Summer is here

Summer is already here and it’s burning out there. I can’t reduce the heat magically but I can surely share something that can give you some relief from the heat. These things or rather drinks and recipes are natural coolants and will cool you down in the hot summer.

So let’s quickly have a look at these drinks and recipes:

#1 Minty melon

1st in this list is definitely something which is commonly available in the summer, that is Watermelon. This refreshing drink will cool you down and is super healthy. For this, you need a watermelon (I bet you didn’t see that coming), cut it into pieces, now put them into the blender, add some mint leaves, some lemon juice (for a tangy flavour), now let the blender do the trick. You don’t need to add water to it, as watermelon has 90% water.

You don’t need to worry about the seeds, as you can strain them easily (they don’t taste bad anyway). The drink is ready, you can add some ice to it now, or while blending. You can even add rock salt for extra taste.

Also, we have Watermelon Slush, this is an amazing recipe by famous Chef Kunal Kapur, it’s very easy to make and takes very less effort. Watch this video by Kunal Kapur to learn more:

#2 Cucumber mint cooler

Just like watermelon, Cucumber is another saviour from the heat. To make this drink, you need to cut cucumber pieces (don’t forget to peel them first), put them into the blender along with mint leaves, lemon juice and water, you can also add sugar (if required). Blend it well and serve with the ice.

#3 Shikanji- नींबू शिकंजी

Shikanji is very common in India, this beats summer heat better than cola. This is very easy to make and people make it differently, I am sharing a Kunal Kapur style shikanji, it’s very easy to follow and quick to make :

By the way, Shinkaji is also known as lemonade.

#4 Aam Panna- आम पन्ना

Aam Panna is an Indian drink made of unripe mangoes. Aam Panna is the best drink that can save you from heatstroke and dehydration. This is yet another easy to make drink, but I’m not the chef, so I will rather let the chef do the teaching.

#5 Sattu- सत्तू

Sattu is flour made from roasted chickpeas. You can get Sattu from the market very easily, you just need to add water and sugar powder/salt according to your liking, if you can’t take sugar, then jaggery powder is a great alternative. Try this, and thank me later

A video for those who don’t know about sattu. (direct link)

#6 Dahi-Chawal – दहीचावल

Dahi means curd and chawal means rice, this is very basic food and it’s something you can have daily in the summers. It cools down the body, is great for digestion and provides energy. This is something that should be eaten cold, rather than hot.

Honourable mention

It’s summer and we can’t ignore the Lassi (sweet buttermilk), Chaz (salty buttermilk), Coconut water and sugarcane juice (with a pinch of rock salt). These are easily available in the packets and bottles, but I suggest you to make or get the fresh and natural stuff.

The drinks that I’ve mentioned today are very healthy and so much better than the cola and bottled packed juices.

That’s it for this week’s blog, Let me know in the comment section if you are willing to try any of these and which one is your favourite. Also, you can connect with me on social media, drop a hi or something.

Until next week Stay hydrated in the summer and SMILE

30 responses to “Summer is here”

  1. I like it, and I definitely drink many shakes during the summer. It’s filling, less heavy in the heat and refreshing. I think I will try a combination of watermelon and cucumber 😊 Thank you for sharing!

    • As summer is here, feel free to share the recipe of those shakes. I would be very ecstatic to add those in my blog in the future.
      I have a plan to write a part 2 of this 🙂

      • I love making a mix of fresh and frozen fruit. Will usually use a fresh apple, a pear, banana, strawberries and then use frozen mango and pineapple. Sometimes I mix with orange juice and sometimes only water. Any of these fruits together will give a heavier texture to the shake which I love and it’s also a good light meal

  2. These are great! I’m going to try the watermelon slush recipe, soon. 🙏Thanks for sharing and helping us beat the heat!☀️

    • It’s in Hindi, let me know if you need any help with the translation.
      I shared this, as I’ve tried it and I think it’s fun and easy to make+ very refreshing.

      • Thanks! I just opened the link in YouTube and he has put the recipe in the description in English with a link. Also, gave me the opportunity to actually screenshot the ingredients. I tried to make something similar once but I messed it up. I hope this one works out better.🤞

  3. Wow… such a great write up on Summer is Here…

    I love all these drinks that you mentioned. They are too good than the bottled packed juices.

    I used to have Sattu long time ago. My grandma used to make it. I love Lassi, Chaz and Coconut water. I do not like the sugarcane juice, rather the raw sugarcane, I love so much. Not a fan of Cucumber mint cooler, but I love watermelon/ juice a lot. 🙃

    Thank you so much.
    You are really caring for your readers and you know what your readers need, a cool mind and health and for that, you’re so dedicating your time and research for writing and sharing all these valuable information.

    Thank you so much Devang.
    I wish you all the best.

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