Signs your body is giving you that you should never ignore

Sometimes our body gives us signs that “boss, something is wrong” and we often ignore those signs, such signs or signals could be an indication of something fatal. We should never ignore anything new or sudden that we feel in our body and should immediately take action towards it.

Today, I will share such signs that your body may be giving you and you should never ignore them. Right now all you need is to relax and read this blog and consult a doctor if you feel any of these.

>Fatigue– Everyone can have fatigue after physical activity or strenuous work and it may go away with proper rest, BUT if you are tired even after sleeping and if your brain isn’t functioning properly, then it’s a signal of something dangerous.

This could be due to thyroid imbalance, nutritional imbalance, depression or food intolerance. It’s better to see your doctor.

>Thinning hair– Thinning hair could be due to a change in hair products, diet or change in water, BUT if it’s sudden or too much, then it could be a sign of nutritional deficiency such as vitamin D or B or may be due to hormonal imbalance.

>Chest pain– We may experience pain in the chest after a good chest day or maybe due to gastric, BUT if your chest pain is very frequent & you are experiencing tightness in the chest, then it could be a signal of heart attack, heart disease or blood clotting. If chest pain is accompanied by sweating or shortness of breath, then it is very serious.

We sometimes say “oh poor soul got a sudden heart attack”, then let me tell you, friends; nothing is sudden, your body is telling you about it so don’t ignore it.

>Sudden confusion and inability to concentrate– This could mean bleeding in the brain, a brain tumour or even a stroke. It could be also due to dehydration, low blood sugar levels or an infection. I don’t know much about it, but your doctor surely does, visit her/him.

>Sudden weight loss– “Hey, you have lost weight” definitely sounds good, BUT sudden weight loss without any exercise or diet change could be a sign of cancer, diabetes, depression etc. Fat Guy Workout suggests you visit a doctor.

>Flashes of light and unexplained bright spots– This is normal if you are under sun or bright light, BUT it’s not normal when you are in dark or if it’s too frequent. This means a detached retina that may lead to permanent loss of vision.

>Shortness of breath (always)– You did intense cardio or ran 5 km, it’s normal to be out of breath, BUT if you can’t catch your breath for an extended period, experience chest pain and/or are always experiencing breathlessness, then it could mean blood clotting or a blockage. This is also a sign of severe anxiety or asthma.

>Excessive urination– Going washroom after drinking too much liquid is quite obvious, BUT if you haven’t drank much and still going to the washroom, then this means urinary tract infection or overactive bladder syndrome.

>Pain in the pelvis– Pelvic pain could be a sign of appendicitis, a kidney infection or even a hernia.

>Serious and continuous stomach ache– Could be a sign of gallstones, blood flow issues, hyperacidity (which is not normal). It may seem harmless at first, BUT it’s better to be safe than sorry.

>Pain and burning or weird discharge from the vagina– If you experience this it could be an infection, pelvic inflammatory disease or worse. Post-menopausal bleeding is a prime indicator of uterine cancer.

>Blurry vision– After watching your device continuously blurry vision is common, BUT if not that then it could mean stroke, diabetes or hypertension.

>Swollen legs/ankles– Swollen legs are common for those who walk a lot or prolonged standing, BUT it’s not common otherwise. It could mean Edema-puffiness, heart valve issues, low levels of proteins, lung diseases and more. Please see a doctor and don’t ignore it.

WARNING- I am not a doctor, and neither are you (I assume), so don’t start contemplating things randomly. And, don’t ask for medical-related things from google. Consult a doctor and always take the opinion of multiple doctors.

But, you can still do one thing, and that’s liking this blog and commenting (that’s 2 things). You can also connect with me on social media platforms and drop a hi there.

Until next week, Remember to smile my beautiful readers.

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  1. These are so valuable informations ..and I agree that often people ignore such signs but they shouldn’t. And nothing occurs too sudden, our body starts giving us signs at the very beginning…but we ignore it most of the time.
    This was such an informational post and valuable too!

  2. Valuable bits of advice which I’ll be sure to follow in future as and when required. And I agree with you when you said that nothing is sudden… Our body keeps giving is signals but it’s our fault if we ignore them.
    Thanks for this… ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you Devang thatโ€™s very informative. Here in America itโ€™s very easy for people to not be familiar with their body and the way they feel because they always have to be at work, even when feeling strange. So people stop listening to their bodies many times. So it is very informative to let people know some important body signs

    • On a average per American spends $12,530 on health care. I think this should not happen if they can somehow be more aware about their health and body.
      Thank you so much for commenting ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

      • Yea they spend it on care but itโ€™s the insurance premiums. When they really need something there are always extra costs. Then also if they take sick days they can get fired. Very harsh place but thatโ€™s besides the topic ๐Ÿ˜Š it is so good to be able to listen to your body and what it is telling you and thank you for sharing

  4. Great information in this post! I got a laugh out of โ€œboss, something is wrongโ€!๐Ÿ˜‚ Seriously, though, all of these can be warning signs like you stated. Iโ€™ve had a few of these instances and I did indeed need lifestyle changes. Thank you for sharing this valuable knowledge!โค๏ธโœจ

  5. Thanks for sharing, Devang. Lots of good advice here. I’m very fortunate in that, although I’m disabled and unable to walk, I’m pretty healthy on the whole. But, as you said, it’s always good and important to be aware of any new symptoms and to see a doctor if you don’t feel better quite soon. Thanks again.

    • You are not disabled, you are specially enabled ๐Ÿ™‚
      It’s good to know you are healthy, I would like to know how you take care of your health.
      Thank you so much for commenting, I’m really ecstatic to read your comment.

      • Thank you. What a lovely thing to say and yes, you are right. Funnily enough, I don’t actually think of myself as disabled as I’m so used to it, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I guess being ‘disabled’ is just a label and people are more than their labels. I do stay well – I eat sensibly and eat well – I’m vegan and that suits me very much. Both my mind and my body feels better for it. I’m also quite a content person and I think that helps too.

      • Well you haven’t limited yourself, so how you are disabled??
        Your mind is working beautifully, you are exploring new places, having new adventures all the time, so there’s nothing stopping you. Life has surely changed for you, but you are still pushing forward.
        Never stop ๐Ÿ˜
        Also, you gave me a blog idea, we can work on a blog about how you stay healthy and how you keep your mind and body healthy. We can work together on it in future ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  6. You are right consulting google for medical things can be dangerous. Warning signs that you have shared are worth contemplating. Nice share

  7. “We sometimes say โ€œoh poor soul got a sudden heart attackโ€, then let me tell you, friends; nothing is sudden, your body is telling you about it so donโ€™t ignore it.”

    This is so, so true. I had a co-worker of mine whose wife was packing him healthy lunches for work, trying to keep him on the right track. I watched him struggle with eating well. Then he was always complaining about feeling yucky, overworking himself at work just added to his stress levels.

    Few months later they found him in his backyard, dead of a heart attack.

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