3 Best morning exercises- Walk, run, Cycle!!

Welcome back to my blogs, and if you are a first-time reader, then welcome. Today I will discuss the 3 most amazing morning exercises that anyone can do. As you can see from the heading itself( and an exclusive image that I made) these exercises are Walk, Run, and Cycle.

You probably know about these exercises, many of you are already doing these in the morning (or throughout your day). This blog won’t teach you how to run or how to ride a bicycle, but; my objective with this blog is to invite readers especially the beginners and those who get very little time for the gym to do activities that are fun and beneficial (going to the gym is beneficial too, I never said it isn’t).

So I will not waste any more of your precious time on this lengthy introduction and jump straight (or rather walk) on the first exercise.


Well, this is the most basic exercise to begin with, if you are new to this workout thingy, then start from here. You don’t need anything fancy for this, just proper clothing and good walking shoes and you are good to go.

As the heading says “Morning exercise” so consider walking for 15 minutes in the morning, you can increase this duration anytime after you are comfortable with those 15 minutes. You can start in the early morning, I generally prefer 5:30 am, you will not find any traffic during that time and you can walk freely on the road or park without fearing our “deadly virus”.

You can burn 100+ calories with 30 minutes of walk. Although the result could vary, due to factors like your walking speed, your route and your weight.


Now, if you are comfortable with the early morning walk, then consider running too. This simple exercise consumes more energy and targets the whole body. Just like walking, you don’t need anything extra for running. I would suggest you to invest some time in finding proper running shoes. Running shoes and walking shoes are different and you need to find the one you are comfortable with (this could be an interesting blog idea for the future).

If you are running for 10 minutes that’s a sufficient workout for those who want to get healthy. Although you can always increase your running time, that’s up to your goal and time availability.

A 30 minutes of running can burn 200-500 calories. Just like in walking this will also vary due to several factors. This is just a rough estimate.


This last morning exercise (for this blog), requires a bicycle (spoiler alert). This activity is for those who don’t want to run or want to try something else. Cycling could be really fun, cause you can cover more area in less time. If you get less time, you just need to double up your pedalling speed.

Honestly, cycling is my personal favourite and I enjoy going for a ride in the morning, that’s when I get most of the road for myself. There are different kinds of bicycles, so you need to find the one that suits you best (and your needs).

You can burn 200-350 calories per 30 mins of cycling at a moderate speed.

Which exercise is the best among these 3?

Today, I will settle this once and for all, The exercise which is best among these 3 is all 3 of them. The main idea is to get you moving, and if you are doing any of these (or any other physical activity), then you are just doing fine.

If you want my advice to pick 1 from these 3, I will say start with a walk and then try the other 2 (run and cycle). If you are already doing any 1 of these, I want you to try the other 2 as well. If you will keep switching among these 3, you can get the best of everything and that will not make you feel bored.

Important things to remember

There are a few basic things that you need to remember with these exercises:

  • Warm-up – Before any physical activity don’t forget about warming up. One of my blogs can surely help you out – The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up
  • Proper attire- This is a very basic thing, but it’s my duty to mention this (also good for the length of the blog). Your clothing should be comfortable and according to your workout. Like, don’t wear tight clothing and wear something comfortable and stretchable. Also, as I mentioned above kindly consider proper shoes according to the exercise of your liking.
  • Hydration- Keep a water bottle with you, a sip or two will keep you hydrated.
  • Know your route- If you are new to this, the first thing you should do is to know where you want to go. Your route should be safe, the road should be proper and there should be proper visibility. Plan your route beforehand. Also, consider multiple routes, this way you will not get bored with similar route daily.
  • Don’t step on dog’s tail- Well, on road you will also find street dogs and probably they are sleeping, while you are doing all the above mentioned things. Now, if you step on their tail, be ready to run or ride bicycle faster. There are times, when you can’t outrun them, then you are on your own, I will not tell you what will happen next, this is a personal matter between you and that dog.

These 3 are the all-rounder, these exercises not only burn calories, but, also tone muscles, helps in improving cardiovascular health, controls diabetes & hypertension and even lower the cholesterol levels.

So, these were 3-morning exercises that you should consider doing. Although this blog became longer than originally planned, but; overall I hope you got the idea.

Before I say Bye-Bye until next week, I want you to try these exercises (if not already) and tell me in the comments section which is your favourite. Also, I want you to count the number of walkers, runners and cyclist you see in the morning. I wonder what people prefer, share your results in the comments or on social media.

Until next time, will you please remember to smile? Take care.

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  1. I walk my dog bright and early every morning. My neighbors are a mixture of runners and people who walk. Only one man cycles. The children all love their bikes of course. This one particular guy, he amazed me. I watched him run every morning while walking my dog for a year. Even in the humid Summer mornings, he lost 50 pounds that way.

    • Well his consistency surely helped me.
      You are doing great as well, as you walk your doggo every day, so basically it’s a good thing for your physical and mental health. Your comment have inspired me to re-start cycling, nothing beats the early morning experience. Thanks for sharing 🙇🏻‍♂️

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