.

    How is your health?

    What are some of your plans for April?
    It’s my birthday month so lots of celebration!

  9. I’m doing well Devang. Just need some motivation to study for exams. My month went happily too, as it wasmy best friend’s birthday this month and we had a blast celebrating it. For April, I hope my exams go well so I can get good marks. How have you been lately?

  10. Feeling your WP frustration. Love your tenacity! 100 tries? Whoa!
    Happy to have 3 of my 4 kids last night to celebrate and making strides in my schedule, poems etc..
    Thanks for asking D! ❣️

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