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Serious news regarding FGW

Hi, this is one such blog post where you won’t be getting anything health related.

Before anyone makes any assumption about my Mental health, so the good thing is my mental/emotional health is absolutely perfect. This post is certainly not about that.

I wanted to share some crucial news.

Recently, I upgraded my plan and now I have a business plan. Which means I also have my own domain now. So fatguyworkout which was earlier fatguyworkout . WordPress . com is now , and I am proud about that, Yeahhhhhh!!

I got a good deal for 3 years, so I purchased the business plan, that gave me 1 year of free domain of my liking.

So, WordPress told me to flex about it and this post is to flex. Don’t blame me if I sound arrogant, let’s blame WP.

A business plan means now I have new features unlocked for me. Now, I am capable to do more. There are so many things like plugins, new options, additional themes, extra features and so much more, which I need to figure out. In short, I need to rebuild everything.

I cannot understand them in a single day and I need some time off to learn them.

I am even experimenting with how I want my blogs to look from now on and there are so many things going on, and I feel a break is important.

This image tells that I am working on my website

I talked to my favorite blogger about this, and she’s guiding me a lot. I mean this is the time when I utilize her knowledge and experience (7+ years). She’s super busy, but very helpful (always).

Also, Aliferous soul (whose site’s name cannot be taken in a single breath) is helping me out. Her suggestions are valuable, and she gave me some good ideas. I want to make changes as suggested by her.

So yeah, I think this time off will make me understand better and will make my work more fun for the readers. Feel free to drop your suggestions below.

In other news

So, I have a video feature with me now. I wanted to connect with everyone in a better way, so I’ll be sharing some videos here and there.

Current reads

I hope the video is visible to everyone. Let me know if you want to see more of such videos.

I guess that’s it for now. But, don’t worry I will give you something that I’m sure you haven’t read till now:

Check these out

Until next time remember to smile

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  1. Ooh? How interesting! You got an update! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I hope you fare very well on your break! ☺️

  2. First of all, my friend, I think I should congratulate you on your upcoming venture. You have a lot of courage to dive into something so big and new, and I admire this. I’m so glad you are going to be enjoying so many new features and other benefits. I expect, learning so much new stuff will take some while, so do take your time, and I’m sure we will all be waiting patiently for any news from you of your new style blog. I’m glad you are getting help and support from your favourite blogger and one or two other expereinced people. It’s always good to have support and someone else’s views and opinions. I can also tell you that your video does work – I’ve only listened to part of it as I am very busy this evening, but I will come back to it to listen to the rest tomorrow, when things are a bit quieter for me.

    I also wanted to thank you so much for always being so encouraging and thoughtful when you visit my blog – you have been a good friend here on WP for a long time. I’m only sorry that I’ve had difficultly keeping up with your blogs recently. I must emphasise that it isn’t only your blog I’m so behind on; there are many that I haven’t had the time or good health to be able to pay attention to them. I hope that by the time you’re all set up and ready to go with your new blog, I will have managed to catch up with some of the blogs I’ve missed. I wish you so well over your upcoming break and every success in your new adventure 🌞🌈✨

    • You please take care of your health and stop saying these sorries πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ.

      Your health is of prime importance.

      I am trying to figure out things, so let’s see. 😁
      See you around. I’ll be here to read others works, including yours. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™‚

      Sending some positive vibes

      • Thanks for the positive vibes, my friend. I am taking care of my health now. I’m eating sensibly, drinking a bit more and getting plenty of sleep.

        I wish you luck and success in figuring everything out for your new blog. I hope it all goes smoothly.

        I’m very glad to hear we shall hear from you, perhaps, on our blogs, while you are sorting things out for your new move. Loads of luck with it. Postive vibes and good wishes coming your way, too. ✨😊✨

  3. This is awesome, Devang! 😊 Even more awesome that you got to keep your domain name. Yes, upgrading will give you more opportunities and options. I am stuck with Premium Plan and I can’t unlock all the cool features that Business Plan has.

    • My main reason was to take buisness plan was plugins!!
      I was in need of some additional features.
      At first I was thinking to take only 1 year, then I saw 3 year is saving some money. So I took that instead 😁

      • That’s a good reason to upgrade. And wow, I didn’t know that they offered a 3-year bundle! I thought we could only do annual or monthly. That’s awesome! πŸ‘

        I’m so curious to know what kinds of things you plan to do with your blog now that you have the business plan πŸ™‚

      • Well just before paying, there’s an option to take plan for how many years you want.
        Like an cart on amazon.

        As now I have access to plugins, I can use them. I can also share videos, and can use AdSense and some other features.

  4. Congratulations on your upgrade, Devang πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ wonderful news and bestest wishes going forward.

  5. Congratulations once more on the upgrade and happy to help when I can. Take as much time as you need. I know these changes are a lot to deal with and you still have so much to learn with this new plan. Hope everything works out well for you 😊

  6. A step forward in your blogging journey, that’s great 😊
    Congratulations πŸŽ‰
    All the best πŸ‘

  7. Congratulations once again πŸ₯³

    Even I agreee, my site’s name is way too long πŸ₯²

    That’s a romance novel, if I’m not wrong?

    • hmmm can’t even say that properly.

      But it’s unique.

