How to take care of your oral health

20th march is celebrated as World Oral day. Obviously, like any other day, this day is celebrated to highlight the importance of Oral health.

I needed a blog in my How-to series and luckily this day was around, so I thought let’s do a quick blog on this.

This blog will highlight a few important things you need to know to keep your oral health in a good condition.

1: Diet

Just like any other part/organ of your body, your oral health depends on what you are eating. Healthy food choices prevent from tooth decay & gum diseases. Your diet should contain all the essential nutrients to support your oral health.

Vitamins like A, D & C are important for saliva production, prevention from cavities, inflammation, bleeding, and overall gum health. Along with vitamins, Calcium and phosphorous are needed as well for good oral health. Calcium keeps the teeth strong and adds extra life to them. While, phosphorous, helps in calcium absorption and helps in rebuilding tooth enamel.

Malnutrition is a major reason for dental problems, so it’s good to eat a healthy diet.

Enamel is basically the outer covering of the teeth. It acts like a barrier for teeth. Interestingly it is the hardest substance in the human body.

Don’t worry, I will give all the necessary links of the blogs that cover the popular sources of these vitamins and minerals.

2: Dental care

Generally, people ignore their oral hygiene, and it results in tooth decay and gum disease. I’m sure you have heard about brushing 2 times a day. And, that’s actually very helpful for your oral health.

Brushing twice actually reduces changes of plaque, tarter, periodontitis, inflection, and more. Usually, after eating we give an open invitation to bacteria and that could lead to serious gum issues. It is a good practice to brush twice and gargle after every meal. Cleaning the tongue is essential, as many residues remain on the tongue and that could lead to bacteria formation.

You will see 100 types of toothpaste in the market. Choose the one that suits you. Ayurvedic toothpaste is easily available, and its natural ingredients are good for oral health. You can also make your own homemade toothpaste easily.

Also, make sure you are using a soft toothbrush. Brushing too hard can damage the enamel and can also cause gum bleeding.

3: Regular massage

In earlier times, people used to massage their teeth for good oral health. Nowadays, people generally skip this great practice. Gum massage improves blood circulation in the gum, makes teeth strong, and also helps during toothache.

Coconut oil or mustard oil+ salt is majorly used for massaging. You don’t need vigorous massaging, normal 2 mins massage will do wonders. It’s also a natural way to make teeth white. Just make sure, you don’t add too much salt, otherwise, It could lead to bleeding.

Avoid buying specific devices for gum massage, your thumb and finger is good enough

How to Massage gums properly

4: Overall oral health

Your overall oral health depends on how you treat your mouth. Oral disease or bad oral health can lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. This is also associated with what you eat and how it affects your teeth.

Bad breath is also related to poor oral health. Certain food can give a bad breath, or dry mouth can also be a reason for bad breath. Dentists suggest brushing properly and cleaning the tongue. But, if you still think bad breath is not leaving you then use natural things like Clove, cardamom, fennel seeds, or just plain water. Avoid Mouthwash or spray as those are not long-lasting and can make the matter worse.

Speaking of clove, it’s also good for toothache. Clove oil helps with toothache. Chewing on guava leaves can also help. Cinnamon powder with honey is helpful as well, apply it on the part where it’s aching.

Here’s an FGW exclusive :

How to take care of your oral health-
few easy ways

20th march is also International day of happiness, so if you take proper care of your oral health, you can smile properly.


You should never ignore 2 things in your life.

First, your health, because it matters the most. Second, a blog from FGW. You never know when you can find something useful in them.

You will see me soon here with another blog and elsewhere with a special blog. Until then, remember to smile πŸ˜€

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53 responses to “How to take care of your oral health”

  1. Love this post. I use a Waterpick for massage and interdental cleaning. It works very well. I’ve recently started applying tooth powder at the very end of my cleaning routine as it is supposed to be alkalizing. I don’t know yet if it works, but I lose nothing by trying it out.

  2. ✨🦷Ah! This post tells me da IMPORTANCE of oral health.
    Now, I’ll take care of my dear 🦷 teeth … LOL that reminds of me my PAST when I lost one of ma fav tooth. ✨😢 it was my worst childhood troaaaauma… πŸ’€This time, maybe, I’m gonna lose mah molars (I dunno what it’s called.) O_o
    P.S THANK you for sharing this informative post. : )

  3. That reminds me, I need my dental surgery. They haven’t responded to my email. I need to make an appointment for my check up. I was interested you said check ups every 4 months. Its 6 months here

  4. World Oral and happiness day, together…that’s quite a combination.
    Thank for sharing all the tips.
    The images are especially helpful😊

  5. Brilliant blog post, Devang! πŸ‘Œ
    It seems like the FGW is secretly watching my daily activities, and suggesting me here to improve my habits and practices.
    I wanted to read a blog post on tooth health, this one is very helpful in that regard.
    Why? Because you have presented every required information in a sensible and systematic manner.
    Luckily, my teeth are okay. I don’t have a tooth issue. But it’s important to take proper care of our teeth and mouth.
    I’m happy to tell you that my family is already aware of this. They’re living by best practices.
    Thank you so much! 🦷😁

  6. Great points, Devang. ☺️ Nice to be reading your blogs. Oral health affects your overall health more than a lot of people realize, it’s incredibly important !! I need to work on flossing more, I’ve been curious water flossers. I’ve never massaged my gums either. I always learn something new here 🦷πŸͺ₯

  7. This is a really helpful blog about caring for our teeth. I knew much of it, but I hadn’t heard of tooth and gum massage. I will have to get some tooth powder or something similar, as you have suggested. My teeth aren’t very good due to my eating disorder that I had for many years. I was eating a very poor diet back then, not realising that I was damaging my teeth as well as the rest of my body. I do clean my teeth twice a day, always. My 10-year-old granddaughter has n unusual medical condition where she has very little enamel on her teeth, so they look quite yellow. She gets teased at school by people saying she doesn’t clean her teeth properly, which she does. She has special toothpaste and mouthwash to try to help it from getting worse. Unfortunately, her adult teeth will be affected, too, and we have been told that, eventually, she will need to have caps or implants. I will certainly take away from this post some very good advice. Thanks, Devang 😊.

    • Hey, sorry for not responding to this comment before πŸ™‡πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

      I’m extremely sorry.

      You take care of your teeth. Do what’s necessary and you can add life to your teeth.

      About your granddaughter, I hope she gets the proper treatment when the time is right for her.

      Best wishes EET

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