Winter is coming!!

If you are thinking I will talk about the pilot episode of Game of Thrones, then you are wrong, and anyway what Game of Thrones has to do with health? Today’s blog is about a few Winter foods, which you should try this winter for better immunity and health. So, without wasting any further time, let’s start with the first pick.


Let’s first talk about 2 main flours that you should try this winter.

Bajra(Pearl millet)

Bajra is a gluten-free option that is mainly eaten as a chapati(roti). It is high in antioxidants, phytonutrients and some essential minerals. It is a good choice for people with diabetes. It is very good in the winter season as it provides some extra heat inside the body.

Makki( Corn)

Corn is mainly eaten during the rainy season. But Corn flour or Makki ka atta is a major flour during winter. I tolerate winter because of the amazing dishes I get to eat in winter made of Makki. This winter essential flour is a storehouse of nutrients like vitamin A, C, K and is also loaded with iron.

This is the main reason why I like Makki ka atta in winter, although my mother cooks it differently, but , you will get an idea:

Honourable mention- Ragi and Jowar (sorghum) flour


Now let’s talk about some vegetables of winter.


It is commonly known as shalgam and is very commonly eaten in winter. It is high in vitamin c, which is essential to build immunity and fight diseases. It is also a great source of folate, vitamin A, K and calcium. Try to include turnip in your diet this season.


Although some variants of carrots are available in summers, but, people wait for carrots during winters mainly for “Gajar ka halwa”. Gajar or carrots are good for eye health, helps in weight loss, helps in improving dental health and are loaded with antioxidants that boost immunity.

Here’s a recipe for Gajar ka halwa, a sweet dish that people wait for in winter:


Custard apple

This is my 3rd favourite fruit(want to know my first 2 favourites? ask me in the comment section). I started eating sitafal/custard apple in 2019 before that I used to think it is very hectic to eat, but I was wrong. The best part of sitafal is its taste which is heavenly. It is known to be good for the eyes, heart, it increases immunity, boost mood( well sure, with the sweet taste I guess), it is good for hair & skin and so much more.

Make sure you visit your local vegetable market after reading this as sitafal is available these days.

Indian gooseberry

Oh, mighty amla!! So we meet again. If you remember, I have already written a blog on why you should be eating amla this winter. If you don’t remember, here’s the link :The mighty Amla

Amla or Indian gooseberry are a great source of vitamin C and it has additional benefits. You can also enjoy amla in summer as well. My blog will give you sufficient info, just read it after reading this blog completely, because I still have a few more things to discuss.

Dry fruits:

Here are some dry fruits, which you should try this winter.


Or khajoor are mostly available in winter. These are rich in calcium, phosphorous & magnesium. Dates are good for bone health, provide energy, help in improving digestion. You can enjoy dates in various varieties- seeds & seedless are available options.

Let me know in the comment section below, how you consume dates in winter. If not, then why not?


kubani are dried apricot, it is widely consumed in winters and it helps in curing cold and rising temperature. They are delicious and rich in minerals, vitamins, iron, carbohydrates and more.

You can find Kubani easily available in the market. For ease, I am providing a direct link to it:

Special mention


Although Saffron or kesar is available throughout the year but it is mainly enjoyed with warm milk in winters. It helps in keeping us warm and fighting the flu. Moreover, it enhances immunity, reduces blood pressure and improves heart health.

You can try saffron tea or saffron milk for all the above benefits.

So these were some winter food, that you should try this winter. There are definitely so many more available options, that are exclusively available in the winter. Let me know in the comment section below, what you like to eat in winter and what food you wait for in winter.

You can also connect with me on certain social media platforms, we can discuss food there or maybe you can even send me some goodies if you want.

Until next time, get winter-ready and remember to smile.

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  1. Amazing tips! Fascinating to learn about these flours, we’ve never seen them before, love the facts you have included for the nutritious food you have written about so that we can have a healthy winter💛

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