Why and What is Fat Guy Workout???

Happy New Year!!! I hope all the readers of this blog had a fantastic Christmas and 1st January. January has started, and it’s raining cats and dogs, But that will not stop me from writing this blog.

I am asked many times, why these blog are called Fat guy workout, is this for fat guys? and the name is very confusing, why can’t I make it simpler? Well, this blog will be a proper answer to all those questions and doubts. So let’s talk about it already :

Why is Fat Guy Workout?

Fat Guy Workout is not just the catchy name, it’s an idea to provide something with which everyone can relate. You might have seen several channels/pages/sites with names like Fitness, Get Fit, Fit You, etc. Their main focus is on fitness and weight loss, but; no-one talks about fatness. They may even provide you workout which will “burn your fat within 1 week” ( That’s absurd by the way), and will even share things that are practically un-doable. Now, first of all, why burn that fat? Why Fat is considered as bad? and why provide things that are unrealistic. Hence, I got the idea of Fat Guy Workout, where I won’t be talking about weight loss or fat burn, but only the things which are doable (and done by me first) and things that you can find easy to relate with.

You can be Obese and Fit based on your lungs and heart performance & if you are moving regularly (like any kind of physical activity), you can stay away from cardiovascular diseases & diabetes.

My idea is very simple, to share things with which you can find a connection. I am not saying, exercising is bad and you don’t need it. Exercising is a must for everybody, You should definitely invest some time from your daily life in it, but; at the same time, you need not to do anything fancy. You need fancy only when you want a specific physique otherwise you can get healthy with a normal diet and little exercise.

Right now, I will not talk about ways with which you can get healthy, but here are some of my previous blogs that can surely guide you.

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What is Fat Guy Workout?

As I mentioned above, People have asked me a lot, why this peculiar name? Well, the main aim is to break the stereotype that a fat body is bad and a fat person is limited to anything. I want you to embrace that fat, being fat is not bad at all, because you will meet 1000 people throughout the day and you will see 1000 different physiques. What I want from you is to not stop yourself from doing anything because you are fat, You can surely achieve whatever you want you just need to work hard.

Taylor Townsend, who was the world number one junior tennis player in 2012, was pulled up for her weight by the US Tennis Association (USTA). USTA refused to finance her tournament appearances till she lost weight and got into better shape. Townsend shut up her detractors with a victory after she went to the tournament and won the junior doubles title and advanced to the quarterfinals in the singles division.

Fat Guy Workout is for people who want to get into a workout regimen, it’s for all ages and every body type. I will provide things that are very easy to understand and follow. You might have also seen my blogs which are health-related, I tried to keep them straight and simple. I feel like, why make things complicated when you can do it easily.

What to expect this year?

I don’t know what will be my next blog. You may think I’m trying to be secretive but I generally get ideas while looking around me and try to write something helpful from it. I also welcome suggestions for blog ideas, so feel free to suggest to me any health-related topic either here in the comments or on social media.

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So, that was it, I hope you got some idea what “your” Fat Guy Workout is. Before I say until next time, I want you to do a fun activity, try walking 1000 steps after reading this blog and let me know your experience in the comment section.

Until next time, remember to smile.

8 responses to “Why and What is Fat Guy Workout???”

  1. This is so beautiful, fitness is not about being slim but embracing yourself, loving yourself. Fitness is not for fat, it’s for everyone. Thank you Devang for every time adding simple relatable and eye-opening content.

  2. “The Fatguy Workout” is the blog which I cannot relate by it’s name.

    Because I have never been a fat guy in my life.
    The name is not just unrelatable but it’s contradictory according to my current physical health.

    Then why I’m here?
    I believe in the process you follow.
    It’s true I might not interested in all the topics you write.

    Best wishes to the FGW and their audience.

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