Book review and the books that I’ve read

This is a special blog where I won’t be talking about anything health related. This blog will focus on the books that I’ve read and review a very special book.

Re-Create & Celebrate-by Cindy Georgakas

So, I got an opportunity to read this special book by a dear friend and fellow blogging community member Cindy Georgakas.

This is Ma’am’s first book, and it got published very recently.

I am calling her Ma’am because my culture doesn’t allow me to take the name of elders directly. Many people nowadays take the name of elders, but I don’t like that. She exceeds me in age, knowledge, and experience (and winning Miss Daly City).

I wanted to read it for multiple reasons. First, I was amazed to know that Ma’am is working on a book. When she first revealed the cover, I was awestruck. It’s straight fire πŸ”₯.

She is a fellow blogger and is always very sweet and cheerful. I wanted to read this book to give my honest review and to appreciate the hard work she has given into this book.

Right now, this book is a hot topic of conversation and I felt ecstatic while reading it.

This is also the first ebook that I’ve read. Usually, I prefer paperback, but I wanted to read the book post-haste, so I choose the e book.

What this book is about?

I think it’s hard to point out only 1 thing about this book. Some people can see it as a self-help book. It could be a book of positivity for others. Many people will acknowledge this book as a guide for discovering themselves. I see it as a book of hope.

While reading this book I felt very hopeful. It was relaxing and was telling things that are believable.

This book also tells CG’s personal story. I think that instantly connects the readers and that gives a feeling of togetherness.

The language

The language of this book is super friendly, reassuring, and peaceful. She hasn’t used any word which was hard to understand. She didn’t explain any concept which was unrealistic. πŸ˜ƒ

Amazon categorized this book as a self-help book, but I feel like this was way more than a self-help book. Usually in self-help books, writers will tell you to do this or that.

But, this book is not about doing this or that, this book helps you identify some things like, who you are? What’s your purpose? Are you doing what you are doing because you wanted to or living others’ dreams?

Throughout the book, she also shared about her life, and that me believe that yes she is like us. Because generally in self-help books writers don’t show their vulnerability.

This book is also about involvement, as in every chapter she has asked certain questions. These are personal questions too, which only the person reading the book can answer.

This book can be read and understood by everyone because language is very amiable.

The sun will set again, the moon will rise, the flowers will bloom, and you will get up again, no matter how badly you have been bruised

Cindy Georgakas

What else does it include?

As mentioned, there are many questions that Ma’am encourages the readers to answer. These books also tell about finding the true you, the purpose, plan of action, the importance of self-love, positive affirmation, gratitude, how small habits make life beautiful, how life is about keep going, and we need to take care and so much more. It’s hard for me to describe.

Love yourself, trust your choices And everything is possible.

Cindy Georgakas

Also, this lovely book includes haiku. That displayed CG’s versatility as a poet as well.

I find self-help books overwhelming, but this book was very satisfying and relaxing. It’s a must-read for everyone. Age doesn’t matter for this gem. She packed her wisdom, and I am sure it will guide everyone.

I just wish it was of more pages because I enjoyed it and never read a book this fast (completed in a few hours). I had a unique time with the book.

I love that she included a pic of her own handwriting.

Where can you find it?

It is available on Amazon as a Kindle edition and paperback. But if you are from the USA, I think you can even find it easily in the bookstore.

The magic of the book is the reader( as said by her)…… But I thank Cindy ma’am for writing this book.

Make sure to follow her to know more about her, she is ultra sweet.

Other books that I’ve read

I am reading a lot of books, and these books are helping me prodigiously with my mental health. I am investing more time in reading and I think this is keeping me away from the phone as well.

The book that I've read since
may 2022
Books that I’ve read from May 2022-23

These are some books that I’ve read since May 2022. You can see I have read a lot of self-help books, but now I am back to fiction.

I had to get up on the sofa to click a pic. These are just 1/3rd of the books I own.

I am planning to buy Cindy Ma’am’s book in a paperback version for my collection. I want to hold and feel the book.

My reader's digests
Reader’s digest

Are you aware of these magazines? I love them. I started reading them from last October. These are monthly magazines.

My other magazines
Super informative magazines

“Tell me why” is a magazine for children, but I love the information it packs, I think every kid should read it. And those who are just curious like me, can read it too.

I am also enjoying reading books in Hindi, as knowledge is everywhere. My last blog was based on the article that I read in these magazines.

I have ordered a book, and it will arrive tomorrow (Sunday).

In the comments, feel free to suggest any book, or let me know if you have written a book and I would love to read that.

