FGW’s Prompt – Healthy things

Hey, I am back with another health blog. But, this blog is very different from any of my other blogs. In this blog, your participation is much needed.

One thing I know now is that people on WP love to write and share their thoughts. So, I thought hey, let’s use that in a fun manner.

If you have seen that nowadays WP gives you daily prompts. In that, it asks you a question, and you need (totally your choice) to share your thoughts based on that. Also, there are some bloggers I know, who do monthly challenges and people write and talk about that thing through a blog.

This made me wonder how about I do this too. How about I give you a topic, and maybe you can write a blog around that? The topic will obviously be about health and wellness. But, don’t worry I won’t be asking you to write a lengthy or researched blog.

First, let me tell you the topic:

5 Healthy things I do

Now, as you can see the topic is completely about you, so you don’t need to research anything, and you can share what things you do, that according to you are healthy.

Like anything you follow, that keeps you healthy. It could be about your diet, your activity, or just your way of living.

Let me give you an example

5 things that keep me healthy:

1: Eating healthy

As you may know, I am losing weight (and so far I am successful). But for losing weight, I also need to follow a certain diet. However, by diet, I don’t mean I am restricting myself from eating anything. I eat my favorites, but I eat them in moderation. I’m also focussing more on greens, fruits, healthy snacks, protein, carbs, fibers, and fats.

I feel that food is never the enemy, and you can stay healthy if you eat right.

2: Working out

I make sure to invest time in the workout. For the last 8 months or so, I’m following it very sincerely. Before that, I used to skip a workout or do less of it. Now, I am more serious and intend to do it regularly.

I’ve also started running on the ground, and now I completely avoid the treadmill. Running on the ground is so much better than a treadmill. Also, I am thinking to start cycling in the morning, as now it’s not much cold. But, with all of this, I need to make sure that I don’t overdo anything.

Grind harder or push harder is BS, we need to listen to our bodies first.


3: Reading books

Let me tell you how it is healthy for me. When I read books in the early morning, I feel very calm and feel good mental peace. I believe we all need a certain activity, other than readings FGW’s blog to make us feel good.

Again, let me be very clear that reading books is healthy for me. It may or may not work for you. Maybe Netflix and chill can calm you down (Oh I enjoy Netflix), Or maybe music can calm you down. Identify, what is healthy for you.

4: Giving less time to phone

I think in today’s world when a phone has become essential, I’m one of those guys who don’t like to carry a phone everywhere (especially not in the washroom). I feel when we are doing something else like driving/riding, or like working out, we should give our attention to that task only.

I’m going gym for 6 years and I never took my phone with me. Interestingly, I had a dream last night, that I took the phone with me to the gym and that distracted me a lot. I think I am now getting blog ideas through dreams. Anyway, I feel a phone is a big distraction and this is why I try to avoid it.

And that according to me is a healthy thing.

5: Writing daily

I think I’ve shared this with a few people that nowadays I write daily. You may now think that if I write daily, where is it? Well, for the past 2 months or more, I’m writing sincerely on LinkedIn. I have tons of ideas and I like to share them. There I’m writing differently, posts there are smaller than my blogs, and that’s a challenge too.

This is healthy for me because writing has helped me a lot. Writing has connected me to so many amazing talents. I’m learning from them regularly and their input is helping me overall. I’m now more comfortable and confident with my work now.

So, these were my 5 healthy things.

⇉Now, you share your 5 healthy things. If you can’t come up with 5 things, don’t worry. Just share whatever you can. This topic will make you look into yourself and help you in identifying the things that keep you healthy.

⇉You don’t have to follow a similar pattern, Just do a blog with your own style. Add humor, add poetry, add whining, add magic, add soul, add curiosity, add your whole world, or add whatever you like. But, feel free to participate.

⇉If you are participating, make sure to write a blog on this before 27 Feb 2023.

Even if we are not following each other, I would love to read your blog on the topic.

That’s it for now, let’s meet on your blog next.

Till then, Shine and smile.

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  1. Ooo This is fun! I’ll try to do it tomorrow when my son is taking his nap 😊 Also, it’s pretty awesome that you have simple things you do for your mental health (which also very much affects physical health). Good list!

  2. Thanks for the idea for my next blog post! I’d love to participate in this prompt.
    I agree with all the 5 points you’ve mentioned, but what to do when I can’t find anything else as interesting as FGW’s blog posts?😜

  3. Oooh i loved reading this!
    I would love to share a few points except I don’t really writing on this kind of topic is my niche…

    So I’m just gonna share it here, I think a thing I do to keep myself healthy is meditate (I don’t do it daily but i try to). I also indulge myself in my religion which is like the ultimate best thing for healing for me.
    Also since my lungs have been weak for a long time, recently I’ve started doing some exercises for it.
    I also eat healthy like you!
    That’s pretty much it.
    Loved the post!

