Easy Ways To Keep The Environment Safe

5th June is celebrated as World Environment Day. Majorly, this day is celebrated to create awareness about the environment and things related to it. Some people plant trees, walk on parades and do certain stuff exclusively on this day to show their support. But, on other days, they forget about their responsibilities.

People think that it’s the government’s (governing body of the respective country) job to look after the environment. Or, people say that it’s complex to save the already damaged environment and their contribution will not do anything.

I believe it’s not the job of a single entity to save or keep the environment clean, but we should all contribute towards the environment. Because A stitch in time saves nine.

This blog post will highlight some easy ways by which you can keep the environment safe (on your level).

Let’s take a look at them:

1:Turn off the lights during daytime

This simple way can save a lot of electricity. Whenever you leave a room, or during day time make sure to use sunlight rather than tube light or bulb. This way you are not putting any extra load on the power station, saving some energy and reducing pollution.

Save electricity save enviroment

A simple math is, when you use less electricity or use electricity wisely, there will be less demand and less fossil fuel will be burned. This simple way saves the environment.

2: Keep Ac on a higher temperature

This may come as a surprise to some people, but you can actually save a lot on your electricity bills if you use your AC (air conditioner) at higher temperatures.

People believe that keeping Ac at 16-17 deg C will make their room cool faster, but in fact, it’s putting an extra burden on the compressor. To cool the room, the compressor has to work harder and hence utilize more energy. When AC is kept at 24 deg C or more it cools normally, and the compressor won’t have to take an unnecessary load.

Also, this would mean less carbon dioxide emission.

Ac contributes to 1950 million tons of carbon dioxide annually and with a simple step you can reduce this number.

The Indian government has recommended keeping the temperature of the AC at 24 deg or more. I am sure, other countries have similar recommended settings.

An easy way to keep the house cool is by coating the roof with white color (or water proofing) and increasing the green cover.

3: Making compost out of kitchen waste

I am sure, every kitchen has tons of waste. Like vegetable scrap, fruit waste, eggshells, etc. You throw them right? What if I tell you, you can use that waste and make compost out of it.

Making compost is actually very easy. I will share a way I use: You need your kitchen waste, add some soil to it, then add some dry leaves and keep it in a pot or container, making sure to cover it. You can repeat this step by adding kitchen waste and mixing it well. After a few weeks, the compost will be ready. Which can be used for plants and trees.

If you don’t have plants with you, you can dig a ditch and put all your kitchen waste into it. This is an effective way to make top-quality soil.

Make sure, it doesn’t contain any plastic or other things.

This next way will tell you what to do with plastic waste

4: Recycling plastic

I personally feel that plastic is a menace, and it’s hard to escape it. So hard that India produces 3.4 million tons of plastic waste in a year and only 30% is recycled.

Plastic should and can be recycled easily. Just make sure, you don’t throw it randomly. It should be disposed of properly. Even the best out of waste can be done with plastic waste. Like, You can make an automatic water sprinkler with a plastic bottle, it is great for watering plants when you are away. You can make pen holders or similar creative things with plastic bottles.

Globally 50 million metric tons of e- waste is generated every year, out of which only 17 % is recycled. This e-waste contains raw materials like gold, silver, copper, etc. of value 60 billion USD.

Recycling and waste management is a great practice to save environment

Speaking of creative things, it reminds me of something.

5: Carry a bag when you are outside

This may sound weird, but carrying a cloth bag is a very effective way to save the environment. I don’t know about other countries but in India, if you go to a sabzi mandi (vegetable market) you will be given a polythene with every vegetable. This means if you buy 10 items = 10 polythene. Later these polythene are thrown away and stray animals like cows eat them in the hope of food or polythene increases the pride of roads.

This can be stopped if you carry a cloth bag with you. It’s simple, light, and cost-effective. And not just fruits and veggies, other items (minus liquid) can be carried in a cloth bag.

You don’t need to waste money on a cloth bag, you can make that easily with old jeans, clothes, etc.

Old clothes can be used effectively. This puts less burden on environment

I think the best habit is how we use our old stuff effectively, instead of throwing them away or buying things which we don’t really need.

6: Carry your personal items

If we talk about buying things that we don’t need then there’s a tiny thing that people buy and that’s actually causing pollution. But, what if you carry something of your own to avoid that?

