Things you need to avoid-part 1

Hello readers, today I have something interesting to share (well, I share interesting stuff anyway). I usually share blogs where I ask you to do this or that or start this. But, today I will ask you to avoid these things.

The things which I will talk about in this blog are bad for you (at least according to me). If you leave them, you can start your journey in a healthier direction. So, let’s discuss these things and then later we shall chat about it in the comments.

1: Procrastination

The first thing you need to avoid is Procrastination. Let me tell you how it is harming you. Suppose, you decided to start an active routine, but you thought to start it tomorrow. Then, on the next day, you find another excuse and postpone it for the future.

I personally, ignored my diet a lot. I always thought that I will do this from tomorrow, or I will start eating healthy from tomorrow. Then, I realized, that tomorrow never came. That attitude never helped me, and I was seeing zero progress.

You are not just delaying something important, but you are also giving your mind wrong ideas. Your mind will pick up this attitude of procrastinating, and it will impact your life. If you want to start a new routine, then make a plan and work on it. Instead of making excuses, start making arrangements for it. If you want healthy changes in you, you need to start working on them today.

2: Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that causes higher than normal blood sugar levels. In type 1 diabetes, you have to take an insulin shot. But, in type-2 diabetes, you can control it with medication, diet and exercise. Type 1 and 2 diabetes cannot be cured, but type 2 can be prevented.

If you already have diabetes, then your doctor will give you better advice than me. Right, now I can only suggest you watch your diet and do light to moderate workouts regularly. A regular 30 mins walk is very effective. If you can’t go for a walk, then you can even do a home workout like yoga. Laughing and getting involved in things you enjoy also surprisingly prevent diabetes.

I will write more about diabetes in future, so stay tuned.

3: High Cholesterol

Another thing that needs to be avoided is High cholesterol. Your body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells, but high levels of cholesterol can put your heart at risk. High cholesterol makes deposits in the blood vessels and will make it difficult for blood to flow through arteries.

High cholesterol can be controlled, with a good diet and regular exercise. Fast foods, fried food, and street food are definitely tasty, but in reality, are not good for you. Red meat, full-fat milk, processed foods etc, are also the cause of high cholesterol. Kindly avoid them.

4: Negativity

Any unpleasant, harmful or malicious experience/people can cause negativity. This negativity is bad for your mental and physical health. You need to identify something/someone that is making you uncomfortable. If it’s a person, then talk to them and address the situation. If it’s someplace that is giving you negativity, try to step away from there.

Many bloggers can also give negativity, luckily WP gave the block option. Kindly deal with negativity in time so that it doesn’t affect your daily life. Consider negative people like high cholesterol, you need to avoid it at all costs.

5: Hating one-self

Many people hate themselves. They hate their appearance and physique. Please don’t do that to yourself. You should know that you are special and amazing, I know nothing about you, but I know how magnificent you are. God has made everyone different, If we all looked the same, then there would have been so much confusion.

If you think, you can work on your physique, then do it. If you think you don’t look good because someone else has a certain opinion of you, then screw them. They don’t define who you are, only you can. I personally, used to hate myself due to my weight, But now I’m working seriously in a healthier direction.

People will fat shame you, bully you or maybe abuse you, but that should not be the reason to hate yourself. You are unique, you are beautiful, and you are limitless. Practice self-love rather than self-hate. Maybe it’s easier for me to say, but at least you can try.

So, that’s it for this blog. As the heading suggests, this is part 1 of things you need to avoid, and part 2 will come soon (I have to write it first).

In the comments tell me if you are dealing with any of these 5 mentioned things. If not, then tell me how you avoid it.

Until next time, Keep Shining.

70 responses to “Things you need to avoid-part 1”

  1. Thanks, Devang. Here’s my summary of your points:
    1. Act, right away whenever possible
    2. Eat more savory foods than sweet
    3. Exercise 30 mn a day
    4. Look for the positive
    5. Love yourself, there’s no one like you!
    Keep up your wonderful blogging, friend.

  2. Good points Devang! I try to approach the things I don’t want to do (anything on your list+) with the thought that I can manage to do 1 small thing. Doing that one small thing often leads to doing more, but if it doesn’t then all is still good, because 1 thing got done.

    Same with thinking positively or developing positive self-talk, small things apply here too. Sometimes they work even better than a more grandiose effort because a small thing is more believable!

