Creative workout ideas( It’s gonna be fun)

Hi, welcome back to my blogs and if you are a new reader, then welcome to my blog (and stay). This week I have come up with interesting workout ideas, that are easy to do and can make your body healthy (for real). The main aim of this blog is to help you find creative workout ideas, that are around you and won’t take much of your time and effort.

First, let’s have a quick look at what we will see in this blog:

  • Lets dance
  • Hand grippers and other equipments
  • Workout at bed
  • Device addiction? Let’s fix that
  • Challenge your friends
  • Gardening & more
  • Make something of your own

So, without stretching this introduction any further, let me share the #1 workout idea:

Lets dance

When was the last time you danced? Was it on any specific occasion? Do you need an occasion to dance though? Play your favourite song and dance on it, dance as much as you like(as this is fun). You can even invite your friends to it and arrange some session or competition, where you and your friends(don’t forget your family members) can just have fun while dancing.

You can also go with multiple songs and do the hook step, the idea is to have fun(and workout while having fun). You just need to be creative on how to add dancing to your life.

Hand grippers and other equipment

This is the only idea in which you may need to invest some extra penny. Hand grippers are great workout equipment that you can use almost anywhere. It is a great exercise for the hands. You can also get resistance bands, and use them at multiple places( at bed especially). You can do tons of exercises with them. Here’s a direct link to buy hand grippers and bands:

Also, if you don’t want to buy it, you can just use anything and go for curls and presses. Just remember, the weight should be comfortable.

Workout at bed

I just mentioned bed and yes, there are things that can be done at the bed itself(other than sleeping). Many exercises are possible on the bed, this idea is great for people who have less time for the workout.

Here’s a sample workout:

Device addiction? let’s fix that

Hey, we are still on the same blog about creative workout ideas. This idea will kill 2 birds with 1 stone(Not supporting animal cruelty anyhow). If you are using your phone too much and can’t just stop, then maybe this idea can help you. You can tell yourself that next time I use my phone(without any purpose) I will do 10 squats or pushups( or any exercise of your choice).

I did another idea in this, when my eyes were taking too much strain, I decided, that as soon as my phone’s battery hit 50%, I will do 10 burpees, and if it goes lower than that, I will add 2 burpees with each number. Suppose my battery reaches 40% then that means I have to do 10+20 burpees and that’s too much.

This was just my idea, let me know in the comments what is yours with this.

Challenge your friends

You can also challenge your friend, you can use any exercise and see who do it more. Or, maybe a running race or cycle race. The idea here is to find fun and when we are being challenged we possibly perform better(it’s about self-respect after all).

Similarly, you can invite your friends for a musical chair or some fun game and enjoy with them.

Gardening & more

Gardening is surprisingly a great exercise, with all that digging, mowing, it takes great energy to do it. With this, you are also getting closer to the nature. You can just plant new trees, water the plant, lift one pot from one spot to another, cleaning, etc, whatever you can find challenging.

If you don’t have a garden, you can do the same at the park. Did, I mentioned what else you can do in the garden? Play games with family and friends like catch, hide and seek, sitoliya ( seven stones) and more. Think of other such ideas or ask me in the comments section.

Make something of our own

Okay, this is the last one, in this you need to make a new idea that suits you best. You can either create a challenge for yourself or you can even make a note to yourself. The idea behind this is to make something interesting and fun.

If you are unable to make an idea for yourself, then search online, you can find tons of interesting challenges. A few ideas could be, if you have to go somewhere and it’s possible to walk there, do that, you can make it a habit(it will also save your money). Or if you live in a flat, then use stairs every time instead of the elevator or maybe start with cleaning your home(you may even find some of your lost treasure).

That’s it guys, I hope you will find this blog a little motivating. This blog is especially for those, who for some reason can’t find time for exercise. Do not feel bad, cause it happens to everyone. You just need to be creative and think of things that you are interested in.

Tell me how you stay healthy or if you have any interesting exercise ideas, you can share with me. If you can’t find anyone who can join you in your creative ideas, then you still have me. Drop a Hi, on Instagram and Facebook and we will discuss it further.

Until next week, stay active and remember to smile.

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  1. Thank you sir for such creative and fun exercise ideas. This is really something that I need and will follow all these. It will be better if you can suggest some more creative workout ideas to be done in the garden…

    • Hi thanks for commenting. You can play games in garden , like running, or whenever you watering plants, you are actually squatting,you can also do basic cardio and pulls ups etc. You can also do yoga, that’s the best thing in open air, you can even join laughing club(you will see such a lot in morning). You will also find certain equipments at public park, so you can use those.

  2. I do dance and cleaning. 😊That’s it. I used to yoga, running and excercise but due to corona virus🦠😷 I didn’t go to park. And at home, I’ve a lot to do. 😅

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  4. That’s a really productive idea with the phone addiction and doing squats. I’m going to try that. Right now, I throw my phone in a drawer and hope I can forget about it. 🙂

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