Few more things you should avoid-Part 2

Today I will discuss a few more things that you should avoid. I am saying a few more because as the heading suggests this is part 2nd of my blog Things you need to avoid-part 1. If you haven’t read part 1, now is your chance.

About this blog, I decided to share additional 5 things that are bad for us and need to be avoided. These things harm our physical and mental health.

Let’s have a look

1: High Blood pressure

In part 1 I talked about cholesterol and diabetes. This blog will feature high blood pressure or hypertension. In simple words, high blood pressure is when the pressure of blood pushing the blood vessels is too high. HBP can be caused by the wrong diet, lack of exercise, too much salt, low potassium level, age-related or stress. HBP could cause heart disease, brain tear etc.

No matter how old are you, HBP can affect your lifestyle. It’s better to take a wise decision at the right time.

I am sharing this pic again from an older blog of mine, Because why not?

2: Stress

You might have noticed, I have mentioned stress in the above point. I know stress is something unavoidable as there’s no specific reason for it. I mean, you can get stress from almost anything.

You should know one thing if you are taking too much stress it could affect your mental and physical health. Stress is also one of the reasons for baldness, insomnia, depression, HBP, weight loss/gain, skin diseases, etc. With your stress, you could also impact other lives, so it’s better to identify and address it in time.

I was fortunate( twice) to write a blog for LIFESFINEWHINE , in this blog we shared a few things that can help you manage stress. Check it out β‡Ύ WAYS THAT CAN HELP YOU MANAGE STRESS

3: Unhealthy lifestyle

Eating street/fast food, not doing any physical activity, ignoring your mental health, ignoring your body’s needs, These all are unhealthy lifestyles and you should not be doing this. Such a lifestyle can damage you beyond repair and in the long wrong, well there won’t be any long run if you keep doing these.

Like when we get a new smartphone, we care for it, just like that, we should care for our body and its needs. Eating healthy, maintaining proper hygiene, regular doctor checkups, maintaining good oral hygiene, practising mindfulness, accepting that something is wrong with you, and daily exercising are part of a healthy lifestyle. There are more, but I invite you to share what according to you is a healthy lifestyle in the comment section.

4: Dehydration

So many bloggers have told me that, they forget to drink water, or they are not drinking sufficient water. Not drinking sufficient water could lead to numerous things. I have written a blog on this topic, and you are welcome to read that again β‡Ύ Dehydration: What-Why-How?

The easy way to remember drinking water is, to associate it with something. Try to remember to drink water with a certain activity, for example, every time you see your phone (to check out if FGW has posted something new) you drink water. 2 of the 1 thing will happen, either it will give you additional washroom trips, or you might stop seeing your phone multiple times. But, for sure you will develop a habit of drinking water.

This was just an idea, you can or cannot follow it. You can also carry a water bottle if you are outdoors and make a mission or drink it completely. Kindly stop being dehydrated.

5: Fear

A small word, but its impact is huge. Will I get good marks? Will I be able to perform? Will I be able to lose weight? What will happen if he/she rejects me? What people will say? Etc. This fear leads to doubts and that doubt decreases our confidence. Honesty, I also get nervous about going to new places or talking to new people. I am an ambivert, I cannot change that, but I can try to control my fear. Fear is giving wrong ideas to your subconscious mind. It will pick up that energy, and it will give you results based on that.

Kindly, don’t let fear limit you from anything.

Don't hear your fear

because it will tear

Don't let it become severe

Because it will make your mind unclear

Eat pear or maybe drink beer

but don't let the fear be near

Change the gear

Before it can interfere your year

Let all your fears disappear

Hey, that was my bad attempt at poetry (more like a rap). I mean everyone is doing poetry, so I also wanted to try. I cannot do poetry, but I didn’t fear. I hope you don’t start fearing my blogs after reading this poem.

That’s pretty much it for this blog. Would you like to add something to this list? Maybe I can make part 3 for things you should avoid with your lovely input.

Don’t avoid my blogs, that’s all I will say in the end.

Until next time, SMILE, you FEARLESS Knight

58 responses to “Few more things you should avoid-Part 2”

  1. Well, I can’t say anything about other things but dehydration yes I know drinking water is very important but nowadays the weather is quite changed and i don’t feel like drinking water.

    What should I do?

    • Orange is in the season
      Orange juice is great idea.
      Also, warm milk with turmeric or saffron. Milkshakes is nice too, but added sugar could be harmful.
      Drink warm or luke warm water.
      You need it more as you are studying. Your brain will work better if you drink sufficient water.
      In the morning when you wake up, drink lukewarm water.
      You can add honey/cumin/fenugreek etc if you want.

  2. Thanks for all these helpful and healthy tips, Devang. You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve started drinking more water. I bought a metal litre water bottle and I now take that around the house with me to remind me to drink. As for my blood pressure, I am fortunate in that it has been on the low side. It’s not unhealthily low, but better than being too high, as you’ve explained. I might also try coconut milk with turmeric as a drink, too, as I know you’ve often said how good it is for us. I liked your poem – it made sense. Take care, my friend.

    • You can take luke warm milk with turmeric regularly.
      Very good for immunity and overall protects from cold.
      You can also try turmeric milk, or milks with dates (boil the dates with milk).
      You are doing great with water, I also love to carry bottle.
      Haha thanks for complementing my poem or whatever that was πŸ˜›
      It was impromptu and random

  3. Being on WordPress, stress is almost inevitable. We definitely need to avoid fear, everything we’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. Lol, Kanye West, I do like the poem or should I say rap! πŸ‘πŸΎYeah, does everyone now write poems on WordPress?πŸ˜‰

  4. We’re not gonna fear your blogs don’t worry πŸ˜‚. That poem/rap was pretty nice!
    Fear is something that’s really hard to avoid. It’s easy to say to not fear something but it’s always hard to let go of a fear for somebody whose actually facing it.
    At least i stay hydrated 😌

  5. Another 5 good points, Devang! Stress is however, the most damaging thing that should be managed and mitigated for our general well-being. Thanks for highlighting such crucial issues.

    • But then “your reaction” will decrease the cost of living??
      Stress will affect the mental health and that will affect the physical health.
      Then people will need to spend extra money on the treatment.
      I’ve shared a link, that will help in controlling the stress. Check that out

  6. That poetry was indeed the bestest part of this blog, Devang.
    Great attempt! πŸ‘
    And thank you for mentioning all these valuable points

  7. Great advice as always. Loved your poetry! That was good. I don’t fear reading your blogs now after reading your poetry. You’re funny. πŸ˜„

  8. Great post and a beautiful poem about fear.. Beautifully written Devang.. Have a beautiful day πŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸŒΈπŸ‘

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