The Valentine’s Day special

So today is Valentine’s Day (or maybe it’s tomorrow for you), and I thought let’s write something different this time.

Don’t worry, this blog is not to make you feel miserable, that you are alone or single. This blog is also not about any kind of hatred towards this day.

This blog is rather about reminding you of some other things. Things that you can do on this day and things that can make you feel special on this day (or any other day).

The most important person that matters

There’s someone who needs your love and care. That someone is waiting for you to love them. You don’t have to look around for that person. You just need a mirror to see that person.

Yes, that important person is “you”. I am seeing a lot of posts by people talking about how they have no one to spend this day with, how this “stupid” day/week is annoying them, and how they want this week to end ASAP. But, they forgot that they can actually make a good use of this week/day.

This Valentine’s Day or any other day, you can actually invest time in self-love/care. What’s more special than giving time to yourself? This is the right opportunity to prioritize the “Me-time”.

You don’t need to wait for someone to give you a chocolate or gift, you can actually do that for yourself. Yes, it will cost you, but you are doing it for yourself, so why not?

But the main thing people always wonder about and search for on the internet is how to self-love/care. Then, let me tell you there’s no single way of self-love. I’ve seen so many posts, and videos, that tell people what to do. But, trust me, only you know what you want, and only you can tell what will comfort you.

Self-love or self-care needs nothing fancy. It could be anything, it could be a walk in nature, watching a movie, going out with friends, gardening, exercising, maybe putting on some makeup, going shopping, or just sleeping. Or, maybe it’s not any of these.

Recently, my favorite blogger posted a very important thing. She talked about how companies and brands have made self-care a business, and they sell expensive stuff in the name of self-care. That really grinds her gears (If for some reason you haven’t read that blog, tap this link).

Trust me you need nothing expensive for self-care and no one can or should decide what you want.

Speaking of self-care, I’ve noticed that many homemakers don’t invest time in self-care. So if you are a homemaker, or if you have a homemaker around you, make sure you encourage them to self-care. I think a day at the spa would be amazing, that will at least give homemakers, who always neglect their needs for their families a good day off. But, who am I to decide that. Share your ideas.

This day is not just for the lovers

People generally think that love means loving one’s partner only, but love is a lot more than that. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, but that doesn’t mean it always has to be your partner. That love can be for anyone.

It could be your parents, your bestie (oh I love my bestie, she won’t see it anyway), it could be even your pet, it could be anyone whom you like. Some people think that if you love someone (other than your parents) then it’s sexual only. But, let me tell you I love so many people and that love is platonic. Love not always means sexual, it’s a lot more. I am sure, I have so many wise people here, and they know this better.

We didn’t need a specific day for love, but as it’s Valentine’s Day, you can spend this day with your loved ones. You can also express your love to your favorite blogger, by dropping something sweet in their comment section (That’s your clue).

Cow hug day

The animal welfare board once decided to celebrate 14th Feb as Cow hug day, but now it’s withdrawn due to several reasons.

But, I like the idea. This day can also be celebrated by loving our 4 legged friends around us. If you want to experience what true love is, then just pat your 4-legged friend, then they will show you, real love.

Or, have you ever tried hugging a tree? If not, now’s your chance.

Something very important

Valentine’s Day is good, it will come and go everywhere. But, right now I want to send my love and prayers to Türkiye and Syria. I’m sure you have already heard the news about the devastating earthquake that took so many lives. I believe, if we can help, we should come forward to help in any shape or form.

I have a few friends in Türkiye, and I am not able to contact them, I pray for the safety of all the people in Türkiye and Syria.

And that brings us to the end of this blog.

I feel I am losing an edge, as I find it difficult to write such blogs. Maybe because I have done no research on this. Well anyway, I hope you still love me after this.

In the comments tell me how you are spending this day. Do you see it as a magical day or torture?

Until next time, sending you some love, and SHINE.

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  1. You bring up some great points! Yes, self-care and self-love are super important, and also caring for others (love, not just romantic love). I have and will continue to pray for the people of Turkey and Syria… I’m so sorry, I really hope you get in touch with your friends soon.

    It will be just an ordinary day for me 😊

    • Hey, thanks for commenting.
      This is your first comment on my blog ( and I hope not the last) 😝
      Self love, self appreciation should be very important.
      I have dropped them text, but haven’t received any response. So, that makes me worried.
      Enjoy your ordinary day with a smile 🙂

  2. I won’t be participating in the Hallmark Holiday festivities and lavish gifts. My husband and I don’t even buy each other cards lol I would love flowers but my cat eats them, so I can’t have flowers unfortunately.

