20 foods to snack on for enhanced productivity

Want to increase your productivity just by snacking on food? Want to revive your long-lost energy through food? Then this article is for you. Here we will explore the twenty best foods or rather eatables that will keep us healthy and energetic. Also, will help us to retain our productivity.

Food is emotionally connected, and so the saying is present there from the bowl to the soul. 

Food and humans go hand in hand. A plethora of cultures, choices, and tastes is understood only by food. Not to forget the fact we love eating. There are so many foods worldwide that have different usages and help us to retain our productivity. As humans, we often choose the wrong food to snack on. It reduces our productivity and thus helps us to feel lethargic.

If we eat good food as a habit, it will enhance our overall productivity and keep us truly energetic. Also, it will help our skin and hair shine differently.

Now let us dive into the list of juicy fruity delicious fruits which can steal our tongue to the highest zenith.

1: Almonds

Food for productivity- Almonds

There are several dry fruits in the world, and among them, almonds are one of the most important when it comes to taste for productivity. Almonds are rich in protein and other nutrient values. It is said to have three to four almonds per day on an empty stomach. If not on an empty stomach you can always have it any time of the day. The best thing about this is that it does not have any side effects. It can be eaten by anyone and in any quantity. Extreme consumption may have a problem. But that is very far. We can have almonds without worrying about its effect.

2: Fox nuts

Food for productivity- fox nuts

In India and many countries, fox nuts are also known as Makhna. They were made to be eaten in a soup or a few chicken or mutton dishes. But later on, the spicy coating or salty sprinklings made it act like the best snack ever. People loved it and started consuming it. The positive side is that it has good fat and protein and carbohydrates. Also, salts and spices are used in small quantities and are not harmful.

3: Cucumber

Food for productivity- cucumber

We know that there are numerous fruits, but cucumbers need special attention and special notice. It is because it helps us to maintain energy and fight indigestion issues. It also helps to have good translucent skin if consumed daily. The high water content of cucumber helps it to have the water content of the body intact. Thus we should consume cucumber more.

4: Dark chocolate

Food for productivity- dark chocolate

Now we know that chocolates store carbohydrates, fats, and other nutrients. When it comes to chocolate, nothing can be better than a bar of dark chocolate. Then any other chocolates. As dark chocolates have a little percentage of calories, otherwise it provides great energy and helps combat mood swings.

5: Boiled spinach

Food for productivity- boiled spinach

 Many people will not like the idea of having boiled spinach as a snack item. If you want to eat healthy and think healthy, then this is the smartest option. This again helps to have an intact body water balance. Also, helps in smoother digestion.

6: Raspberries

Food for productivity- raspberries

Raspberries are rich in iron and minerals. The small roundish size of the raspberries helps us consume more than what we want to consume. It has a sweet tender taste which helps us to consume it whenever and wherever we want to consume it.

7: Bananas

Food for productivity- bananas

Doctors and other medical professionals recommend a banana a day will help to have all the nutrients intact. Also, if we lack, it will fulfill the requirement. Bananas have a high level of protein, carbohydrates, iron, and other minerals. Bananas are very good for the skin and hair also.

8: Avocados

Food for productivity- avocados

Many people do not like the taste of avocados. It has a sour taste, and many people may not like it. This fruit can be eaten by cutting or by biting. The avocado’s shape is very famous and has been used as a cartoon meme in different places. They are rich in good minerals with sugar content.

9: Yogurt

Food for productivity- yogurt

We are quite aware that yogurt works wonders when it comes to healthy food. Yogurt has good minerals and energy. It helps the body in maintaining a good energy level, and a good amount of water level. Full of nutrients and takes care of skin and hair as well. Yogurt can be mixed with other things, spices, or solids, and this helps to make productive individuals.

10: Tomato soup

Food for productivity- tomato soup

 Many people say we should consume tomatoes only when it is winter. But no, tomatoes are a great source of energy and nutrients. This juicy fruit has a lot of mineral value, helping us to consume only to have good energy.

11: Corn

Food for productivity- corn

We know that crispy corn with lemon juice is a divine tasty dish for anyone who loves to eat something spicy and juicy. Corn is full of nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, and many others. This is also good both for children and adults. It can be made spicy by adding chat masala and dhania (Coriander leaves).

