The Tri color in our food

Have you ever wondered what significance the colors in your food holds? Well I’m not talking about the artificial coloring added in the food, but the real colors, that distinguishes any particular fruit or veggie from others. Different fruits and vegetables are categorized according to their colors and nutrients. Plant produces natural compounds knows as Phytonutrients (scientists call it chemicals), that protects it from sun and insects, but for human those Phytonutrients provides anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Different color of food, have different kind of Phytonutrients.

Today we will be discussing the Tri color of Indian flag as it is Independence Day on 15th august. Although there are so many colors of fruits and vegetables available, but for now we will be focusing mainly on the tri color of Indian flag.

Orange color food

Orange colored fruits and veggies are high in Carotenoids, it’s a type of Phytonutrients that acts as an anti-oxidants.

Orange food has benefits like:

  • It improves immune health.
  • Reduces risk of heart diseases.
  • Promotes good eye health (due to high vitamin A present in Orange fruits and veggies).
  • Filter UV light(maybe that’s why sunscreen lotions have oranges on their packs)
  • It has been found that Orange food also helps in burning belly fat.
  • It has Alpha and Beta carotene(types of Carotenoids) which ensure healthy cells.

Orange colored fruits and vegetables are easily available and few examples are Oranges (off course), pumpkin, bell pepper, chick peas, papaya, carrots, corn (well right now we are categorizing both yellow and orange together), pineapple, sweet potatoes, peaches and lot more.

My recommendation to you is Dried Apricot, also known as Kubani in Hindi. It’s easily available in all the seasons and are good source of potassium and magnesium. It can replace your craving for eating candy (thinking of orange colored candies?) and at the same time give you tons of fibers, that promotes good liver and stomach health.

Orange color food

White color food

Well, White color may not be as bright as Orange or as vivacious as Green, but these are definitely packed with high Phytonutrients. White colored food contains Allicin and Epigallocatechin gallate( that was not easy to write) or commonly known as EGCG which are type of Phytonutrients.

White color food are great because:

  • It helps in lowering the cholesterol & blood pressure.
  • Helps in fighting the infection.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Are high in iron, vitamin B, potassium and calcium.
  • Great source of Protein.

Some examples include Cauliflower, ginger, garlic, turnips, white potatoes, raddish, banana (definitely a peeled one), onions. Surprisingly, Milk (and milk products) and eggs also falls in this category, although they may not contain Phytonutrients but are high in protein and calcium. Vegans can opt out for Tofu, which are made of soy milk.

My recommendation is Curd and Banana, mix it up with jaggery powder to make it sweet (less)and healthy.

White color food

Green color food

When you open your refrigerator, green is the most common color you will see there. This color food contains Lutein and EGCG (I dare not to write that again), which are types of Phytonutrients.

Green Food are amazing as:

  • It promotes good digestive health.
  • Reduces risk of obesity (if you eat healthy, you will stay healthy)
  • Keep your blood pressure in check and also keeps heart healthy.
  • Reduces risk of type-2 diabetes.
  • Are ultrarich in potassium, fibers, vitamin A, B (folate), C, E & K.
  • Helps in detoxifies our body and restore energy.
  • Some research suggests that Green food have cancer fighting capabilities.

Some examples include Sprouts, grapes, lime, kiwi, peas, spinach, cucumber (try smoothie), broccoli, gourd (of various types), herbs like basil (holy), mints and so much more.

My recommendation is Green apple. It may be little sour as compare to regular red apples but are not any less in salubrious properties. Green apple are easily available in monsoon.

Green color food


Now you may have got a little glimpse of how any specific color hold significance in our diet. Health experts suggest that your plate should contain colors of the rainbow. Today I have just discussed 3 colors, that represents the colors of Indian flag, but there are lot more colors you can add to your diet. We shall discuss more colors like purple, red, brown and more in the future.

This Independence Day, try taking an oath to get healthier than you were last year. With proper nutrition and little workout, you can get freedom from bad health.

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Until Then, stay healthy and remember to smile.

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  1. As always again i found it Very informative blog.. liked the way u elaborated the colors of Indian flag. Truely justified our daily diet. Keep writing 👍🏻
    🇮🇳 Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳

    • Hey thank you so much!
      This was my 5th blog.
      And recently, I had published 74th.
      This blog required a lot of research.
      You can see, it’s a long read. Nowadays, I prefer shorter blogs 😅

      • Thank you! Haha I love that name.

        I have two poems I just polished up for submission and I’m waiting to hear back if another one I submitted was approved. So, fingers crossed. Right now, I was just catching up on everyone’s posts from the reader. Then I’ll work on Misa/Emilian’s story and lastly, I’ll post some micro poetry on my Instagram.

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        How about you? 😀

      • I’m excited to see your poems and story 🤩
        You post different poems of Ig?(different from wp?)
        Boring stuff? I think that’s very important work!! Without these works, house will stop breathing and will turn over. 😊
        Sending you some positive vibes

      • LOL yeah, I try to do different things across different social media channels to keep it fresh. My IG is usually full of random thoughts and shorter prose/poetry.

        Thank you! Positive vibes to you too :))

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