That’s all for now…… Keep smiling

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  1. She is one of my favorite bloggers out there and I’m proud of her for writing this book, even the cover is so expressing. I’m currently reading The girl who knew too much ✨

  2. Dearest Devang,
    I’m am touched beyond words that you made the effort to read Ma’am’s (muwa) book. Thank you for making time and this wonderful review D that makes my heart sing. I am elated and so honored by your wonderful review. I hope it stays with you and you use it daily to continue on your path to wholeness and health. Thank you a bazillion my friend.
    I’m happy to hear you are reading other magazines and books as well!
    I’d love it if you can write a review on amazon.
    Love and Blessings Always!

    • I have reviewed on Amazon

      After reading the book, you get option to review it in the kindle itself. My review is pending. Amazon will approve it.

      I believe I’m the first Indian to read this masterpiece 😝

      Love the book absolutely, I want paperback. 😍

  3. such a wonderful review of dear Cindy’s book. I look forward to reading it 🀍

    A treasure of books you have there, Devang. Lovely.

    An Alia Bhatt fan too, perhaps 😁

    Again… Great review. Thanks for sharing 🀍

  4. Cindy is one of my favourite people on WordPress and I loved her book, such an inspiring and motivating read! I used to read Reader’s Digest but haven’t in a few years. They were very informative.

  5. Looks like you’ve been enjoying your reading! I like the mix of fiction and nonfiction I see. Thanks for your review of Cindy Georgakas’ book. Sounds interesting. πŸ™‚

    • I certainly enjoy fiction more.

      Non fiction are hard to grasp. It’s like too much information and brain cannot process. In such time CG’s book was a relief. The language is very smooth, no heavy information.

  6. I’m a fan of self help books touching people’s lives and hearts! *I wonder why?*

    Even if someone learns one or two new things and applies them into their life, and later learns one or two new things, life will improve!

    Bravo to you for sharing this book with your readers! Wonderful!

    • I started self help books for the first time last year. Read few of them, as you can see….
      But later it became overwhelming. I felt it’s too much info. My brain couldn’t process all of it.

      I’m reading much more and much faster now that I’m not reading self help.

      I’m enjoying mix of everything now

      How are you TK?

      • I’m doing well Devang!

        Self help books can seem overwhelming when they speak to many points in our lives, but making changes feels out of our reach.

        I found that too when I was trying to heal from my past and struggling to find out how. I guess that motivated me to write in an approachable way, and to create books that could be started at any chapter, put down and then picked up later in another chapter. I remembered my pain poi ts when learning and set out to simplify the lessons and the process.

  7. I am another fan of Cindy. She is the kindest, loveliest, sweetest blogger. I am eager to read her book soon.
    I used to read women’s magazines because my mom used to read it. Then I started reading Reader’s Digest and comics like Chacha Chaudhary and Archies. Nowadays, I love reading historical fiction. I also love reading inspiring health and fitness magazines online.
    Also, the book – How to win friends and influence people – was recommended reading during my dance training. It’s one of those books that teaches you how to genuinely connect with people and bring out the best of leadership qualities and teamwork.

    • Who doesn’t like her? She is a gem.

      I enjoy reader’s digest a lot.
      How to win friends and influence people is a great book. Mr Dale carnegie did a fabulous job with it.

      You should consider reading “how to talk to anyone”, another book in my collection.
      Women’s magazines contains tons of information. I used to get it for my mother, but I end up reading them. I think men should read it too, as it tells about Women’s health and overall matters around them.

    • That is so very kind Ranjana and I am touched by your words!!! I’m delighted you are going to read it and can’t wait to hear what you think!!! Love that you are an avid reader too!

  8. That’s such a wonderful review!! I’m so looking forward to reading it soon after my college entrance exam ends. 😌

    You have a pretty good collection of books, and……those magazinesπŸ₯Ή made me nostalgic. I love print media in general and magazines & newspaper are my favourite among them.

    Have you read Harry Potter series? πŸ€”

  9. I like reading self help books, but what makes Cindy’s book different from others is that it is based on her own long experience in the field, coupled with haikus and interesting facts here and there. This book shows the real person what Cindy is. I loved this book and recommend it as a must read book. Thanks Devang for sharing your review. I like your reading habit, and the choice of books is also very nice. All the best πŸ‘πŸ’

  10. I read Treasure Island recently too! I loved it 😊 Such an awesome adventure ✨ I’ve also read The Subtle Art… and it was really good. You have a great collection there. Do you keep them or pass them on?

    • Interestingly both books mentioned by you are my least favorites from my collection.
      Subtle art…. Was negative. I felt writer was frustrated with life and wrote a rant.

      Yes, I keep them. But maybe I can donate a few which I don’t like. Or get them exchanged, as they are in good condition.

  11. What a wonderful and thoughtful review, Devang! I have her book as well, but have not had the opportunity to read it as of yet. I may have to move it up my “to be read” pile after your glowing recommendation! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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