You can sleep better by doing these things

If you are reading this, then there could be 2 reasons to that. First, I am ultra fantastic blogger that you cannot resist my work and here to support me or second, you cannot sleep better.

I sincerely thank you for the first reason (and yeah I know I’m ultra fantastic), but if the second reason is your primary aim to read this post, then let’s fix it.

Sleeping disorders are so common that around 10 % of total world’s population have insomnia. Around 70 million people in America have some sleeping disorder. And, let’s just say those are the reported numbers, because the majority of people don’t know that they aren’t getting sufficient sleep at night.

My main aim with this blog post is to guide you some easy to do things that can help you sleep well. These things may not be new to you, but if you can follow them, then you will see a prodigious improvement in your sleep quality.

Lack of sleep can be dangerous

Roughly a human needs 7–8 hours of sleep at night, however this can differ according to age and other conditions. If for some reason you are not getting sufficient sleep, then various things can happen.

Sleeping trouble can cause these

There are more things that can happen if you don’t get a proper sleep, but let’s focus on how we can improve our sleeping experience.

Sleeping on time

Sleeping on time regulates circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm in simple terms is the process that runs in background and carries out essential functions like sleep-wake cycle, body’s internal clock, etc.

Circadian rhythm gets disturbed due to irregular sleeping pattern, binge-watching, screen viewing, travelling, etc.

When you sleep and wake up at the same time, your brain will understand that this the time you are supposed to sleep & you will start feeling drowsy and lazy around that time automatically. You won’t be needing a clock to wake you up if follow a schedule.

Use bed for only 2 S

Bed should strictly be used for sleeping and sexual activity. Simple reason is, your brain should know the relation of sleep and bed.

Whenever you are lying on your bed, your brain will automatically guide you towards sleep, because it understands the purpose of bed.

Some people eat food in their bed. This behavior is doing nothing but inviting germs to your bed.

If you cannot sleep well, then maybe your mattress is the culprit. It should be comfortable and even.


Hey, do you remember how many germs your mattress may contain? This post of mine will remind you.

Comfortable sleeping environment

Let’s call it continuation to the previous point.

Your bedroom and your bed should have pleasant sleeping condition. The bed should be clean and tidy, the bedsheet should be clean and should not have any funny smell.

Temperature of the room should be ideal & there should not be any disturbing light or noise.

Indoor plants like snake plant, jasmine, lavender, aloe vera, etc., have soothing effects. They release oxygen at night and can help you sleep better. Also, natural fragrance helps to calm the mind


Some people get distracted with the clock & that should not be like a siren. Cellphones should be silent…… and that brings us to the next point.

Avoid gadgets

Cellphones are becoming the biggest enemy of sleep. At least 3 in 4 adults use their phone at bed, and it’s killing their sleep.

Sleep better-by dropping this habit
An infographic by Statista

It keeps the brain active, and it can’t just take a break from additional info.

Blue light coming from the phone or any other device like laptop, Tv, is not only bad for vision but also disrupts the Circadian rhythm.

Research also suggest that there’s a relation between suppressed level of melatonin & blue light. Melatonin is a natural hormone that controls the sleep cycle. When this hormone is disturbed, then it can cause insomnia, irritability and can even cause emotional imbalance.

If you want to sleep better, strictly avoid the phone prior to bed.

Sleep better with some healthy habits before bed

Healthy habits before bed could include reading a book, stretching, meditating, listening to a peaceful music, etc.

Stretching and book reading are 2 of my favorites’ activity before bed. Stretching increase flexibility, relives tension from the muscle, especially after a tiring day.

Regular massage on legs with mustard oil before sleeping can improve the quality of sleep and can help you get rid of restless leg syndrome.


When it comes to stretching before bed, you don’t need anything vigorous, you can follow these Asanas and these are good enough.

Adequate exposure to sunlight

The relation between sunlight and sleep is very simple. Our body needs sunlight to understand when it’s day and when it’s night.

Morning sunlight indeed plays a major role on circadian rhythm. Our body’s internal clock is not only regulated by other factors but also by the regular sunlight. Try avoiding sunlight for some days, you will automatically feel tired and unable to sleep. The body will work on a very different cycle.

