Healthy things I have been doing

Today, I will talk about a few things I am doing, which in my view are healthy. These things are realistic, and I won’t be sharing anything, that’s unique or unheard of. My primary objective with this blog is to tell people how small things can bring a major impact on life.

And, do not worry, this is not a guest blog. This blog is entirely written by your favourite health blogger, in association with me and powered by myself.

Let’s not focus much on the introduction as I don’t like lengthy intros, so let’s start with this blog.

1: Sleeping and waking up at a fixed time

This is something, I am doing, and I get a good sleep with it. I generally sleep at 10:30 pm (sometimes at 9:30) and wake up at 5 am. This helps my body to set a cycle, and it will start demanding sleep at a fixed time. However, many times I wake up at 4 am (if I sleep at 9:30) and I think, that’s even better as I am thinking to start doing something useful with that time. I don’t need an alarm or anything, as my mind now knows when to wake me up.

Also, I have noticed that, when I avoid my phone completely prior to sleep time, I get up full of energy. Drinking warm milk with turmeric is another helpful thing.

I have read a lot of blogs and people complain that they couldn’t sleep well. I suggest them to make a schedule and try to follow it. I promise you will see good results. I am not saying, you have to sleep and wake up at a similar time as mine, but set a routine for your body.

2: Started reading books

I have started reading books and I feel very peaceful with them. In the morning around 6:15-7:30 am, I dedicate my time to book reading. I feel, that’s a very peaceful time and I can give my undivided attention to the books. Earlier, I used to “waste” my time on the cellphone, and that drained me mentally. With books, I am finding peace and I feel very relaxed with it.

In the comments, tell me if you like to read books and can recommend me some.

These are a few books that I’ve read recently

3: Following a specific diet

I have never talked about any particular diet here, and I won’t do that. But, speaking specifically about myself, then yes, I follow a specific diet. I got help and got a diet made according to my goal, which is weight loss (at the moment). In this diet, I have to eat more protein, salads/fruits and less of everything else. I haven’t stopped eating anything. As people might remember from some of my previous blogs, I suggest eating everything in moderation. So yes, I am still doing that.

I never preferred junk food or street food, so not having that in my diet is okay for me. However, I can still eat many things, but that should be in moderation.

I have also purchased a food measuring machine. Some people may not be aware of this concept, but if you are following a diet with a certain goal in mind, you need to be very disciplined about it. For example, if I am supposed to have 80 gm paneer (in 1) meal, then it has to be 80 gm.

4: Going gym regularly

It’s been 4 months since I shared a blog about Why I am joining the gymโ€ฆโ€ฆagain? , so people can check it out. I am going to the gym regularly, and I have lost 9 kg (and still going). I have noticed a decent change in myself. My energy levels are very high, I am able to do a lot more with my body and I don’t get tired easily.

With this, I have increased my workout a lot more. As I have more energy, I really enjoy what I am doing. I want to see what more I can do. If you want to achieve any goal like me, don’t make excuses and start today. If you think, you want to lose some weight (or gain some), just make a plan and start working on it.

5: Writing and researching

I won’t say I am a terrific writer/blogger, But I enjoy it a lot. I started last year in August, and I love this a lot. This experience is great, because I research a lot for a specific topic, and for writing a blog I spend a great amount of time. Then making infographics and presenting my blog makes me very happy. I call this healthy as it’s fantastic for my mental health.

Last month I wasn’t able to share much due to 4 guest blogs and that disturbed me somewhat. That’s why I have decided not to share any guest blogs for the next 6 months or more. Unless my favourite blogger writes for FGW. For that, I have to muster enough courage to ask her about it.

Unhealthy things that I am doing

There are a few things, That I’m doing, and I am not proud of them.

I use my phone a lot, and I know this is not healthy. I am obsessed with checking WP again and again. I watch tons of videos on YT and I know these are unhealthy for me. I also see other apps (something personal).

Not getting good responses on my blog, also makes me upset. I work really hard on my blogs (we all do). I feel disrespected when any of my followers just like (without comment) or even ignore my blog completely. I am following many people, and I read and love their work, but in return, I am not getting the same response from them. When I see their names on my reader, I get upset. This is not good for my mental health.

I think that’s pretty much it for this blog. I haven’t mentioned anywhere that you have to follow these things, but you need to start getting involved in the things that can keep you healthy.

In the comments do tell me what healthy things you are doing. Even if it’s a small thing, let me know in the comments.

Until next time, Remember to smile.

83 responses to “Healthy things I have been doing”

  1. Nice write Devang, it’s good to accept ourselves the way we are and all of us have good and bad habits and sides to our personalities and that’s okay. Love and hugs. Take care.

  2. All the points you mentioned is really important to follow but my sleeping cycle is very bad I sleep at 12:30 and wake up at 5:30. I don’t know how can I improve it bc my schedule is very busy.
    Also I don’t follow any routine I just make daily to do list.