  3. An amazing post, Devang.
    Procrastination is what i do.. (Sometimes).. I am not able to avoid it eventhough i hate it.. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  4. Well, all the points you mentioned in your post should be avoid. What I avoid the most is Procrastination like writing a blog post Or just following my study routine. But isn’t like that I don’t feel that this habit is wrong I do but I just can’t fix it but trying my best nowadays.

    • Actually there’s a lot happening in your life atm. Give things some time.
      Right now, focus on the thing that you really desire. Just 1-2 saal ki baat he, then you will get into a position where you can control life in a better way.
      Ps- Waiting for your blogs, it’s like forever

  5. What a great post Devang!
    Yes, these things are best to avoid well except today I’m procrastinating with cats and writing about them and hanging in bed no less!
    Love all of your quotes and self love is so important!
    Nicely styled and shared my friend.

  6. I agree. I still struggle with Procrastination. It’s really tempting especially if I’ve got a lot to do. There’s nothing better than loving oneself. Can’t wait for part 2πŸ‘πŸΎβ™₯️

  7. Is it bad that I don’t avoid like 4 out of these 5 things? Lol! Great post though. As always very informative. I like that you added some physical stuff and some mental stuff like procrastination.

    • Nah it’s not bad, because you know about them and somehow you are dealing with them regularly. You are strong pooja 😊.
      This blog was supposed to come out on Dusshera, with 10 things/evil you should avoid. But, then I had very less time to write a blog, so it got delayed.
      Yesterday while I was writing it, I thought I should make it 2 parts instead. As putting 10 points will make it lengthy.
      I got this idea from a blog of yours about mental health, where you have used same cover pic for 2 blogs and made it a 2 part blogs. πŸ˜›
      I want a suggestion from you.
      When part 2 should be published?
      Like the next blog should be part 2 or I can publish 2-3 blogs in between?

  8. Great post! I struggle with procrastination so I have a reward system to get myself motivated. As for negativity – sometimes negative people are hard to avoid. For example, a negative boss I had many years ago. Quitting was the best solution but before that happened, I told myself it wasn’t me, it was the situation and I couldn’t change the way that boss was treating everyone.

  9. Thank you for sharing your ideas of things to avoid. I guess I’m not doing too well right now, so I need to improve on all these points. I do tend to procrastinate sometimes, but that is due to depression and exhaustion. I have managed to avoid diabetes and high cholesterol, though. Negativity is a tough one, as I’m aware that I’ve been feeling negative and not loving myself enough lately. However, sometimes people who are feeling unwell in this way need support as opposed to being blocked. I appreciate that this action would benefit the reader, but I don’t think it would help the writer. I do hope I’m not negatively affecting you, as I would be upset to lose your support and especially your encouragement. I do my best to try to keep smiling, as hard as it is sometimes. Things will get better, I know; it just takes a little time, care and love from those around me. I’m fortunate to have some wonderful friends who have been very kind and supportive. I never take them for granted, and I know that if ever they were troubled as I am presently, I will be there for them, always, as they are for me. I am very blessed in this way. Sorry for such a long comment. I hope it all makes sense. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  10. Procrastination is ruining everybody. We all know we should not procrastinate but it happens so naturally sometimes it’s hard.
    I agree to all the points here. There’s tons of negativity in the world that we should try to steer clear from. Sometimes, even stuff that isn’t negative necessarily can be bad for a person at a certain time. Same goes for hating yourself and worrying too much about people’s opinions.
    Loved this post!

  11. I agree so much with this post on all points.
    Also, it is SO important a reminder that people are fearfully and wonderfully made by God, no matter what.

    We are not what other people say we are but we are what God says we are and we are not less than, based on people’s opinions or treatment of us. This is very important to recognize. Thanks for this encouraging post!

  12. Procrastination is something I’ve always found myself fighting with.
    Have I overcome it? Nope.
    Coming back to blogging and writing a book is my way to procrastinate studying for an exam. πŸ˜‚

  13. All the five points are important, but what I feel is that negativity is the thing that should be shunned first, as it affects both mental and physical health. A nicely articulated piece, Devang!

  14. Yaa really true said bro and my posts are also on that topic that you have to believe in yourself. Really all the points are amazing and I even follow 1,4 and 5 and the other two sometimes. Hope you understandπŸ˜… Keep going broπŸ‘

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