Light therapy or sunlight is even taken to cure sleeping disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, etc. It is suggested that early morning sunlight can do wonders on the body. It is less intense at that time.

Vitamin D also plays a major in the sleep quality. Research have suggested that vitamin D can increase the sleep duration and quality.

Have an early dinner

You should never sleep immediately after a dinner, and the dinner should be at least 3 hours before sleeping. This will allow dinner to be digested properly.

Lying down immediately is not good for the stomach, it restricts digestion and that disrupts the sleep. Sleeping immediately after dinner can also cause uneasiness, indigestion, heartburn, GERD etc.

Also, heavy food takes a lot of time to get digested, that should be avoided. Spicy food, acidic food, fruits, alcohol are few other things that need to be avoided at night.

Warm turmeric milk at night is beneficial for those who are very restless at night. It not only improves immunity but also reduces anxiety.


This past blog post of mine will guide you about things that you should and should not do after a meal.

Be active during the day

A study suggests that completing 150 mins of exercise weekly can not only reduce the death risk, but also improves the quality of sleep.

Regular workout also improves metabolism, nervous system, controls high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

If the phone is powerful enough to prevent you from sleeping, then workout is the most powerful weapon to help you sleep.

When it comes to work out, people immediately start thinking that they need to do something extreme and grueling, But no.

Even a daily 30 mins walk, cycling, yoga, or whatever activity you can invest time in can help you sleep better.

I have many posts that can guide beginners how to start.


Generally, our own lifestyle could be the reason that are preventing us to sleep properly. This blog post highlighted some easy and effective things that can help you sleep better.

If you follow them, not only you will be able to have a peaceful sleep, but can also have an overall healthy life.

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Until next time, sleep well and SHINE.

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    • It will be like this
      Even after the baby. It’s just things mothers have to face πŸ₯Ί
      And not many people talk about it.
      being a mom takes a lot on the physical and emotional health.

      Please take care, read books, get sufficient sunlight, do some stretches, especially massage.

      Right now, you need to keep your mental health in check. It will be good for you and the baby.
      Best wishes πŸͺ·

  1. Hi Devang,

    Sleeping just after the dinner is not good.

    1) Having a clean and organised bed is also.
    The room temperature increases inside a room if it’s closed from the most sides.

    If a person sleeps during the day, he or she might not get sufficient sleep in the night time.

    2) Smartphones are majorly disturbing.
    6 to 12 in the evening is the time when most people consume phones.
    I play songs in the night to get into sleep. But looking at its side affects I have stopped doing that.

    3) The natural sleeping cycle should not be disturbed.
    Eating healthy food and staying active throughout the days helps in getting a better sleep.

    Awareness is needed at individual level.
    Like if you’re able to sleep properly on the correct time, doing it for only 2 – 3 days is not enough.

    This blog post is informative and helpful to the people who are not getting good sleep.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi lokesh

      Thanks for reading and appreciating.

      I invite you to try few of these things for optimum sleep.

      The temp of room should be ideal. I mean, should not be closed. There should be proper ventilation. A plant will help too.

      Songs playing is great, but then don’t completely make it a habit. You need to see if you are able to sleep without it.

      I invite you to try stretching. Yoga asanas would be a great workout routine for you. As you are a student, it will help you mentally as well.

      Sleep well. Good evening

  2. Wonderful tips, thank you!πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž I have 2 different series of meditations I listen to as I fall asleep, they shut off automatically at a preset time. They have made a huge difference for me in falling asleep, as I have something to focus on instead of having the little noises from outside catch my attention.

  3. Because we sleep a third of our lives it’s a really big deal. I like all the tips you mention and exercises added to the body of the post. Sleeping habits contribute to our overall happiness or unhappiness. I used to have problems sleeping but now I sleep pretty well. I’m glad I could make this conscious change for the better.

  4. Thank you so much Devang for sharing this helpful post. I agree with all your points. Sleeping is a simple activity that can enhance overall health.