  3. I wish I could sleep that early and wake up at 5, but sleeping that early i guess…i don’t know if it’s possible for me anymore. It takes a lot of time to start a new schedule. I feel like studying at night so it takes time.
    Also yeah i was noticing lots of guest posts on your blog. But those were good too so need not worry!
    And you know i used to be big on street food and stuff but since the pandemic that reduced. And then i got covid and it just hasn’t been the same lately. Eating too much outside food makes me uncomfortable now. Which is a good thing i guess. Lol.
    I’ve also stopped doing yoga because of studies and I hate it ๐Ÿ˜‘. My schedule is getting weirder by the day. Yoga kept me fit and now everything hurts from sitting down and just studying.
    And i can totally understand that it must be demotivating when not enough responses are coming on a blog. But people are getting busy with offline stuff and it’s hard to be consistent.
    Loved the post!

    • I always avoided street food, because I felt that’s very unhealthy. I was okay with making home cooked version of that thing. Right now, the time is very crucial for you. Give it 2-3 years, then you will be in the position where you can focus more on yourself. I’m telling this, as I’ve gone through this. Kindly, find time for nature and some activity that can relax you. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for reading

  4. I see how aspects of your routine are very beneficial. I personally must work on my sleep habits. And I have been aware of this and have gotten somewhat better. For a while, it was not uncommon for me to get 3 hours of sleep every night. Lately, I have been getting to bed earlier and getting more sleep though. Great post!

  5. I find waking up at the same time helps a ton too. Sometimes I’m up five or ten minutes before the alarm, which is fine. The phone can be really addicting. I’ve made it a point to try to keep it away if I’m busy doing something else, so my attention is focused on one thing only.

  6. Hello, Devang. Your post has lots of helpful information, as there always is. I think my lifestyle is reasonably healthy, apart from the stress I have been under lately. I know this isn’t good for me, but I’m finding it difficult to combat at the moment. My sleep cycle is quite good, though. I, too, have set times to go to sleep and get up. I’ve usually turned my bedside light off by 11 pm, and I get up about 7.30 pm, so quite a bit later than you do. I get plenty of sleep. Is it possible to have too much sleep, I wonder? I think I probably use my phone quite a bit and often before I go to bed, although I’m aware that this is a habit I should try to break.

    I’m very sorry if I offended you when you shared your last post. I think I liked it because I did honestly like it as I do all of your blogs. However, I didn’t comment on it, which is unusual for me. You had asked how your readers were feeling, and as I was feeling particularly low and depressed, I didn’t want to appear negative or pessimistic. I didn’t want to worry anyone on your blog or most importantly, you. I haven’t really talked to my friends or family about how low I’m feeling as I don’t want to worry them either. The way I express myself and my feelings is by writing my blog, as you probably know. Please accept my apology for not commenting on your last post. I do hope you will understand. Love Ellie x ๐Ÿค—

    • Try to avoid phone before bed, maybe that will give you even better sleep.
      Please don’t be sorry ๐Ÿ˜
      The thing, that I’ve written was not meant for you. There are many people who completely ignore my blogs, and I wonder what should be done.
      There should be more readers like you, who always drop their lovely comments. I always appreciate them and that makes me very delighted.
      Kindly take care my friend. You are going through a lot, but keep pushing forward. Best wishes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      • I will try to cut down my phone use at bedtime as it will be interesting to see if I sleep any better. Thank you for being so understanding and reassuring about my not leaving a comment on your last blog. I am finding everything difficult at the moment, as you know. I will do my best to push forward as you say. Thanks again, Devang, and best wishes to you, also.

      • Whenever I use less or no phone before bed, I feel energetic in the burning. There’s no burning sensation or headache in the morning.
        Take care, wishing you a good time ahead

  7. Great advice. A healthy thing that I do is to not obsess over followers on my blog or other platforms. Yes, it’s great when you know that you have followers especially if you are trying to make a living at writing, but checking every hour or even everyday is just going to mentally drain you. Some followers will hit like and not comment because they don’t have much to say. That’s okay because at least our writing has reached someone. I also try and do some form of physical activity to keep my blood moving.

  8. Hi Devang,
    While reading your post I felt that I should not take a 3 month long break from blogging. And the end of the post tells me to act on these feelings.

    Let’s have an open conversation…

      • I have no doubt regarding my break as I need it. I will tell you why โ€”
        Currently I have 10+ blog posts pending in the drafts. I’m not able to focus, define and describe them. I’m feeling too conscious and disturbed.
        And, blogging is not my ultimate goal. I can’t miss regular studies and learning.
        Things will be better in the upcoming months.
        You understand the importance of blogging more than me. More power to you.
        โ€ข Focus on โ€œthe readershipโ€ you have. Write for them.
        โ€ข Be thoughtful and do results oriented experiments.
        โ€ข Blog โ€œselflesslyโ€ (less expectations).
        โ€ข Don’t be dependent. Lead the team.
        โ€ข Life is beautiful as a whole. Individuals explore it in their own ways.

