How to take care of your eyes

Welcome back to my blogs, today I shall discuss How to take care of your beautiful eyes. The things I will share will be very easy to follow and you may not need to make any changes to your lifestyle. So let’s learn a few things that can keep our eyes healthy.

Before I write any further, I want to invite you to a fun game in which you just need to blink your eyes 20 times(you can go for more if you want to). So, next time you see the word ‘BLINK’ you need to blink 20 times.

1: Change the way you use a computer, mobile etc

It is hard to stay away from devices like smartphones, computers these days as these have become essential. I won’t be asking you to stop using it or avoid it as it could be important for you, but; I will suggest you to change the way you use it.

Like, you need to maintain a proper distance from the screen, use a blue light filter, keep the brightness to the proper level, use your device under a proper light, cause improper light will put a strain on your eyes. Also, avoid reading if you are in motion and this applies to book reading as well.

2: Shades for the eyes

You might be already using sunglasses but you need to make sure if it’s protecting your eyes from UV rays or not. I understand good sunglasses could be expensive, but if you damage your eyes from sunlight, the treatment will be more expensive. Shades will also protect your eyes from dust particles. You can find how effective your sunglasses are at the optician.

Also, if your work is majorly on a computer or phone, consider getting reading glasses to protect your eyes from blue light. Although glasses won’t protect your eyes from strain and dryness, for that you need to read the next point, but before that BLINK.

3: Splash water

Splashing clean water is not only refreshing but also effectively hydrate your eyes. If for some reason you can’t use water, consider an eye lubricant(or eye drops) and use it throughout the day. I won’t suggest you which lubricant is best, kindly consult an ophthalmologist (eye doctor).

4: Eat healthy

Eating healthy is crucial, healthy food improves the functioning of the eyes. Consider eating food like green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits like Oranges, Amla, Kiwi, Strawberries etc. Also, Carrots, Sweet potatoes, dairy products like Milk, Curd are good for the eyes as well.

You can also take vitamin A supplements, although that won’t be necessary if you are eating a healthy diet. BLINK

Walking barefoot on grass in the morning is good for eyes, as it stimulates the nerves connected to the eyes.

5: Makeup usage

I am not an expert in this one, but consider using the best products with known ingredients for your eyes. If you are using mascara, make sure the ingredients are natural and known to you. Do the same for the other things that you are using for your eyes.

6: Eye massage

An eye massage will relax your nerves and remove the tension from your eyes. I won’t be writing much in this and let the video do the rest:

7: Use an eye pad

Eye pads( not i-pads) are great for eyes, as it soothes the eyes. It gives relief from the burning sensation and even hydrates the eyes(if it’s a cold pad). You can find these easily in the market, but I will save your time and give a direct link to buy these pads, you don’t forget to like this blog in return.

If you don’t want to invest in these pads, that’s fine you can use cucumber slices, cold tea bags or cotton balls dipped in hot water and gently rub/massage it over the eyes. BLINK

8: Eye check-up

Do not worry, your eyes are fine(yet), but it could happen to you for real if you avoid an eye check-up.

I used to have terrible itching in my eyes, I limit my phone usage, but still, the problem persist. That’s when I realised that I should visit a doctor. I got glasses and lubricant and ever since I become more cautious with my eyes. I guess that’s what motivated me to write a blog on this topic(although I got glasses in February). My point in telling this story is, do not ignore any signal your eye is trying to give you and visit an ophthalmologist twice a year (even if you feel perfect).

That’s it for this blog, I hope you will find it useful. These tips are not that hard to follow, do they? Tell me in the comment section how do you take care of your beautiful eyes? and if you don’t, I think it’s time for you to do so.

After writing this blog I really need to reboot my eyes, by using some lubricant and a splash of water maybe. You will see my final blog of the year next week, till then take care of your eyes and don’t forget to BLINK.

20 responses to “How to take care of your eyes”

  1. I agree to every single point here! As someone who wears spectacles, I know how badly stuff can affect our eyes. Water splashing is definitely helpful, and there are also several eyeball rolling exercises that relax the muscles that I do sometimes. Great tips!

  2. That was a lot of blinking for me🤣😂😅I’ve worn contacts since middle school. My eyes get dry sometimes because of them. I avoid eyeliner on my waterline, it is torture for me! This was good information for everyone’s eye health. 🙏Thank you for sharing. 👀

      • Oh no! I try to avoid wearing my glasses. That’s why I chose contacts. I am very near sighted and can’t see a thing unless it’s almost touching my nose. So I try to keep my eyes healthy so I don’t have to wear my glasses.🤣

  3. What a brilliant choice of the featured image according to the blog post?

    I found the written content relevant as well.
    I need to reduce my screen time significantly. I’m doing it already.

    Maybe that’s why I’m not able to ready as many blogs as I want.

    Even, reading a 500 pages novel, I have the habit to end it in one go.
    I need to change that, by taking small breaks.

  4. I tend to blink often to keep my contacts moist….but not that much, lol. I need to make it a habit as I can feel the muscles it works just with blinking with you in the article. That tells me they could use some work! Thank you! 💞💞💞

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