  5. Very much agreed with all the mentioned points πŸ‘πŸΌ. Having early dinner is a really good habit. I like to read book or meditate before going to bed but I often struggle with sleep if I overslept in the afternoon or had coffee in the evening, so mostly I try to avoid it 😏

    • Oh well!!

      How about sleeping in the afternoon and then coffee?

      However, this is something I won’t suggest, hahah

      Generally, oversleeping in noon can disrupt the sleep at night.

      What book are you reading?

      • I try to avoid sleeping in the afternoon πŸ₯Ήand just single coffee for the day in the morning only.
        Recently started reading Harry Potter series, currently reading 2nd one.

      • Ohhh that’s great!!
        I never read harry potter series.
        Maybe I’ll try them.

        I want to try many such classics.
        I finished reading a book by Mr amitav Ghosh today.
        Will start something else tonight.

        I will go to book shopping soon.

  6. I’ve finally caught up with you, Devang, and I am so pleased that I have, as this post was exactly what I needed to read. There is sooo much helpful information here, and I have learned a lot about sleep that I didn’t know before. I’ve read your previous posts, as indicated in this post, and all were very useful. I confess I do look at my phone for over 30 mins in bed before I sleep, and although I sleep reasonably well on the whole, I recognise that this isn’t a healthy thing to be doing before bed. I always sleep with my bedroom window open, wide in summer and just a little in winter as I like some fresh air in my bedroom. The other thing I suffer with is restless legs – it’s horrible to have. I think it’s caused mainly by one of the medications I have to take, as I rarely get it before I take it at night. I’m going to talk to my doctor about this when I see her tomorrow. I’m really pleased you mentioned warm milk and turmeric for restlessness and anxiety, as I also suffer from these things. Please, could you tell me how much turmeric I should use in a mug of warm oat milk? I also eat my main meal at lunchtime to have more time to digest it. Therefore, I only have something light in the evening, so I never go to bed on a full stomach. Thanks again, my friend, for a wonderful post, as always. I hope you are well and happy 😊.

    • Thanks for reading

      Just a pinch of turmeric is sufficient.
      Try to avoid phone completely. You don’t need it, tell that to yourself. Invest in book reading. Some stretching, soothing music maybe. This will also help in your emotional health. Please take care dear πŸ€—

  7. As someone who suffers from insomnia, I agree with these suggestions. More than anything, sleeping and waking up at the same time daily has helped a lot.

  8. I read this post for both reasons … FGW posts are a must read … and im plagued by insomnia. Regrettably most of what you suggest doesn’t help and I just learn to live with it. The blue light filter on my phone is on constantly because of the migraines. I tried a lavender spray on my pillow … lovely and relaxed, but wide awake. πŸ‘΄πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

      • I put the phone outside … in a different room … ive tried stretches, massage, using essential oils, cutting out caffeine 100% from diet, reading, meditation. I won’t even read books on my phone before bed … using a paper book

        I’ve also tried eye masks and earplugs … cant wear ear plugs

        The only think I’ve not tried, don’t want to, but been told I can’t, is sleeping tablets.

  9. I’m definitely here for the first reason 😊 Sleep is very important. I used to wake up with stomach aches every day until I realised I was eating too close before sleep. I also listen to rainstorm sounds sometimes to help me sleep. My sister has trouble sleeping and she uses lavender.

  10. Healthy habits shared by you are quite useful, as I follow some of them. I leave my mobile, iPad etc in drawing room before going to bedroom. Thank you for sharing these beautiful tips.

  11. Great points. I think that for most of us, our phones can affect our sleep a lot. I have read that it is important to stop looking at blue screens; phones, tvs, computers 2 hours before bed. Blue light mimics daylight and negatively affects our melatonin. Most importantly, we must not sleep with our phones near our heads. The EMF electromagnetic frequencies are not healthy for our bodies as we rest. If we use our phone as an alarm, it should be more than 2m from our head. Thanks for discussing sleep in your blog.

  12. You are a fantastic blogger, indeed.
    This blog is really helpful to the people who are staying up till late and not having enough sleep.
    I agree with all the points mentioned.

    Keep writing, D😊

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