Nutrient Series #1- Carbohydrates

Nutrients are organic substances that are required by our body for many essential functions.

There are 2 types, Micronutrients & Macronutrients

Micronutrients are required in less quantity. Minerals and vitamins fall in this category.

While, MacroNutrients are nutrients that are required in larger quantities. Carbohydrates, water, proteins, fibers, and fats fall in this category.

In this blog, we will learn about Carbohydrates or simply carbs.

⇒ Hey before I start, it came to my notice that someone is spreading rumors that I’m quitting blogging and will not write any further. Obviously, you can see me here, and I am not going anywhere until I become everyone’s favorite blogger.

Anyway coming back to Carbohydrates, The main function of carbs is to provide energy to the body & the nervous system. Carbs are like fuel to your engine, and it gives the necessary energy for many bodily functions.

That one thing that is definitely present in your food is carbs and interestingly many people are afraid of it (we will discuss why).


Simple carbs (The bad guys).

Complex carbs (The good guys).

Don’t be confused, let me tell you why Simple carbs are the bad guys. Simple carbs get digested quickly but cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Hence, these make you hungry fast and can even lead to overeating, weight gain & even diabetes.

Complex Carbs on the other hand are difficult to break down. This may sound wrong, but actually, that’s a good thing. If carbs are hard to break down, then that means it gets digested slowly and hence this will keep you full for a longer period.

All the pastries, bread, processed foods, chips, soda, etc. contain Simple carbs, you like them, you eat them, and then you want them more. They may give you instant energy or “wings”, but those are not long-lasting.

Food like Sweet potatoes, lentils, beetroot, mangoes, corn, oats, brown rice, apple, bananas, dates, raisins, kidney beans, chickpeas, etc. are good sources of Good carbs (complex carbs).

Types of Carbs:

Carbs are of 3 types

Sugar, Starch & Fibers

Sugar is simple carbs, they are easy to break and give instant energy. But, they can also spike your blood sugar levels. These should be consumed in moderation.

Starch is a complex carb, and you can find them in potatoes, several fruits, beans, cereals, etc. Their main function is to turn glucose into energy.

The third type of carb is Fiber, the main function of fibers is to regulate bowel movement and keep digestion in check.

Note-We shall discuss Fibers in a separate blog

Why trainers are telling you to avoid carbs?

I have explained in a very friendly language that Carbs provide great energy and are important nutrients. So, I don’t see any reason why you should avoid carbs. Yes, you should avoid simple carbs like processed foods, soda, etc. But if your trainer is telling you to avoid carbs completely, then maybe you should consider avoiding that trainer first.

Majorly 45-70% of your calories should come from carbs. For example if you consume 2000 calories/day, then 1100–1400 calories should come from carbs. That will help your brain, blood & nervous system function properly.

Eliminating carbs from the diet completely will actually result in weight loss, but that’s water loss. However, you need to find a balance with the carbs intake if you want a specific physique.

It is good to eat complex carbs after a workout session, as it will help in muscle repair and will give you energy.

I hope this blog was helpful in making you understand carbohydrates in the simplest language possible. Drop comments if you like reading it.

Consult a health expert before any new diet or plan.

In the next blog, we shall discuss Fiber in our food and its function.

There will be the next time, so Shine

57 responses to “Nutrient Series #1- Carbohydrates”

  1. Hadn’t heard that rumour, but glad to see you quashing it. 👍🏻

    Great Post… I loved your simple language of good v bad guys. I agree, processed foods and sugars are so bad for you … especially all the empty calories that come from fizzy drinks. I’m glad I switched to fizzy, unflavoured water.

    I look forward to your post on fibre. Are you doing one on proteins too?

  2. Yes, someone was so mean to spread those rumors😏
    About the blog.. Thank you for sharing all the information.
    And yes, you’re my favorite blogger but that doesn’t mean it is the time to quit 😁

  3. Really great post, I know a lot of people think all carbs are bad but that’s really not true. It’s much more complex than that.

  4. Good post on carbs. I recently listened to a trainers video where he also agreed that you shouldn’t cut out carbs entirely. And years of what I have heard and read, that moderation and balance of carbs is the key.