  4. Very good ways to stay healthy! I sadly don’t have five, and I’ve been kinda bad with sweets lately (I blame Valentine’s Day) but I’ll share some of mine here:

    Body health: More active outdoors – I’ll walk to the park with my kiddos, yoga, playing with our dog.

    Mind health: Reading – I’m also reading every day and learning a new hobby.

    Eye Health: I also try to spend less time on electronics. Writing in a notebook versus the PC helps a lot.

  5. My health is largely dependent on people I surround myself with, if I happen to be among healthy people I feel normal. when I am in a sick environment I feel like I have to do something to fit in, I have to totally change who I am to please those bystanders. It’s both mental and physical wellbeing. Maybe it’s emotional vampirism or something along those lines that makes you feel miserable ‘for no reason’. I try to spend less time in unhealthy environment but it’s not always an option,

  6. 5+ things I do for my physical and mental health: I try to do them as consistently as possible, not scolding myself for the times I don’t, just joyfully and mindfully doing them when able! I try to eat healthily, take plenty of supplements to keep my immune system strong (I have a compromised one, so thus is something that works), am mindful to get plenty of sleep or my immune system struggles, try to get exercise in, do hobbies that bring me joy, choose who I wish to be around, and take soaking baths!

  7. This is a great idea for a post and I think I’ll be sharing mine this week! The accusing finger scared me a little but now that I know it’s inviting I’m not too scared lol.

  8. Hehe whoa, I like the pointing finger!! I accept the challenge, I think I’m going to try to do your prompt! ☺️ Sounds fun! Also, I enjoyed reading about the healthy things you do, those are good habits to have! I’m glad they have been working for you ❤️

    • Interestingly you shared a blog before commenting here 😝
      I was like when did you read the blog
      I had to check the spam, to make sure if you are comments are not in spam.
      Thanks for participating RC 😁

  9. Hi Devang. It’s a great invitation. I’m going to try to write something about healthy habits, although I don’t know whether I’ll get it done before the 27th as I have a lot of coursework to get done, and I have a few blogs about other things I intend to post this week or over the weekend. I will do my very best, though.

    Just briefly, I would list these five things I do to help me to be healthy. 1) I eat a very healthy vegan diet with lots of pulses, tofu, soya and loads of fruit and vegetables. Also, vegan dairy products like yoghurt and coconut or oat milk. 2) I’ve just joined a seated yoga class for exercising my upper body. 3) I’m ‘still’ trying to drink more water. I am adding a little fruit juice to my water to start with, and that has the bonus of extra vitamin C, too. 4) I meditate regularly and find this helps me to relax, and at the same time, it gives me energy. 5) I’m trying to use my phone less these days and definitely not using it when I go to bed now, either. I used always to flick through Facebook notifications last thing at night, but have stopped doing that. (Sorry, that list wasn’t all that brief! I’m hopeless at leaving short comments, as you know 😂!!)

    I think I’ve more or less covered the five things I am doing to keep my health in good condition. If I get time I will write a post on my blog about these points, but can’t lie and say I promise. I will do my best, though, as I said. Take care of yourself. 🌞✨🌛

    • Aha these are some solid things that you are doing 👏🏻☺️
      I’m glad to learn about them.
      Especially that you have started seated yoga 😃
      About water intake, maybe you need fruits with high water quantity.
      Using phone less is another useful thing to have.
      Don’t worry about the blog, do what you’ve originally planned 🔆🙂

      • Thanks, Devang. I do still need to work on my water intake. I’m taking a mug of water up to bed with me now, and I make sure I drink it all before I get out of bed in the morning. It’s hard giving up the nighttime phone habit but I am determined. Seated yoga will be good. I’m hoping to start on Monday. Thank you for being so understanding about my blog. Take care, my friend. .🌞 ✨😊

      • You can try with reward system

        Let’s assume you take 6 mugs of water throughout the day, you praise yourself or treat yourself, but eating something of your favorite.
        and when you don’t do that, eat something you dislike.

        You can even use it towards your phone viewing, like for every 1 hour of phone viewing, you drink 1 mug.
        2 hours-2 mugs and so on.

  10. I do everything in moderation, as I believe that even good things in excess is mess. So I go for walking, jogging, yoga, and even blogging in moderation. But one thing I must say is that talking with people gives enough food for both body and soul. So I spend 60 to 75 minutes daily in the evening talking to people irrespective of their age.

  11. Hey Devang, I wanted to let you know that I find it easier to read your content on WP when it’s just black and white. When I get to the actual website you spent so much time designing, I get lost. It’s not very easy to navigate for me at least. It’s not very easy to comment either, it’s easier to do on WP as you don’t have to look for it. Maybe I am just not used to lots of colors, they are sort of distracting. I know that you care about visibility and traffic, maybe a different layout will make it easier to interact with the content. BTW I love the topics you are covering, I hope to see the next prompt soon.

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