Like you can carry your own utensils, I mean why not. Utensils like cups, steel glass, and even steel straws. Even carrying your own water bottle is a great idea. This way you won’t be needing any unnecessary plastic. You know plastic can harm you as well? We shall discuss that in a separate blog post. But understand this, the more you buy certain things, the more waste is generated and the harder it gets to manage it.

In India, a simple way to vanish waste is to burn that. This is due to illiteracy. And, this creates air pollution, or if these things are thrown into water bodies, they contaminate the water body.

At least 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean everywhere. It not only contaminate the ocean but also a reason for extinction of several marine species.

If you think carrying steel glass is difficult then always ask for a cup made of mud, which is decomposable.

7: Sharing is caring

But sometimes carrying personal stuff can be avoided. Like, you can avoid taking your own car and share a ride or go by bus or walk to that place (well, yes I’m still a health blogger).

This way you are saving fuel, contributing to less emission of gases. Even if you are using an EV, you can still save energy by using it when needed. Fewer vehicles will also mean less traffic, less noise pollution, and better air quality.

8: Reduce, reuse and refuse

You know to make a ton of paper 17 trees are cut down for it. The tree died for your diary, but now it’s up to you how you use that paper effectively.

Instead of buying fancy papers and diaries, old paper can be used for writing. I generally collect pamphlets and use them for printing or writing. Similarly, old newspapers can be used for packing instead of gift wraps.

When I was a child I used to throw away papers or make airplanes with them, now when I see a kid doing that, I feel very sad. We should understand the importance of paper.

Instead of buying green we should focus on buying less.

Paper can be used in multiple ways and even can be recycled. This small way can conserve trees.

ChatGPT and other AIs

Now wait, before you think that I will encourage you about the utility of ChatGPT or its features. This blog is still about the environment. I am sure, you have used ChatGPT or any other AI and asked it tons of questions. But, do you know for a typical conversation with ChatGPT it drinks 500 ml of fresh water?

That’s right ChatGPT needs water to cool down its servers. Now, that I have told you this it’s up to you how you process this information.

1 of 2 things will happen, either your thirst for knowledge will end, or ChatGPT’s thirst for water.

9: Ideas by the readers

In the end

We have learned some easy and effective ways to keep our environment safe. I believe these ways won’t affect the lifestyle much but can put a positive impact on the environment. We need to understand that for a better future, everyone needs to play their part.

I have shared some easy ways, follow them and if you are already following them then you are a superhero.

Also, I am keeping the 8th point empty for the readers. You can share your ideas, ways, and things that you believe can be done for the environment.

You can check out my last year’s blog to learn a few more effective ways to save the environment.

Until next time, keep shining

64 responses to “Easy Ways To Keep The Environment Safe”

  1. I do think it’s the government’s responsibility (I’m in the US and will be talking about US problems. I cannot speak for where you live.) because they allow many businesses to do all means necessary because they give them money. In the US, plenty of areas are destroyed by fracking, people die from falling in abandoned toxic mines and sometimes get blown up, the drinking water is contaminated, and businesses are unregulated.

    So much waste is being created.

    Even if I didn’t use an AI, it’s still going to be used by its creator…if I don’t eat meat, the government will allow businesses to sell it at exorbitant prices nobody can afford and throw it away. If I don’t buy fast fashion, it’s still being produced.

    Trees don’t get cut down all the way anymore because that’s a waste of tree, however, paper will be made anyway and will be sitting in the same dang spot at the store because they want it there. I didn’t ask for it.

    There are some things that are unpopular that are still being made and all that ends up happening is they get thrown away.

    I specifically didn’t force the world to go faster that we needed lower quality convenience products.

    I cannot control what is going on in life and reducing my consumption as if it’ll change my government instead of supporting grassroots organizations that actually help the land and ecosystem.

    Just having kids is a waste because waste will be made to sucker them into buying stuff. If I didn’t exist, the world would be the same. If less people existed, the world would be the same. That’s how bad and useless late stage capitalism (not just capitalism) is.

    Consider this, you wrote this post on a phone that has lanthanide and actinide family chemicals made in a lab that bounces electricity and other chemicals and substances to a tower that a tree used to live in just so you could communicate to strangers then to say…step on a soapbox outside your local area and tell people to complain. This phone, that when you’re done with it, may not get recycled.

    Anywho, a better topic to help the environment is to not pour medicine down the sink or toilet. It affects wildlife and us in general. Can’t say how to fix it because it depends on how you live.

