3 things men need to understand on women’s day

So, today is International Women’s Day and I thought to share something for this day. I got the idea of this blog suddenly at 12 am yesterday. Then I thought as I’m feeling a lot better with my allergy, maybe I can work on a blog or something.

Today is women’s day (8th march). It’s a day about women, for the women, but then I thought maybe men need to know a few things on this day as well. This special blog will focus on 3 things that men need to understand.

Here are those :

1: Every day should be women’s day

First, the thing that every man/male needs to understand is that women’s day should be every day. What I mean by this is, women should be treated with respect every day. Don’t wait for a special day to treat women properly. Try to make every day special for them.

Generally, working women have twice the workload. They have to manage their home along with their work. Similarly, homemakers have tons of work with them. So, if you can’t help them, at least don’t make it difficult for them. BTW, You will not become any less of a man by helping women.

⇉ If you want to be treated like a king, treat a woman like a queen.

2: They are not less in potential

I have mentioned that men should help & support women, but this doesn’t mean that women have less potential or strength and that’s why they need any help.

If in 2023 you are still considering women less efficient or less capable, then I cannot help you. But, let me tell you a few astonishing facts:

β‡ΎPeriods pain (or cramps) are as painful as a heart attack. So in a way, women have monthly heart attacks, which could last for 3–4 days.

β‡Ύ Labor pain (while delivering a baby) is equivalent to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.

But, these are just some research. I believe actual pain is incomparable. If you still think women are any less, then you can try devices, that can somewhat replicate similar pain.

I believe I don’t need to list out influential women to remind you of their capabilities. Btw, there’s no need for names, just look around.

3:Men should learn about women’s health

Men need to learn and understand about periods/menstruation, sanitary pads, menstrual cups, vaginal health, PCOS, PCOD, and several other women’s health topics.

I believe this is important as it will create proper awareness and men can help women, especially their daughters, wife, or any young girl in their time of need. These are not just the girls’ topics but are health topics.

Proper knowledge will also kill many orthodox beliefs.

I am very fortunate that many women are educating me on these things. And, I am still eager to learn more.

Check out my last year’s blog about a few things men need to know about period

Along with this, I would like to re-share my favorite quote on women’s day :

A quote on Women's day

Interestingly, I have many female readers. I still don’t know the reason for that, but I like that.

I request every female reading this blog to share it with the males around you. I believe in a positive change, and that change will happen soon. Feel free to suggest any addition to this blog.

I will return soon, with a health blog (next time), till then Keep shining.

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  1. Thanks for your kind thoughts today, Devang. I would like to share the three most important points for me today:
    1. Listen to women. Ears open to them, mouths closed. This is why you have so many followers because you do this better than many men.
    2. Vote for women. Only 50 countries out of 193 have elected a woman leader ever.
    3. Pay women equally. In the whole world, only Iceland is close to closing the gender gap in pay! Women deserve equal pay.
    Now if I can get these three in the USA where I live. πŸ™‚ Happy International Women’s Day! Rebecca

    • These are some solid points!!
      I love the idea behind these 😍
      We talk about equality, but still there’s no equal pay and rights.
      Movie actors are paid more. The story is majorly focussed around men. And majorly people are afraid to see women based story. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

    • 3. Pay women equally. I was reading about the results of several studies. The stats are mind blowing. For example, the more children a woman has, the more her salary decreases. Whereas if a man has more children, the more his pay increases because there is the expectation that he has more mouths to feed. In another study, in a field/industry which was traditionally female dominant, the average pay in that field rose when more men entered the industry. In contrast, in an industry which was traditionally male dominant, the average pay in that industry decreased when more women had professions in that industry. Something to think about.

    • I am fortunate to learn about women’s health through women. πŸ™‚

      Many women were comfortable talking about women health as they saw my genuine interest.
      Usually in India, girls don’t want to talk about it. But,I think I made them comfortable.

      • The best way to learn about women is from women. I think you genuinely cared so it makes it easier for women to talk more openly.

  2. Powerful post!
    Agree with all the points mentioned, no doubt you have more number of female followers on your blogπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘βœ¨

  3. Thank you for this post! So very important message and kind of you. Globally, misogyny must die. It affects every aspect of every girl and woman’s life.

    That said, women also need to educate themselves more on their own bodies and learn that much of the suffering that they go through is unnecessary.

    Women need to use God given intuition and not be driven by emotions and they’re endeavors, including in relationships. It would help them live better lives.

    From period pain to allowing male healthcare officials to hijack the childbirth process, women must take back the childbirth process which is a natural process.
    Even on common sense levels, things are done wrong.

    For example, having women on their backs working against gravity with their pelvis in a bad position to push out a baby.

    Yet, so many women allow this. They could be squatting or on their knees or other positions that do not work against gravity and allow for the pelvis to open better.

    The childbirthing process is often demonized, and yet, many of the problems that accompany it are man-made. Even tearing. They command women to push at the wrong times and have women on their backs.