        Happy Blogging! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
        See you on New Year Celebration. Also, I’m quite late, but โ€œHappy birthday, friendโ€.

      • I do write selflessly, this is why I’m willing to make infographics. My main intention is to make readers experience smooth and amazing. I am not dependent on anyone, as I’m writing blogs on my own.
        I’ve done my experiments, still doing many. Thanks for bday wishes.

  9. Nice inspirational post! Some of the things you mentioned I would like to do myself and some, not so much ๐Ÿ˜‚ But I’m very impressed that you’ve managed to put these things that work for you in your life, and I take it you’ve managed to sustain them for a while? I find it hard to keep good habits going long term, it tends to be phases. Please don’t get upset when people don’t comment – we don’t always have the time or anything of value to say! Go easy on your audience ๐Ÿ™ and concentrate on how much you love researching and writing blogs

    • You can try with things that you find enjoyable and see if those are making you happy. Then, you will be able to fo them regularly. For instance, if you feel cycling is fun, try that and maybe you will start doing it automatically.
      I do like to research and write blogs. I like making infographics to stand out and to make stuff easy for the readers.

  10. Great post. I’m glad you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to follow in your footsteps and get better habits myself. I use my phone a lot too which isn’t good but at least I have the excuse that it’s for work lol. I hope you’re not fixating too much on stats because it’s okay to check but we have to admit that some people may not reciprocate our comments and leave comments and likes on our site. It is what it is. Focus on people that do support you instead.

      • There’s always a balance in life, and choosing the path that is best for us will look differently at various points of our life. I spent so many years of my youth denying myself tasty pastries and cakes all to keep slender and fit. After a lifetime of this, and having experienced many hardships I’m no longer willing to deny myself a treat! If I’ve done something difficult that I’ve been avoiding I’ll treat myself after as a reward, and deal with the consequences of gaining some weight and needing to log in some extra walking. If I can’t do the walking, I won’t stress anymore, for I wish to give myself grace and not be so disciplined always! It feels good to be in this space at this point of my life! ๐Ÿ˜

  11. I agree I’m quite obsessed with social media, especially tiktok. I’ll recommend “Winning With People” by John C. Maxwell to read.๐Ÿ’œ

    • It’s good actually!!
      I also thought to wear smart watch but I try to avoid tech as much as possible.
      I walk a lot, and wearing watch is not possible for me everywhere.
      Like in the morning at 5 am, I will refrain from such things.
      I’m happy to see your comment.

  12. Wow you’re doing a lot Devang!
    whooo hoo.. you go.
    Love this:
    “This blog is entirely written by your favourite health blogger, in association with me and powered by myself.”

    Wait, someone has said mean things to you?
    Happened to me a couple of times.. One said I was a spam liker and to take me off her following because like now, I am catching up and liked a lot of hers. Did she want me to give her a thumbs down.. lol.

    Don’t take it personally and just hit me up and say “Cindy where are you”. I try but fail daily but love your work and your blog!

    Yeah I know the addiction of checking our WP but I’ll never write my book if I don’t limit my time so I’m doing just that.. xo but it’s H A R D.. ๐Ÿ˜น
    Mostly because we’re a little touched to be honest.

    • Nah, it’s not for you ๐Ÿ™‚
      I really appreciate and adore your comments.
      I can’t believe someone considered you spam liker. You are so sweet.
      I said first few lines because, last month I shared too many guest blogs and that affected my own sharing. This is why, to clear things up and said, this blog is entirely written by me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Thanks for this honest post about your successes and what you are working on right now. Sounds like significant and healthy weight loss through exercise snd good diet. Congratulations! Looks like you received a lot if comments for this post. Excellent!

    • Thanks
      Just trying to follow something sustainable ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
      It shall help me in long term.
      Surprisingly, such posts do well. I do like to write on a specific topic.
      I have many ideas, needs to give them shape.

      • This post was personal and relateable. Staying healthy takes work and its very helpful to hear people’s stories of how they balance their lives. This could even be a weekly check-in with readers checking in too. I’d shy away from too much critique of where people are not meeting their goals, they need encouragement more than a task master, I imagine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. This is a good blog Devang bro. Let me tell you the things that I love to do that are healthy in my own view: blogging, reading, designing graphics and posters for my fashion post using a software in my laptop is so cool and the experience is worthwhile. Thanks for the healthy tips here and for book recommendation, I suggest reading “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, a very good book and my favorite, I am reading it for the 4th time I think, it is a fable about following your dream and it actually makes me think about the reason I was placed on this earth.

    Have a great evening brother๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

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