Superfood- Avocado

Hey, don’t be surprised you have come to the right blog. Well, this blog is about the blog that I’ve written for Healthieyoo.

I wrote a blog about avocados and it was the longest blog written by me (Lengthy blogs are totally not my style).

They have a word limit of 1.5k+ words and to write that blog I had to do tons of research.

Due to that blog, I had to delay many blogs of mine and also had to pacify my desire to work with one of my favourite bloggers (which I will do this month anyhow).

So read that blog of mine (Please) and let me know your thoughts. It will take 5 minutes of yours, but I promise that the blog is totally worth your time.


This is the blog I was talking about.

Drop your comments here and let me know how can I improve. I want to write lengthy blogs in future and need advice from the pros.

I have another blog coming this week which is based on Plants.

Until later this week, Keep smiling 🙂

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  1. Yeah, avocado is a healthy vegetable it’s just that I’ve not been able to make myself eat it even though it’s always available in my house. Can you imagine that?

  2. Avocados are indeed a super food..but they aren’t available everywhere specially in India and where I live I don’t even get to see a single avocado 😂…and they are just so they’re just out of my network coverage area 😂
    BTW great post with a lot useful information like always…the post was a bit long but then I enjoyed reading it!

    • Thank you so much candy for reading it.
      I’m really obliged. It’s hard to find avocados in my city as well. But you can still find it on some specific shops.

  3. An excellent and most informative post ~ you did your research.
    Although available in the produce section, avocado never held any appeal for me.
    The one time I tried it was in a cooking class and to be honest I didn’t care for it.
    There are various recipes available for folks who like avocados.
    I’m certain anyone who is involved in fitness is aware of the high calorie content.
    Keep up the 💯 good writing!! 😊

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment.
      In India, avocados are not that popular. As I’ve mentioned in the blog, there are tons of fruits option. In such case people don’t prefer to buy avocados.
      As it’s monsoon in India, many other fruits are available in the Market.

  4. Glad to see that a food I love is so healthy. We only eat them once a week because they are so expensive. Most of ours are imported from Mexico or the distant land of California. 😉 We like to make guacamole, smashed avocado with lime and salt added. We eat it with cassava chips. Avocados were originally grown in what is now southern Mexico and Guatemala.

  5. Avocadoes are not available in my region too.
    But the blog was really informative, well done for all this research and long writing, my friend.
    BTW my favourite fruit is pineapple😊

    • मेने तो कभी डूंडने की कोशिश नी करी।
      ना ही कभी चखे है। 🤭
      My top 5 favourite fruits are:
      Litchi, kiwi, custard apple,mango and green apple.
      How are you vidah??
      How’s your exams going??

      • हिन्दी 😅
        मैं ठीक हुँ। तुम कैसे हो?

        My exams are done and went well!
        I hope you are having a great time gymming. 😊

      • हिंदी जरूरी है। लोगों को पता ना चले की मेने कभी यह चखे नही। 🤣
        इससे यह भी पता चल गया, की आपको हिंदी आती हे।
        Now that you are free, I’m expecting a blog from you in the near future.

  6. This is a great post, Devang. You’ve certainly worked hard on it and done a lot of research. I love avocados but didn’t know all the facts about them. It is really interesting to learn more about them and about how they do you so much good. I had no idea they had more potassium in them than bananas; nor did I know they were good for cataracts. Unfortunately, I’ve got a cataract in my right eye which will need an operation before too long. I’ll have to eat more avocados, I think. They’re not too expensive here but also not as cheap as many fruits such as apples, pears, plums etc. I’ve just ordered my online shopping and have asked for two ripe avocados which I will thoroughly enjoy. Thank you for so much good information, as always, my friend 🌞.

      • Avocados here are relatively affordable. The shops, particularly, supermarkets, sell them either already ripe or ones to ripen at home. The ripe ones are more expensive at about 75p each and the unripe ones are about 60p each. I probably eat about one avocado a week – usually just on its own, sprinkled with lemon juice, but sometimes cut up in a salad, mashed into a sandwich filling or on toast. My other favourite fruits are bananas, oranges, kiwis, cherries (which are sometimes expensive, so I don’t have them all that often). I do like apples, too. Hope that helps a bit 🌞

      • By 60 p, you means 60 pounds? that’s expensive.
        I am glad to read your style of eating this fruit.
        My top 5 favourites are
        Lithchi, Kiwi, custard apple, mango, green apple.
        Cheeries are affordable as it comes from north India. 🙂

      • Sorry, Devang. I wasn’t very clear, was I? 60p is actually 60 pence, not pounds (£). If they were £60 I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford them 😉. I forgot to mention that I love Litchi too. We only get them once a year and that’s only for a very short time. They’re delicious, I agree. I’ve never had a custard apple, though 🌞

      • If it was 60 pence here, I could have eaten it. ALso, it’s very hard to find in udaipur. Custard apple is local fruit, available in winters.
        Right now we have Indian blackberry, plums, peach, pears and similar fruits in the market.
        Mango is still there but it’s mainly liked in summers.

  7. I’m off to read the post although I’m allergic to avocados so I can’t eat them. Good job doing your research and working hard on a longer post.

  8. Avocado is a vegetable that I’ve really tried to get into but it just has a taste that I’m not a fan of. But I want to try and see if guacamole will make it taste better. Good work 👍🏽

  9. Great tips and information about avocado… Nature is rich with its healthy food..
    Keep giving dear Devang 👋

  10. Enjoyed your blog post, I like how the benefits of them are laid out as well as the side effects and nutritional content. Everything one needs to know about avocados is there. Also, I had no idea avocado was a berry, and never heard of pollen-food sensitivity syndrome. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing, Devang!

    • This blog was a challenge for me. As, I generally write freely, but this time word limit made me research longer blog.
      Do you like avocado?? How much does it cost? I hope you don’t find that qs offending.
      Thank you so much for reading. I really appreciate your time.

      • Your hard work paid off!
        I do like avocado, I’ll put it on toast for breakfast, or in chili. So good.
        At the grocer near me the price for one is $0.82, a package of 3 avocadoes is $3.28 and a 4-6 bag is $3.40. Those are prices as of today when I check them online.

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