  5. Thanks for another informative post! I admit, I do love carbs, good and bad ones.
    I’m glad that you speak of the difference between carbs. A lot of people just say don’t eat carbs, cut back on carbs, carbs are bad. But there are good carbs too! All the more reason for me to continue to enjoy them.

      • Okay so I absolutely love potatoes. I do really enjoy brown rice, but I love all types of rice as well.

        Potatoes are probably my top pick though.

        I like pasta, but I’m really disciplined in not eating much pasta or bread.

        I was a bread fanatic growing up so I was rather thick and I really slimmed down just from not eating so much bread, walking pretty much daily, and drinking lots of water.

        Once in awhile, I allow myself a ciabatta roll, brioche bun or whatever.

        Instead of sandwiches, I often eat wraps, tacos, burritos, quesadillas. That way I can still have a teeny, thin, amount of bread…

        Back to my favorite – potatoes…at one point, I had to intentionally stop eating them so much.

        I realized that almost every day I was eating them in some kind of form.
        I don’t mean I ate big servings of them.

        It was just that I ate them so often.
        They made up probably over a third of my diet which I found to be a bit much, so I did significantly reduce the amount I eat so I would have more variety and balance in my diet lol.

      • This is the most you ever replied to any of the comment.
        I am glad to read it.
        Also, now I know that you like to talk about food. A topic on which we can discuss a lot.
        Also, Potato is very common in Indian cooking, Most of the vegetables are incomplete without it.

  6. Hi Devang,

    Carbs are macro-nutrients. Means we need them more in the quantity. They cover 45-70% of our energy.

    The sources of Complex Carbs are Apple, Bananas, Kidney Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Oats, Dates and Brown rice etc.

    Individual needs and interests would different, in taking Carbs, as per the 1) health history and 3) the working place & conditions.

    So consulting a health expert is a necessary and good advice in this regard.

    Thank you for writing the post.😊
    “Nutrient information” will be beneficial for us, all.

  7. Lol rumors.
    I loveeeeee potatoes so much. I don’t go overboard, though. Good info about carbs! Hope your new year is going well. ✨️🤗

  8. I thought I was fairly cluedup on this topic, until I read your post and realised – no I am not.

    Great clear helpful post.

    This is my first visit to your blog. I read your campfire post, and saw that your weren’t continuing that. I guess that was where the idea might have come from that you are stopping blogging.

    • Hey thanks. I have 6 more blogs in the series. My idea is to make it fun and easy to digest (that’s what carbs would do).
      In the previous blog, I mentioned that this is my last bog, however I forgot to write 2022 in that. Haha. Please feel free to share your thoughts on that blogs, I would love to hear from you.
      Thanks for visiting. You are kind. Keep smiling.

  9. Great easy breakdown to understand D! Love it and thanks for doing my job for me! 🤣 I write these things in my Newsletter for my bus but now I’m loving my land of writing in poetry and motivation etc. This was sound and one thing I do all day long is dispel myths while everyone is trying to get everyone in ketosis which does burn fat but pays havoc on your organs!!
    Great post! 👏

  10. Finally, I’ve been able to catch up with your blog. Great post about carbs. Really easy to understand and enjoyable to read. I try to avoid simple carbs as much as possible, but I do have a reasonable amount of complex carbs. I particularly like sweet potatoes and brown rice, and I can even get wholewheat (or brown) pasta, as well as chickpea pasta or green lentil pasta. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? They’re both delicious. And I prefer them to white pasta (which isn’t as good for you). I also like jacket potatoes, but I have them in moderation. I eat lots of complex carbs in the way of vegetables, too. Thanks for this informative post, my friend.

    I’m going to try and read your next post on fibre later on. 😊

    • Hey thanks
      I knew you will reach here eventually.
      I’m happy to learn that you eat complex carbs more.
      That’s a good thing.
      You made me hungry by talking about food 😅
      What’s jacket potatoes 🤔
      You take care and keep shining 🌟

      • Thanks, Devang. I enjoyed reading your blogs as always. A jacket potato is simply a whole potato with the skin on and scrubbed clean and it’s then baked in the oven until it’s soft and fluffy inside and crisp on the outside. They are delicious – yum! You should try them. 😊

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