    • This post is about what we can do

      Not about goverment is doing.

      We can atleast do some things like planting trees and contributing on our level to save the environment.

      • And that’s the problem here—where I live. HOA here allows you to plant trees. If HOA doesn’t like it, they can harrass or kick you out. You can’t just plant trees in random places.

        And it pisses me off how a bunch of people are homeless and a bunch of dumb houses nobody will ever live in are made and whole forests are stripped down. I was so angry when the cut the forest around the area to put some stupid houses there. Houses that affect the resellability of the house (another problem here).

        The houses here are ugly and the lawns look like a grass desert. Everyone here is so far up with picket fence propaganda (they can’t handle it. We all aren’t immune) and fitting in that they’ll cut their grass and rake their leaves even if it affects the environment. They have to as well.

        You can do all the problem solving and strategies but here, I could recycle and they pour my recyclables into a landfill.

        I don’t think the world is doomed, but people are more concerned about (poorly) living to stay alive, becoming millionaires, and ignoring issues to actively fix the environment.

        Not all the issues are about the government. They’re about late stage capitalism. These are citizens that gained enough power to be selfish and greedy and run everyone else. So much that people in the government end up quitting and becoming disillusioned, money launders and hoards, insane, or corrupt. It’s impossible to be in a place like that where you know the lake next to a factory where people live at is actively killing the children, producing stillborns, ruining fertility, increasing mutagens and carcinogens. That’s the government’s problem, but as a citizen, it’s the citizen’s fault. If they choose money and working over people’s backs who did nothing wrong, then it’s their bad and their doing. They won’t stop. They may try to affect the environment so it doesn’t go away too soon but power is not something someone who can just give up.

      • Oh and yea, I still think your points are great (I don’t want to you to think I disagree with you, I agree, I’m just mad about the government 😩 it’s personal) and I can tell you for a fact personal pollution is scary. So, you already know I paint.

        I do not pour paint down the sink. Nearly every single paint has chemicals and some of those chemicals are toxic. Especially some that are heavy metals. Heavy metals can be horrible for the environment and in excess so I tend to pour them into kitty litter or a bucket and let it evaporate. I wanna put it outside so bad but I don’t want animals licking it and getting mutagens so I try to let it air out when I’m not over there.

        There’s plenty of ways to get rid of waste like that and it’s always best to consult the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and whatever waste management space in the government you have. Even some chemicals aren’t known to be toxic shouldn’t be poured down sinks or the drain because sometimes the long term effects aren’t studied and new information comes out.

      • You are a kind soul.

        What you do is only an aware and smart person can do. Proud of you.

        Many countries don’t even consider about harmful effects of their chemicals and wastage. Like Japan is thinking to dump all the radioactive ☢️ waste into the ocean 🤷🏻‍♂️.

        I really appreciate your comment and time. You made this post special with your voice.

  2. A great reminder, we always want others to make efforts without even thinking that change starts with us and we must be doing our part of efforts.

  3. As a consumer I can buy a lot of items second hand, I guess it’s already mentioned in the article. One downside of it is that it doesn’t help economy grow, the more you consume, the more you contribute to economy growth.
    On the other hand, you can’t and also shouldn’t buy all your stuff used, some of it must be new. For example, personal items, etc. Thrifting can become an obsession for some yet you don’t want to avoid it for that reason. Vintage items and collectibles can become a source of income.
    Another thing that came to mind is growing your own garden, sustainability is a way of life in some countries and still a dream in the others. It’s pretty obvious and highly recommended in warm climates.

    • Growing garden is a great idea.
      Or atleast planting a tree and taking care of it.

      Yes personal items Cannot be reused. Yes, thrift shopping is not good for economy, but somewhere it’s good for the pocket 😛. This concept is not much available in India. People buy new and throw away old. They should atleast donate.
      This is the longest comment by you on my post 🥹

  4. There’s definitely things we as individuals can do to to help our environment. Bravo for sharing!

    As individuals we can also attend town meetings and encourage planting more trees, more plants that don’t require mowing or herbicides, developing better waste management such as composting on a larger scale, installing solar panels on major building complexes to reduce the pull from the electric grid, etc.

    I used to work for the co-founder of Bioneers.org, a non-profit dedicated to teaching people around the world how they can help our planet. They have radio programs and recordings people can listen to in order to learn more, as well as an annual conference where people come from around the world to teach better practices and to learn more from others.