    Some women avoid tearing by simply listening to their own bodies and pushing accordingly, instead of listening to staff shout at them to push when THEY want them to push, but they work with their own bodies prompts.

    Many interventions are unnecessary.
    Like unnecessary C-sections and unnecessary inductions that can lead to terrible complications and excess pain. Some women’s uterus tears later when they get pregnant again because they had a previous C-section and often the C-sections are not even necessary!

    Yes, childbirth is going to be painful, but God built women to be able to do it.

    It has been medicalized for profit and often interventions are unnecessary and bring about complications and more pain.

    I personally know that most of women’s menstruation problems and reproductive health problems are man-made.

    Many believe it is supposedly genetic. It is what they are told. This way they continue to treat symptoms without taking preventative measures and natural curative measures. Money is made off of women’s pain and complications.

    For menstruation pain, it has an awful lot to do with diet, which you have talked about. For many years, I thought it was normal to have pain and then I realized that it wasn’t necessary, but optional.

    I changed how I eat and I don’t even need pain medication and I just go on about my business like any other day.
    The way women are picked on, played for fools and pushed around is just awful.

    Women must not be passive and docile and allow misogyny and other factors to hijack the birthing processes or to bring us unnecessary pain and health conditions. But we have to have knowledge to counteract these things.

    Thanks again. πŸ™‚

  4. Devang, you have so many female followers because of your sensitivity. Your posts may have tips and facts but also heart. You share what you feel in your heart a lot and that is what’s attractive. Keep being you and thank you for your love of us all.

  5. Here I am, late again, Devang! This is a great post, my friend. And it’s so important and valuable that you share information about women’s health, not just on Women’s Day but plenty of other days, too. There are very few men who do this. I admire you, and thank you. I know you are genuinely interested in what is right for women as well as being the lovely guy that we all know you are. I think it’s also important that men and women have equal rights, not one more than the other, as is often the case these days.

    It’s still not fully accepted that women with babies who are breastfeeding should be allowed to feed their babies wherever they need to. They shouldn’t have to be shut up in a public toilet to do this just because people (men and women) find it distasteful. It’s a natural thing to do. After all, most mammals breastfeed their young in public. I get that some people might feel embarrassed, but that is no excuse to expect a mum to hide away to do something that is so vital and natural. Anyway, that’s just a point I wanted to make, although it’s not strictly about health or about men versus women. Thanks for sharing your important topic with both men and women. I’m sure your male readers learn a lot from you, too. 😊.

    • Well I’m late as well.. everytime I decide to read your work, there’s something new πŸ˜›.
      Recently, I’ve read that certain bus stand in my state have special rooms for women where they can breastfeed.
      Actually this is more serious thing and it needs a good solution. We cannot change people’s mentality. It will take years.

      • Ha ha! I’m sorry if I write too much on my blog 😝. I used only to write about once a fortnight and then, once a week; now, it seems to be every two or three days. I enjoy my writing so much, I just can’t resist writing more often.

        It’s good that there are some facilities in your state that cater for breastfeeding mums. You are right in that it will take a long time for people to understand how much these facilities are needed and how they should be more understanding about something that is totally natural and often, essential.

      • Oh, dear. I get a lot of spam comments, but I check them every couple of days and get rid of the rubbish ones. They’re always from the same people, although I rarely find a genuine comment in my spam. Hope you are well today, Devang.

  6. Someone raised you very well 😊🫢

    You are a good man! Be a great king one day, if are not already lol

    Is a mutual respect of one another – man and woman … rule the world together lol

    Appreciate one another’s differences, qualities, and strengths. Learn and grow from them together.

    Know the struggles and the issues of each

    Every human being man or woman deserves respect, understanding and kindness every day. ❀️ … well most do – maybe not the Satans of the world πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

    • Hey thanks for commenting πŸ™πŸΌ
      Yes, I think together is the only way to move forward.

      Many times people try to compete
      Or try to downgrade others.
      I think that has to stop.

      Women deserve respect, that’s a good way to make them comfortable. 😁

      Thanks for adding value to this post.

      • Yes I agree!! Too many compete or downgrade others in todays world.

        And you are correct … respect does make people more comfortable, also sincerity and taking time to know people. 😊

        Thank you for the wonderful post – thought and care – and recognizing women on international women’s day πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ‘

      • Keep smiling
        And happy women’s day

        As I said
        Everyday should be women’s day
        So yeah.

        I would love to read more of your work.

        You are kind enough to show your support 😁

  7. Great post, Devang! I’m late but it is so good to see men keeping par with women without any hate or competition and just letting them to be themselves.

  8. #3 is such an important point. So many men fail to understand our unique illnesses, similarly a lot of women are ignorant of the unique illnesses men go through. Understanding each other is important to equity and living together in harmony

    • Hey thanks for commenting.

      Actually as a health blogger and as a male, I’m very much interested in learning about women’s health.
      I think every men should learn this. So that they can help better

  9. I believe in a positive change and I know we all need to be educated properly. Life is too short to stay ignorant about vital things that help us live long and prosper.

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