12: Nuts and types of nuts

Food for productivity-nuts

We all know that there are several types of available nuts. Nuts are full of protein and carbohydrates that we need to sustain life and have energy. It is also good to have with yogurt and other things. Nuts help to restore our energy.

13: Grapes

Food for productivity- grapes

Another fruit is grapes. It is rich in minerals and iron. We can have it as much as we want to and retain energy to a great extent. 

14: Boiled broccoli

Food for productivity- broccoli

Broccoli looks like cauliflower but is deep green. In the morning, we can boil this vegetable and wait for it to cool before eating it. Since this is a vegetable, there is no side effect attached to it, and consumed irrespective of anything else. 

15: Chikoo (Sapota)

Food for productivity= sapota

This small brown color fruit is full of nutrition and minerals. According to doctors, and medical professionals, having a chikoo per day will give us good energy. It also has sugar content, so it is said not to be consumed by diabetes patients.

16: Chicken stew

Food for productivity- Chicken stew

The best healthy snack for non-veg consumers can be chicken stew. It is very beneficial for our health. It has everything which someone needs for productivity and retaining energy. This can be eaten with rice, chapati, or plain in a bowl. You can add a salad if you want to, but health-wise is more than just beneficial.

17: Boiled eggs

Food for productivity-boied eggs

Many people say that only egg white is good for our health, but according to doctors both are good for our health since they have different components required for our health to sustain. Eggs have high protein. It gives energy and strength to everyone. We can also make different recipes out of the egg using less oil, which will make it healthier.

18: Vegetable soup

Food for productivity-  vegetable soup

Homemade freshly cut vegetable soups are always tasty and full of all kinds of minerals. It gives us energy and strength and makes us productive. This may sound like something for vegetarians, but this is something that everyone can eat and regain energy. 

19: Soybean Pakora/Cutlet

Food for productivity- soyabean cutlet

Soybean is a great bean that is important for our good energy to be filled in our bodies. It has all the nutrient value and tastes superb when cooked nicely. This can be eaten both by a vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

20: Oranges

Food for productivity- oranges

Juicy fruity oranges are awesome for health and longevity. It has juice which balances the water content of the body. There are different types of oranges we can eat according to our wishes.

These are the different foods that are very productive and have utility value. We can eat them whenever we want, not only for snacks.


Food is the most important part of human beings. Without food, there is always a substantial deprivation in our energy. Eating the right food is important. As said by professionals and others, fruits and vegetables cannot do harm. 

This is a guest blog, and it’s written by Sayoni Mahapatra Chatterji. I thank her for submitting this. You can read more of her work and get in touch with her by clicking here. She’s a talented writer and content creator. You will love the quality content she provides.

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Keep shining.

43 responses to “20 foods to snack on for enhanced productivity”

  1. Love all the foods.
    My most loved ones are
    Dark chocolates
    Nuts and types of nuts

    A lovely and informative read.

    Thanks to the writer Sayoni Mahapatra Chatterji

    Thanks Devang for sharing with us all.


  2. I don’t really snack, but I think these are all great options although I would warn people against eating too many pakodas and eggs because that can negatively affect your cholesterol.

    • I do remember that you don’t eat snack

      And you eat something that’s keeping you beautiful and satisfied, so you obviously know about it.

      I have 2 snack
      For snack 1 I eat fruits, like today I had 2 mausambi (sweet lime)
      And for snack 2 I had some sprouts with capsicum 🫑 and onions. Tomatoes are expensive these days, otherwise would have included them.

      I carry 2 tiffins to office for these 2 snacks 😅.

      I do eat 2 snacks and 5 meals a day 😛
      Helped me lost 27 kg, so starving and losing weight is futile for me.

      Never had pakodas in ages, super unhealthy 😩

      • Those are both great snacking options. I think you need more food as you also do a lot of exercise while I don’t do much of that.

        True, pakodas are so unhealthy it’s something you should only eat once every 3-6 months as a treat. Never regularly 😫

  3. What a fantastic list of snacks you’ve compiled! As someone who often finds themselves reaching for unhealthy snacks during work hours, this article is a goldmine of practical and nutritious alternatives. I appreciate how you’ve not only focused on foods that are delicious but also highlighted their benefits in terms of boosting productivity. It’s a great reminder that what we eat directly impacts our energy levels and focus.

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