    As consumers we have become apathetic towards doing anything to help our environment because people feel that they are powerless to make any difference.

    If consumers were to let the major conglomerates know they want environmentally friendly packaging, imagine how much could change! When I worked for a major food manufacturer, I approached the director of packaging and shared companies that were developing hemp based and other plant based packaging so they could become an industry leader in that area.

    If we were to approach the companies we do business with and offer solutions to the emission or packaging issues, and if enough people approached them in a positive way, saying they would buy more of their products or promote them if they were to adopt strategies that would be better for the planet, imagine what our combined efforts could bring!!

    • Oh wow
      These are some great points.

      Solar panels can be installed, but people need to be willing to spend money on them.

      Yes teaching some easy to do practices are must. I watched about a polythene being developed in India, which is bio degradable. We need more such concepts like that

      And yes, growing more plants and contributing that way is the need of an hour.

  5. Hi this is so good @https://earlymorningmemories.wordpress.com/2022/11/03/the-hindrance-of-a-know-it-all-attitude/ follow our blog too if you have time

  6. Your suggestions are easy to include in everyday life. Good post, Devang. I am a bit lousy about doing something about climate change, though I try my best. Except for the composting waste , I try to do the rest. Still a lot of work needs to be done. I would also like to point out that electronic waste is also something that we are accumulating. Though there are lots of startups in India that are working with different types of waste, I still need to find an NGO or any agency that is recycling electronic waste. I wish some strict action is taken against those businesses who neglect or ignore the waste produced by their companies.

  7. Great art and earth saving tips. We use cloth bags for grocery shopping. I like how several large cities have outlawed plastic bags. We must rethink packaging to minimize plastic. More biodegradable options would be better.

  8. This is a helpful and encouraging post! I too try to keep the environment healthy by trying to generate less waste and recycle. We live in a drought state, so saving water is ingrained in me. Little steps taken by everyone can lead to big impact.
    I didn’t know that June 5th is World Environment Day; thanks for bringing it to our attention. 🙂

  9. Reading this reminded me of the ecology unit of biology class 12th. I still remember when i read the chapter for the first time, which was about how environmental is getting degraded and everything.
    I literally got tears in my eyes…..for the nature, and I’m not at all exaggerating.

    Anyway, i believe it’s not solely the government’s responsibility. It’s every individual’s responsibility to contribute their part.
    As they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean!!

    Yaay!!! I’m a superhero because I do follow all those steps. I don’t personally do that, but our family as a whole takes all initiatives.

    By the way, I strongly believe increased population is a major cause of pollution, and i think that’s quite evident. I don’t need to explain that!

    • Increasing popluation is actually putting more stress on the nature. If I don’t go far and speak about my city, then earlier it had great green cover and field, now there’s construction everywhere.
      Buidling a place needs resources like water, etc.
      Then when there are buidings, it bring more people and hence more pollution.

      Goverment is responsible, but not solely. I mean yes, they are doing thinsgs and giving orders. But, we as an invidiual need to do certain things.

      Like GOV won’t come and tell us that hey don’t throw on road, hey don’t burn plastic, etc. It’s our responsiblity.

  10. Fantastic tips and reminders! One huge benefit to reduce/reuse/recycle (ummm, besides keeping the planet in good condition) is the cost savings to the consumer! Reusables may be a little more investment to begin with, but they pay for themselves in a short amount of time. Can you tell me more about the compostable cups made from mud?

    • Yes Reduce Reuse Recycle & Refuse keeps planet healthy. Little out of the way, but a good practice

      Those are called “kulhar”
      Made of mud or soil. Those are degradable. Use for various purposes, but tea and your favorite coffee is served in it. And taste really good.

      Same material is used for pots and other things. Adds special taste to food.

      • In India those are not hard to find. Common at tea stalls, restro etc.

        Tea stall and coffee are served in it, but a bit expensive.

        Plastic cups are not healthy at all. But people use them to save money. Also they take less space to store them 🤷🏻‍♂️.

        I have a blog idea about how different material affect the taste and health of the food. Will write it in future, if I feel a strong connection 😊

      • Yes, sir, it is! Coffee and I are kicking back and trying to play catch up 🙂 Hope your evening is amazing! 💞

  11. Yeah, well said. The main problem is, a lot of people aren’t considerate and thoughtful when it comes to caring for and preserving the environment. They take it for granted.

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