Have backache? Let’s fix it with Yoga Asanas

Backaches could be troublesome, it comes suddenly (without informing) and won’t go easily. Today I have decided to treat minor backache that you can get from bad posture, sitting on a chair for an extended time or muscle stiffness. We will discuss few easy to execute yoga asanas(poses) for treating backache.

Please note: This blog may not be for those who have backache due to some injury or an ache for more than 2 days. Please consult a physician. You can still read this blog (and drop a like after reading) and I hope you get well soon.

So without any further delay, let’s discuss (and learn) about our first asana.

Note: I will be using the actual Sanskrit names of these asanas (poses) and will not be using modified English names.


This asana is very good for lower back pain. It strengthens the entire body from the nape of your neck to the back of your heel. Please refer to the below-given pic to execute it safely.

Yoga asanas - locust

Caution: Please remain patient and do these asanas calmly. You don’t need to rush.

The best thing about these asanans is, you can either do these on the workout mat or you can do these on the bed.


You might be familiar with this asana if you are into the workout and stretching, I have also mentioned it before in another blog ( I will let you know which one). This asana relieves neck & lower back pain. It also stretches hips, thighs, ankles & ligaments in the knees. The below-shown pic explains it beautifully.

yoga asanas- child pose

Setu bandhasana

Setu means bridge and this asana is all about that. You need to lie down on the mat and follow the instruction shown in the pic. This asana strengthens the back, glutes, legs & ankles. It also stretches the chest, neck, shoulders, spine & legs. It is a great asana to remove tension from the back.

Yoga asanas

Adho Mukha svanasana

The next asana of the day surely has a long name but it is very easy to do. This great asana stretches the back of the legs & entire back and helps in relieving pain and stiffness. I do this asana regularly ( along with balasana, bhujangasana) after the workout and it makes me feel refreshed. This great asana can be done in the shown manner.

yoga asasnas- downward facing dog


Bhujang means snake and our next asana is very similar to the stance of the snake. I usually do Balasana, bhujagasana and adho mukha svanasna in an order and it helps in relieving the stress and fatigue of the back. Also, chest, shoulders & abdominal get stretched in the process, so that’s a great package, right?

Yoga asanas- cobra pose

We still have 2 more asanas, I hope you are enjoying this blog. Please let me know in the comment section if you find these asanas useful. Even if you don’t, you can still comment Hi( I am very friendly and will respond).


Our next asana is a combination of 2 asanas and it’s collectively known as chakravakasana. This asana improves blood circulation between the vertebrae of the spine & helps in back pain and stress. I am sharing a GIF so that you can understand it better.

yoga asanas- cat-cow

Ardha matsyendrasana

Even if you can’t pronounce that you need not to worry, let’s just focus on the asana ( and the benefits we will be having from it). This asana stretches the spine, open shoulders-hips- neck and also increases flexibility. Please follow the instruction shown in the pic.

yoga asanas- oblique stretch

Try these easy to use patches if the pain persists- https://amzn.to/3BYjQ4L

So these were the yoga asanas that can help you with backache. Please don’t try to attempt it if your backache is too serious or if you are unable to move due to it. These asanas can relax your muscles and remove the stiffness but can’t magically fix your back.

Follow these things before doing a yoga asana.

If you like this blog you can drop like and comment. You can also share it with people who have lots of sitting to do or have minor backache. You can also save it for future reference and don’t forget to connect with me on social media platforms. After doing all that, remember to smile and wait for my next blog.

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