      I don’t know… I’ve read a few pages, and the language is easy to understand. I bought it for a reasonable price

  8. Congratulations on the ungrade D!~. I was happy to oblique being your favorite blogger.. lol. 🀣 We know that Pooja is our gal when we need blogging tips!!!
    Love your new videos!!! Nice job! πŸ’—

  9. Hi Devang,
    Someone’s feeling jealous here for not having a paid plan. (How you get to know that you can annoy me by switching to a paid plan?) Ha ha.πŸ˜‚
    Okay, this is not the first time, I’m seeing a fellow blogger switching to a paid plan.
    Utilising those β€˜new extra features’ in your favour is a larger challenge.
    1) Since we’re conversing in eachother’s comment section, I got to know that β€œThe FGW” has something unique of its own, a unique voice.
    2) From β€œdepth full research” to infographics and featured images, you have worked on each tiny detail.
    3) The motive was to help the readers to β€˜buildup better health’ by i) spreading awareness and ii) providing the required info.
    4) The language is so easy and clear. Your β€˜positive sense of humour’ contributes to grab reader’s attention (They don’t feel bored or disinterested.).
    5) You have as a friend, have helped me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m much healthier and better now (it makes me emotional hereπŸ˜…).
    Am I a diehard fan of the FGW? No.
    Do I read everything what you write? No.
    β€œThe FatGuyWorkout” is my favourite health blog on WordPress. Its creator, editor and author Devang is my good friend. I support and encourage the work he does.
    Ahh…you just woke up… reading this hateful comment…(full of jealousy)…🀣🀣
    Good morning D!πŸŒ„
    Congratulations for your new site β€˜’!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    • Well paid plan is not to make anyone jealous πŸ˜…

      I was thinking about it, I just needed it for extra features.

      I am trying to be unique, with all the images, information and stuff. Thanks for appreciating.

      I’m trying to share info that is easy to follow and believe, I hope it helps more people.

      I appreciate your encouragement and support.

      Good morning to you LS πŸ”†

      Expecting to read something from your side

  10. Excellent…
    I’m super happy that you’ve got an update, a domain of your own! Upgrading comes with many opportunities and options. I’m sure you’re gonna do great in all these new adventures.

    Dear Devang,
    I love to read your blog. It’s very informative and interesting. You write for your readers and the readers do find it easy to read, and understand it. The information you provide all are useful … I appreciate that a lot … I appreciate how sometimes you refer to your fellow bloggers for some suggestions or check-ins and other interactions from us as well.

    And about the recent reads book video, I want more of these, surely. And tell me, are you going to read all these simultaneously or one after another?

    And lastly, please accept my apology if I haven’t read your blog regularly, but only sometimes. Now I think I’ll look forward to your blogposts and will read it. In shaAllah

    Another thing, I haven’t made Sattu yet because of some unavoidable situation. We’re getting over it. Meanwhile I still wish to see how you make Sattu at home. 😊

    Take care. Lots of best wishes for your health and everything happens in your life.

    • Hey thank you so much

      Glad to see your comment πŸ™‚

      I am trying my best to provide relatable and crebile content. Suggestion always improves me, help me to grow.

      I am reading 3 books at a time, Out of which 2 are almost about to end. Then I’ll pick new. I spend more time in readings books then on phone. Improving my emotional health.

      I will try to make a video on sattu then…. That would be fun.

  11. I hope you are navigating your new site well by now since I’m a bit delayed in my reading (I’ll get there, really!) I’d love to see a future blog where you tout the benefits of upgrading…I’ve toyed with the idea of going to a paid version of WP, but not sure if I’d use the tools it would unlock for me. So…I’ll live vicariously through your experience for a while and see what I think! πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

  12. Devang, this is wonderful!! Glad you’re trying something new and getting helpful advice from other bloggers! Wow, excited to see what new things you will do. Take care and take it easy while you’re learning something new.

      • Hey Devang, I’m good! Thanks for asking. We’re on summer break, so it’s been very mellow. We are purposely taking it easy and making time to do fun things together. Also, catching up on doctor appointments for everyone and making meals at home. I’ve been trying to cook with more vegetables and taking more walks. Thanks for asking!

      • So true! I already feel better knowing that I am getting more exercise, maybe not in the form of heavy duty exercise. But walking and tracking my steps each day motivates me to keep up. I bought a big head of brocolli and I’ve been experimenting with it. lol. Sautee with garlic, olve oil, sesame oil, and soy sauce.

      • That sounds delicious!!

        Feel free to share pics…

        I never tried broccoli. Expensive and less available. People call it green cauliflower.

        Walking is a great exercise, actually.
        It can help you with your fitness goals. You can add fun to it.

        Make sure to walk after meal for great results.

      • Thank you Devang! I never thought of taking pictures of it. I rarely take pictures of food, so it’s not on my radar.
        Broccoli is common here. I’m learning how some veggies and fruits taken for granted here are rare in other places. I don’t care much for the green head but the thick stems are delicious.
        I’ve been getting my steps in as much as I can. Today I helped my friend with her gardening and that pooped me out. No more steps for me today…gardening was enough!
        Have a great weekend and thanks for the great tips. πŸ™‚

      • If you eating something and it is something different a pic can inspire others to try it

        So yeah…. Broccoli is not common here, just like avocado. Never tried both of these
        There are tons of local things and they give equal or even mor benefits.

        Gardening is a great exercise

      • Thank you for the suggestion, Devang!
        Wow, I’m learning that what’s common is uncommon elsewhere and vice versa. Beauty of blogging and interacting with people from different countries. Koreans eat a lot of roots and that’s something you don’t find in US grocery stores.
        I did gardening for a friend last Friday with her fruit trees and rose bushes…had to take medicine for muscle pain. Lol.

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