How to truly celebrate the Independence Day

15th August is celebrated as Indian Independence Day. This year we are celebrating the 77th year of Independence.

I started blogging in August 2021, and I am very fortunate to write something for this special day twice. I randomly got an idea, hey, why not write something this year as well?

However, FGW had some different plans, he was more concerned to write part 2nd of UPFs post, but I somehow got hold of my site to share this first.

As you may know by now, how ultra talented blogger I am, so I came up with some things you can do to celebrate Independence Day. Even if you don’t live in India (for which I feel bad for you), these few things can help you and society to become better and happier.

Enough with this never ending intro Devang and get to the point


By planting trees

Well technically, it should be plant plants, I mean how can you plant huge trees, hah. Anyway, I see people everywhere, cutting trees for their own selfish needs. Like they cut trees for wood to burn and to make stuff out of it. I have seen people cutting trees because they want to make something there. Trees are also cut for various products.

But, no one is concerned about planting one. I mean, It pains me when I see trees are felled for selfish desires, and people don’t care to plant a tree. A full-grown tree can give enough oxygen to 10 people for a year. A tree can give shadow on a hot sunny day, and it’s also home to many birds and animals.

Importance of tree

We should be more focussed on planting a tree and also should teach the younger generation the importance of tree plantation. Plants can be planted at home itself, it will purify the air, and can effectively improve breathing conditions.

Devote this day to tree plantation (or seed or sapling, you get it).

By treating everyone with respect

I believe this should not be a one-day thing. I mean, how weird will it look, that you are giving someone respect for a day, then the next day you started disrespecting them.

Respect should be a daily thing. I read in a book recently, that the way you treat others, is the way you should expect others to treat you. Like if you treat others like trash, well… you are not any less than a trash yourself.

Women, children, elders, specially-abled, people who belong to different castes, people who belong to different races, people who have different sexual preferences, and people who belong to different planets, should all be treated equally with respect.


Make it a daily thing, but make sure to truly follow it on Independence Day.

By avoiding excess smartphone usage

If you have a habit to check the phone multiple times, if you carry it everywhere, if you are dependent on it for everything, if you are using it while doing other things, then you are a slave, and you need freedom from your phone.

Freedome from phone

Excess usage not only affects your mental health, but at night it disturbs your circadian rhythm, which is basically your internal clock. It disturbs your sleeping pattern and invites many diseases. Also, if you are a slave of your phone, then you are also carrying germs everywhere.

You need healthy boundaries with your phone and need to decide seriously if you own it, or your phone owns you.

On Independence Day, give your phone some freedom and yourself free from it as well.

By avoiding UPFs

This is still my blog post, and I am doing FGW a favor by talking a little about his post. Basically, UPFs are Ultra-processed foods, which are artificially made in factories. Such food goes through multiple processes, and the final product have no nutrients, just some taste and lots of chemicals. Example chips, soda, packed juice, pizza, etc.

These are dangerous because, they can cause various diseases like heart disease, liver disease, etc. which FGW will discuss further in his next blog post.

For now, you need to understand that if you can convince yourself to avoid it for a day, you can also convince yourself to eat healthy. It just needs 1 day to start with healthy eating habits, all you need to do is quit unhealthy chemical-laced food.

By learning about your country

India is the world’s largest democracy and 5th Biggest economy (higher than its once rulers). But to free India and to make it what it is today, many people sacrificed their lives. People take it very causally but imagine being not able to live freely in your own country.

India on world map

We should never forget our roots, and we should definitely learn more about our own country first. We should also teach the younger generation about our own country.

And this is not just about India, it could be about any country you live in. Because that’s our heritage, and we should be proud of it. Like, there’s not a single day on which I regretted being born in my beautiful India.

By cleaning your neighborhood and your home

Indian Independence Day or Republic Day is among those times when people remember their patriotism. No, they don’t go to the border to fight, they just buy flags, put them on their vehicles for 2 days, and then throw them away.

Similarly, they are not ashamed to throw trash on the road. Take this day, to clean your neighborhood, if you cannot actually clean it, then stop others from littering.

You can also invest time in cleaning your own home. That’s a great mindfulness practice, and that brings us to the last point.

By giving time to yourself

Self-love/care is something very fewer people do. It’s a simple thing, but people ignore themselves. If people start giving time to themselves, then they can identify their own needs. They can even understand about their own mental health and maybe find a solution to it.

Self love/care requires nothing fancy, it’s just doing things that you wanted to do, but for some reason unable to do. Well, now is your chance, be a little selfish and do things your way.

It could include going shopping, gardening, dancing, playing a sport, reading a book, playing games, reading blogs of your favorite blogger (โ‡ฝ That’s my favorite, who’s yours?), or whatever that makes you happy (until and unless it doesn’t involve harming others because some people get joy in that too).

My favorite activities include blogging, workout, and reading books.

You now got a basic idea of what you can do.

So, these were a few things that you can do on Independence Day or any other national holiday.

If you want this day to mean something, then you need to do things that can benefit you and your nation (whatever country you live in).

Independence Day is not a holiday, so don’t see it as a random holiday, rather see it as a day to serve your country. Let me know in the comments what you can do to make this day meaningful for yourselves.

Indian Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!!

64 responses to “How to truly celebrate the Independence Day”

    • Yes, I hope more people understand the true purpose of it.
      Yesterday, I was seeing many hooligans on bikes shouting and creating noise pollution. I feel, if these fools instead utilise their energies on something productive, it could help the society.

  1. Happy Independence Day

    I love all the ways to celebrate, specially I loved planting plants and cleaning neighborhood and home.

    We used to have so many trees around our neighbourhood. But one day, the society decided to cut those trees, and it was so sad to see the area bald without treesโ€ฆ so terrible โ€ฆ
    And itโ€™s so important for people to keep their home and neighbourhood clean and healthy. But even the educated people are ignorant and they are littering here and there and the place becomes dirty, dull, or plain dangerous โ€ฆ I love to walk around the neighbourhood and the nearby park. But I feel terrible and unsafe while walking. People even smoke cigarettes in my neighbourhood and around the park areas. I just hate that.

    So, Iโ€™m sharing all these because I felt so
    Touched when you said, โ€˜โ€ฆrather see it as a day to serve your countryโ€™ โ€ฆ

    I hope we all love our country more by serving it with all these beautiful ways.

    Dear Devang,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post. Really loved it.

    Happy Independence Day

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day of celebrating independence! A meaningful list you’ve created, Devang. Plant more trees, yes! A special activity to do with children, then watch them grow through the years. The trees and the kids! ๐Ÿ˜

  3. I’m a bit late to the party, but happy belated anniversary. I hope you had fun ๐Ÿ˜

    You’ve presented some brilliant ideas. Cutting down trees and deforestation are such devastating calamities. We need to stop destroying the environment.

    I like the fact that you covered a range of different things, nature/trees, heritage and national identity, tolerance and Inclusion and that you also looked at how we behave towards others, treating people with respect and not judging or dismissing someone just because they’re different. I agree completely that this is something that needs to be across the board, every day … should be part of who we are, not something to do on special days – or when someone is watching.

  4. Yeah, well said. I feel that a lot of National Independence Day celebrations focus mainly on optics, slogans, parades, performances…..things that are mainly symbolic, instead of having substance and actively contributing to the nation and it’s people’s wellbeing.

    While those things are fine per se, I feel that on those days, governments and people should conduct and take part in programs and initiatives that actually help society. Whatever commitments and agendas governments may have to improve and uplift society should be reaffirmed, strengthened, and be accorded more urgent action.

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