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Welcome readers to my blog, I hope you are doing great. Today I have brought an interesting blog that will discuss some easy to do home workout for legs. As the heading suggests, we won’t be using any equipment and these exercises can be done at home, garden or anywhere with some space.

Stronger legs means a better range of motion, stronger joints, improved flexibility, better posture, good symmetry and overall improved conditioning.

Before starting, you need proper and comfortable clothes and don’t forget shoes, as there will be some jumping involved, so I don’t want you to get hurt. Also, before any workout it is very important to warm up, learn how with my past blog-> The most important thing before workout- Warm-Up

1: Reverse lunges

We will start with reverse lunges, the following GIF will explain to you how to do it. Stand straight and follow along :

Beginners can do 3 sets of 8 reps each.

For intermediate

A little level up for those who are already familiar with these exercises and are ready to go to the next level. In this you can see Forward and reverse lunges together, all you need to do is do reverse lunges first, then go forward.

Forward lunges targets front of thighs, while reverse lunges targets back of the thighs and glutes.

2: Sumo squats

If you remember, I have shared 2 blogs (or maybe 3) about squats, those were the basic squats, this time I want you to try sumo squats in which you have to go wider. That may sound hard to do, but trust me these are very easy :

8 reps and a total of 3 sets are sufficient in starting.

Sumo squats targets inner thighs, while regular squats doesn’t.

For intermediate

Don’t think I will go easy with you guys, I want you to try a bit different version of this, which is In & out squats.

Do not rush, do one by one, go for 20 reps

3: Leg lifts

Next, we have something easier. This may require a little balancing, so you can grab a chair for support. Do 10 reps for each leg and go for 3 sets.

For intermediate

Now, if you are an intermediate, I am assuming you are better at balance. I want you to try leg lifts with squats. This may look easy at first, but it’s not, go for 10 reps for each leg and 3 sets overall.

Taking support of a wall or something is still a better idea.

4: Squat thrusters

The funny thing about our next exercise is, it’s called squat thrusters but it starts with the plank. This is an exercise for intermediate, but beginners can still do it by avoiding the jump.

Go for 12-15 reps and 3 sets.

5: Squat jumps

From this point on, exercises will become a little harder. Squat jumps are basically squatting with a jump. Beginners can try squat jumps, but if you have knee issues, I will not suggest you to do it. The main thing you need to remember for this exercise is you need to land soft without rushing.

Go for 3 sets of 10 reps each.

For intermediate

If you have already been doing squat jumps, I would recommend you 180deg squats. This exercise is a modified version of squat jumps with a twist (literal twist).

6: Lunge to squat

You have seen and learned lunges and squats from the above-mentioned exercises. How about we combine both of those exercises? This Lunge to squat exercise surely seems difficult to do, but if you do it one by one, it is very easy to do. Perform lunge on one side, then a squat and then lunge on another side and this is just 1 rep. You need to do 10 such reps.

For intermediate

If you are confident doing the beginner version, only then I will suggest you to do the intermediate version. This version involves jumping, so stay focussed and go slow.

That’s another way of doing it, you can do squats first and then lunges

7: Calf raises

And now something for the calf. I would say this is the simplest exercise shared by me in this blog. Doing this is very easy, you can even do it while sitting, all you need to do is raise your heels. Let’s see how it is done:

Also known as heel raises

For intermediate

This exercise can also be done on one leg at a time, and that means your reps will be counted separately.

You can hold weights to make it more difficult.

8: Wall sit

The last exercise for this blog is Wall sit. Imagine you are sitting without any chair or an invisible chair. Well, with this exercise the only support you can have is of the wall (to keep your back straight).

Challenge is how long can you hold.

Another exercise you can do is Punisher squats, in which you stay in a squat position for a certain amount of time (that’s totally up to you).

So, these were the leg exercises I wanted to share with you. You can either do these exercises as a session or just add them to your routine. There are many other ways/exercises you can do for your legs at home that doesn’t require any equipment.

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Until next time Remember to Smile.

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    • Well straight and honest answer no exercise can help you in increasing height. You may read claims about how exercises, stretches and medicine can increase height, but that will not help you anyhow.
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  1. Very informative…I cannot believe I didn’t find your blog before…it takes so much effort to write stuffs like these…keep up the good work!

  2. A very important and informative post! I found it genuinely useful 😊
    And also loved how you used GIFs to make it easier for your readers to understand! Great effort and a great post!!

  3. Thank you for sharing these leg workouts. Sometimes, I like having quick, simple additions to what I’m already doing with exercise. I have saved the post and will try some of them during a workout to keep things fresh. Great job at putting the information together! 👍

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