A blog on Brain health

I have written a blog

It’s a blog about brain health

This blog is about why brain health is important and how to improve it


Where’s the blog?

It’s not here!!

Then where it is?


It’s somewhere else

It’s on lifesfinewhine to be precise.

That’s right Lifesfinewhine is the site of Pooja G, who is fortunately(jk) My favorite blogger.

This is my 3rd blog for her. Interestingly, she never asked for a blog from me, I mean why would she. She’s sweet and humble, and she doesn’t run around here demanding things, haha

But, if you read her blogs then you will notice in every blog she mentions: “Guest blogs are welcome”. So, it’s a clue for people like me that we can submit the blog, and she will publish them someday.

So, this blog is about brain health, I had written it last month, and she then gave me the date of 13th April (which is my 14th April). She could have given me a date in March, but what I like about her is that she’s committed to this. She follows her own schedule, and she managed my blog (which is now her blog technically) in that schedule. I am thankful to her.

Another thing I love about this is that she doesn’t alter the blog. I remember once my blog was heavily altered, and they even didn’t use the cover pic that I made for that blog.


Here’s the blog on brain health⇾ Things that can improve brain health

Read it

Like it

Save it


make sure to comment there

I’m willing to write a guest blog for you.

Or, if you want to write a blog for me, then let me know.

That’s it for now

Make sure to keep smiling.

Lucky for you, I am on a certain social media platform, let’s connect there ⇾

52 responses to “A blog on Brain health”

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog on there! 🧠❤️
    I love seeing you and Pooja around here. ☺️ Both of you have great blogs and are lovely to interact with! Nice post Devang

  2. Oh I don’t think I’d be happy if I post I shared/appeared on someone else’s site was changed without agreement. I’m assuming you didn’t share with them again?

  3. I was happy to receive your guest post and share it with my audience. As many have mentioned, it’s well researched and well written. I can’t believe someone altered a guest post that much, I don’t think that’s okay and I hope you reached out to them or stopped posting with them. It’s okay to make minor grammatical or SEO changes but completely changing someones work isn’t great. Everyone has their own voice and should be able to share a post how they see fit.

  4. Congratulations on a collab with Pooja!!! I love her blog and I am so glad I read your work often. I can’t wait to read the post. Congratulations again, keep blogging. I need to read something about brain health. We are getting into winter here and I was thinking of gaining muscle this winter! I have this idea that if I gain muscle my brain health will also improve with my muscle growth. Let me stop and go read your blog.

  5. Lovely tips on brain health, Devang! Normally I like crosswords as brain activity. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Fantastic blog, Devang! Hopefully people will read and realize the importance of taking better care of their brain…and start using theirs more! 💞

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