Why I am joining the gym……again?

Yesterday I went to my old gym and got a membership for 1 year. It’s been 2 years since I went to the gym and since then I have been doing workout at home. In 2016, when I first joined the gym, I had lost 24 kgs and that was my peak level. But, due to lack of consistency and negligence at home, I gained weight again.

At gym, I am a very different person. I don’t carry my phone to the gym and focus only on the workout. People used to consider me snobbish. At home that never happened. I tried to be consistent, but something or the other always interrupted my workout and that 1.5 hours cut short to 20 mins or less.

I also used to go cycling in the morning, but the spring allergy made it hard for me to ride peacefully. I thought to start cycling in may again, but due to a toe injury, I was unable to do so. This toe injury also prevented me to do any kind of workout for the past 1 month.

So, after a lot of thought, I decided to rejoin the gym. But, I have a few more reasons to join the gym:

1: I feel lethargic– I feel slow and lethargic. I feel like my body is trapped in  shackles and is preventing me to do much movements. I was hyperactive once (2016), but now I am less flexible. So, I want to do it for flexiblity.

2: I get tired easily– As mentioned before, I went to the gym and that gym is on the 5th floor. They have an elevator, but I never take the elevator because I think that’s a lazy excuse. So, I take stairs and found it very tiring to reach the 5th floor. This was not the case for 2020 me. I then realized how inefficient I have become. So, I am willing to do it for the lost energy.

3: Lost self-confidence– I have been bullied and body shamed a lot due to my weight, so my self-confidence is somewhat related to my weight. At a point in my life, I was weighing over 107 kgs and for a person of that weight, things are a little hard.

Although, I am much more confident in comparison to previous me. Honestly, I don’t care for what others think of me now, but maybe 1% bothers me. So, I am doing this for the lost confidence.

4: Unable to wear favourite clothes– In my almirah, I have 2 sections. 1st of the clothes that I can wear when I am over-weight. And, 2nd of the clothes that I love a lot but can’t wear when I am overweight. I don’t know why good clothes are not available in plus sizes. Buying clothes, that you don’t love is deplorable. So, for clothes I love, I am doing this.

5: Knee problem and body ache- As I’ve mentioned in pt 1, I feel my body is locked. I also experienced terrible body aches. People think a workout will make their body ache. But, in reality, it cures them. I also have knee ache. If I walk or run, I feel terrible aches. I noticed that, this always happens when I put on extra kilos. So, I am doing it for my body.

My message to you is: if you want certain changes, then don’t wait. Adapt healthy changes that are good for you.

Going to the gym is not bad, you can also join the yoga classes or dance classes if you find it difficult to stay consistent at home. Let me be very clear, I was never against the gym. If you can find time, go to the Gym. Just be consistent.

Let me know if you are having any difficulty related to workout or health. I am eager to listen. Drop comments and/or connect with me on Instagram/facebook.

I will apprise you guys about my weight-loss journey, till then stay tuned and smile.

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  1. It’s good you’re taking a proactive step to getting healthy. And every day you go, is one step closer to your goal. You can do it! 🙂

  2. Good luck with joining the gym again. I really hope it makes you feel better. I know a lot of people feel better when they are able to workout regularly.

    • Thank you so much for encouragement. I indeed felt good. Although I did less workout today but overall I had a good time.
      Going to gym is also good for my mental, I feel more happy at gym

  3. oh my, I think I needed this! because of so many exams and stuff coming up, I haven’t been focusing on working out and procrastinating SO MUCH. It’s so nice to see you’re aware of yourself, and that is making me want to be healthier too!

    • Thank you so much for commenting Sep!
      I’m really glad to see you here.
      Best wishes. Please feel free to share your experience or any hurdles you are facing

  4. Thank you for your honest sharing, Devang. It’s good to hear a little more about you, and I’m sorry about the struggles you are facing. You are not alone with these issues, you know. Many people are travelling on that same road. I think I told you that I was once able to go to the gym regularly before my disability made it all too much. I try and do what I can at home but sometimes, I just don’t have the motivation. I used to be overweight too, so I understand where you’re coming from. I’m sure you’ll soon get back into the swing of things and that you’ll find yourself where you want to be before very long. I know you have the determination.Take good care of yourself, Devang. Ellie 😊

    • Thanks for the encouragement!!
      I know, I can get back on the track. Yes, things will take time. But when I achieve things I want to, I get really satisfied.
      Best wishes to you….. Keep smiling

      • It’s great that you’re so determined. I think a positive attitude is half the battle. You sound like me; when I set my mind on doing something, I’ll go all the way to manage that. However, I’m far from perfect and still sometimes go through patches where it all seems like too much bother. This is not a good attitude on my part. I’m determined to improve this, though. Take care, Devang. Ellie

      • Take care Ellie!!
        You working on anything for a blog??
        I can suggest you something for the environment day as you are close to the nature.

      • Sorry, Devang. I’ve only just seen your comment. I’ve really got no idea what my next post will be about. I have to wait for inspiration to strike and hope that it doesn’t take too long to do that as I like to write about once a week if I can. I am passionate about nature and the environment, yes, as you know, but I’m not sure whether I could write a whole post about it. If something springs to mind this week, I’ll give it a go, but I can’t promise. Stay well 😊.

  5. “My message to you is: if you want certain changes, then don’t wait. Adapt healthy changes that are good for you.” – This is such a great message, Devang. Don’t think about what others think; instead, be the leader and do what feels right to you.

    • A comment from you is a big thing for me. I read some of your blogs in the morning and I liked them. I’m happy that you are giving your precious time on my blog.
      It’s been 8 days since I’ve joined gym and I feel great. Although I have sore muscles, but totally worth it

      • I used to go to the gym, but last I went to the gym was in 2020.
        Since then I have been doing home workout but not efficiently.
        Also, I’ve commented on your blogs ( whatever I’ve read till now), I love your work. My comments are probably going into the spam, it’s a WP thing. Best wishes and keep shining

      • I always comment on the blogs that I’m reading, to show my respect and appreciation. 😊
        I enjoyed your work and willing to read more

  6. Doing exercises is So important for all people.. Losing weight is a necessity.. It needs a strong will in fact.. I need to lose 15 kilograms..but I am always busy with my sons.. So I DON’T have time for exercises.. This post motivates me to return to walking and doing exercises..
    Thanks for sharing Devang 👍

  7. I admire your honesty and sharing how you feel about weight and the changes you’ve noticed. Consistency is key. Hope all is well Devang 🙂

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