    Tomorrow is just an ordinary day for us. I did put a little care package together for my 6-year old as a way to say “I love you.” Activity books, stickers, and markers. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Kids love Valentine’s Day too and it’s a tradition I will continue with my daughter like my mom did do what me.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s still Feb 13 in Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Cow hug day? Probably many reasons why that did not replace the popularity of Valentine’s Day. 🐮😆 Fortunately there are many other ways to celebrate the day! Enjoy!

  4. Great post once again..This day is dedicated to the suffering of Turnkey and Syria. I continue to pray for those people.
    Thank you for sharing a nice post.

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, Devang. I like your graphic, so cute.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friends, I hope they’re okay and you hear from them soon. And I hope you’re doing well, too and that you enjoy your day too doing what you love. 🥰

  6. Great post Devang, I know you said you were worried because you felt outside your comfort zone, but you did well.

    I was thinking about doing a similar themed post, but here you beat me to it. I might still do something, I’ll need to think about it.

    As for me and hubby; grocery shopping this morning, but then possibly a trip into town for coffee and cake … and visit a coffee shop so I can get photos for a post … about the magical coffee shop from my post a couple of weeks’ ago

    • I usually like health blogs, that requires less of me talking about me. In researched blog, I can put info easily in my own words. Here I had no research.
      I will wait for your blog.
      Enjoy your coffee and cake and yes would love to see some pics 🤩

  7. Quite a different from you and from other posts in regard to Valentine’s Day.
    Thank you for reminding, “Self love is the best kind of love. ” ❤✨
    Loved this post of yours, D👏👏

  8. I wish people learn to love more, to respect eachother, maintain human dignity, and seek the path of progress.

    Technology brings changes. Those changes needs to be accepted, adopted and put forward at the societal level.

    Love is the core element of human life, apart from health, education and self-awareness.

    Take care, brother.😊

  9. Really enjoyed this post because it had a link to mine… Just kidding! I enjoyed it because you made some great points. This day is about loving your partner but should also be about loving yourself and self-care. Real self-care of course. Even if it’s something small like getting a massage or painting your nails.
    Personally, I find Valentines day to be too commercialised so I just spend the day like I would any other day. Work, eat, sleep, watch some South Park.

    • Well there are so many blogs of yours that I want to link.
      Whenever I see your blogs, my eyes start glowing as a little kid seeing a candy. I feel like, Oh I want this, I want to work on this.

      Self-care, appreciation and love should be first and must in everyone’s list.
      Even if massage or painting nails makes one happy, they should do it for them.
      Not kidding, but I feel you work all the time. So when you say sleep, I am amazed to learn that, haha.

  10. Today (Valentine’s Day) I went grocery shopping with my sister and my dad but now I’m just relaxing with my cat. Valentine’s Day to me is just about showing love to anyone, not just a spouse or partner. Good post Devang.

  11. I thank you for your kind encouragement for the people. For the people out there who are destressed at being single on Valentine’s Day, I think this is a really big blessing for those who come across it. If one is single, they can always be thankful to God for their existence and for the many blessings that come from him. For people who are married or in a relationship they can also be grateful to God and for being alive and for each other. Either way, it’s love! I am also praying for the people of Turkey and Syria. 🙏🏾

  12. Hi, Devang. Sorry, I’m two days late in commenting on your Valentine’s Day post. Valentine’s Day is very much over-commercialised here in the UK and in other places worldwide. I can’t remember the last time I celebrated this day, not that that bothers me at all. I think loving and being kind to everyone is more important than just concentrating on giving love one day a year. I’m not great at self-love, but I’ve got my adorable cat, Peanut, to love and, of course, my children and grandchildren (and friends). My idea of self-care is having the whole day to myself with enough time to write what I want without rushing anything. So often, I have to cram my writing in, along with many other jobs and chores. So … on Valentine’s Day this year, I spent much of the time writing, which I love, and cooked myself a yummy dinner in the evening. I hope your Valentine’s Day was a good one.

    I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve not been able to contact your friends in Turkey. It must be very worrying for you. I do hope you hear back from them soon. The earthquake was a terrible thing to happen to all those helpless people in both Turkey and Syria. X ✨💐

    • You should stop saying sorry!!
      Sorry or thanks are not acceptable on FGW!!
      I hope you get more time to write peacefully, just the way you like. Your work is soulful. Do what you love in the name of self care. I’m satisfied that you wrote this valentine’s day.
      I hope to read them
      I’ve something coming up soon, I would love to see your participate. 🔥🌀💥

      • Should I say sorry for being sorry 🤣😉😁?

        I do enjoy a day where I’m able to write to my heart’s content. I wrote a story, part fiction and part true life. I’d love to share it on my blog but it’s four pages or nearly 3000 words long and I felt it was too long to expect other people to read it. I thought about splitting it into two parts, part 1 and part 2, but I think it would be spoiled by the passage of time. I hope to write something shorter for my blog very soon.

        I’ll be interested to see what you have coming up and will participate if I can 😊..

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